Wednesday 1 January 2014

Review of 2013 and here comes 2014

Last year i had a post reviewing 2012 and my aims for 2013, well lets do the same this year. Overall i feel 2013 has been good to me hobby wise, i have learnt a lot about how to play the game and indeed the game has changed a lot as well. With a lot of exiting things on the horizon for us i can see 2014 being a very interesting year for 40k players.

Anyway back to 2013, i had a few goals set out for this year, they were: 

  • Renegade guard: I will make and paint them slowly, but by the end of 2013 i want a 1000 point army made and fully painted. This will be done in small waves hopefully.
  • Cities of death: A while ago i bought an imperial sector, so i want to get this made, painted and have a good few games of cities of death.
  • Campaign: After the review on crusade of fire, it might be apparent that i don't think it was a great product. So i want to test out and try to run my own little campaign with my friends.
  • Eldar: get a few more units painted.

  • Colossal squig: Get that bad boy painted... yer sorry for not saying, i got one for Christmas from my beautiful girlfriend.
  • Play: I would like to just play a couple more games of fantasy as its been a long time since i played.

  • Blood bowl: play and paint my teams. I have a lot of teams to paint.
  • Necromunda: Get a gang, i just want one.

  • Well now... havn't i failed in what i wanted to do. I have started painting my guard, i have painted more eldar but the rest has fallen by the wayside. However i have... er... yer damn, better luck this year.
  • I did play fantasy a lot more (even though i didn't report it) and the squig, well he stairs at my right now asking my i don't love him with paint. OK i will attempt to finish him off this year. Stupid squig.
  • Nah, i didn't do any of the specialist stuff... never mind.

Regardless i did take part in my first major tournament and a small one, that's 2 tournament in 2013, considering i had never taken part in one, that's a great start. 2014 however i want to up that number, but lets see how that all pans out. Anyway lets make some new goals:

  • Play in more tournament: I would like to double the number of tournaments i go to this year and 4 doesn't seam like such a bad number. After each one though i did suffer from 40k burn out so that's why i don't want to say i will attend loads. 4 should hopefully do.
  • Paint SQUIG: he has been waiting long enough
  • Paint GUARD: i still don't have 1k points painted, i need to get my ass into gear
  • Paint ELDAR: i just need to get more of the force painted
  • build Terrain: i have a few projects half built which need finishing off e.g. temple of khorne, out post.

And i will keep it simple this year and not go over board. Anyway that's it from me for now, i hope you have a happy new year guys.

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