Thursday 2 January 2014

Digital Editions

I recently bought the inquisition codex from black library for my kindle fire and it was quite the hassle. It was the first time I bought something from the games workshop digital range and so I bought it on the kindle and attempted to download it straight to it. After several attempts this didn't work and after a quick search on the black library website I was no closer to a solution.

Eventually after searching the internet I found some advice about putting it on your cloud and transferring it that way. That for some reason didn't work either but I just transferred it stright from my pc to kindle and that worked.

Now that I know that is how you do it future purchases will be easy. But I was disappointed in black library and their lack of information and trouble shooting. Is it possible for you to download the digital straight to your ereader? Or am I just a hopeless optamist?  

1 comment:

  1. First digital product I purchased was Data-slate Cypher. Used a cable to transfer from PC to my wife's kindle. It was the Audio drama that has pissed me off a little I know you can't expect much from £2.50 but it feels like I just paid for an advert....