Tuesday 28 January 2014

Wraithknight Finished/Come the Apocalypse

I have just about finished the wraithknight in time for the apocalyspe game, and here he is for you all to see. While I am quite happy with him he does unfortunatly look a bit plain and im still not 100% happy with his 'face'. But still I can do more after the game.

Finally finished

This will be the third apocalypse game we will have ran and this time I am going for a tank heavy list. I have never gone for smart lists and I never intend to in apocalypse games. In the first I only had 10 models all of which were hq choices. It was the avatar of khaine, all the pheonix lords, drazhar and two farseers. That was only scary combat unit. Second time around I went for mass guardians and guardian driven walkers.

So with out further delay this is the apocalyspe force I shall be taking.

Apocalypse force with 2 Pheonix lords
Its nothing special and if I come across a few d weapons i'm in trouble but hopefully I should be fast enought to get where I need to be and have a good old lot of fire power to help me out. The lynx and wraithknight might be good at killing things as well. But we will see. I am lacking on the bodies so I have to hope my allies are able to help me out there. 

Wraithknight and Wraithguard

Would any of you be interested if I dump some pictures of the game adter its done? Or would that be a bit dull? Let me know.


  1. always good to see pics with some notes of cool stuff that happened.

  2. Great looking army, don't know about nothing special id be very proud!

  3. Would love to see your apoc pictures!