Friday 24 January 2014

Eldar vs Tyranids 1500: Hunger from the void

A Shadow in the warp has surrounded an exodite world, and they have called out for help from their craftworld brethren, Dem-Kirath always answers the call. This is a 1500 point game between Eldar and Tyranids in a game of Crusade (4 objectives) with vanguard strike deployment. Will the eldar be able to stave off the swarms of the great devourer or will all be digested before it.  

The Armies

I use my current evolution list of Eldar 1500

Farseer – 115 (warlord:conqueror of cities) w/ bikes 
Bike [prescience, executioner, mind war]

3 Jetbikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

3 Jetbikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

5 Dire Avengers – 65
Wave Serpent – 145
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon

5 Fire Dragons – 110
Wave Serpent – 145
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon

8 Warp spiders – 152

6 Swooping Hawks – 96

Crimson Hunter – 160

Fire Prism – 140
Holo field

WraithKnight – 240
Heavy D-Cannon

Tyranids 1500

Hive Tyrant – 230 (Warlord: reduce the save a single peice ov cover gives by -1)
Wings, 2x twin-linked devourer

Tyranid Prime – 150
Lash whip and bone sword, flesh hooks

20 Termagants – 80
20 Termagants - 80

4 Tyranid warriors – 120
Adrenal gland

9 Genestealers – 186

Venomthrope – 45

Hive Crone – 155
Hive Crone – 155

Mawlock – 140
Mawlock – 140

The Mission

Our mission this game is Crusade (4 objectives) with vanguard strike deployment zones. In the roll off the tyranids win the choice of deployment zones, but the eldar win the roll for first turn. The objectives are placed rather close together; one goes on top of the imperial out post, another in the trees in my deployment zone. Another goes behind the large tree and the last in the trees in the tyranid deployment zone. We decide not to use mysterious objectives.

Eldar deployment was rather simple; the wraithknight and warp spiders went up front to hopefully take out the important units early on. The fire dragon wave serpent went on the left, and the dire avengers wave serpent went on the right. At the back I placed the fire prism, and the farseer and a single bike unit goes in the middle of my force protected. I keep the crimson hunter, swooping hawks and a single bike unit in reserve.

In response the tyranids deploy both units of termagants, the venomthrope and the tyranid prime out in front. The venomthrope hides behind the trees though to improve its cover save. He infiltrates the genestealers into the woods next to the objective in his deployment zone and keeps the rest of his force in reserve, that’s 2 mawlocks deep striking, 2 crones and the hive tyrant. I was surprised by this as it was night fighting turn 1, but it was his choice.


Night Fighting: Turn 1
Steal the initiative: No

The Battle

Eldar turn 1

The farseer casts guide on the wraithknight to start the phase, I spread out the force to get away from any clumping and preventing any mawlock issues later on. The dire avenger serpent moves to the right while the fire dragons slowly move up the left flank. I move the fire prism onto the imperial outpost, while the warp spiders warp jump (and lose 1 of their members in the warp) towards the termagants on the right the wraithknight goes on a hunting mission after the venomthrope.

The distance between the spiders and the termagants is just over 15 inches, so they attempt to run, but even with the re-roll from fleet they won’t make it in range so they just move back instead. In a bit of a long shot, the wraithknight shoots at the venomthrope hoping to reduce the armies cover save but only hits once and rolls a 1 to wound, shame. The right wave serpent shoots at the termagants on the right with all three guns but thanks to the venomthrope and night fighting it is only able to kill 4 off thanks to its serpent shield. The serpent on the left kills 2 genestealers and the fire prism just scatters horrible failing to hit anything. To finish the shooting phase the farseer casts executioner on the genestealers but they deny the witch.

Assault phase and both the warp spiders and bikes move away from the approaching swarm.

Tyranids turn 1

Going full throttle the stealer make a break from the tree line straight for the wraithknight who is 16 inches away, so a possible first turn charge. Both units of termagants move for the eldar lines as do the warriors.

Running phase and both the termagants and warriors run 5.

Assault phase and the wraithknight is potentially in trouble, the genestealers roll the charge range and get 7 (6 and 1), he re-rolls the 1 and gets a 3, still 1 inch short and fails the charge, thank god.

Eldar turn 2

No more night fighting, and in from reserve come the swooping hawks. They deep strike on the right hand side facing the termagants. Their grenade pack unfortunately misses as it scatters to wide. The wave serpent on the left moves back away from the genestealers as the wraithknight, warp spiders and bikes move towards them.

The first torrent of shots onto the stealers comes from the warp spiders who somehow only manage to kill 3 of the aliens and run away (the eldar way). The bikes do much better and kill 5 of the stealers and the wraithknight kills the broodlord and 1 other stealer. On the right the swooping hawks bring down 4 termagants, just enough to allow the wave serpent to kill off the remainders gaining first blood. The serpent on the left targets the genstealers (only 2 left) and fails to get a single wound… stupid tank. Widening its beam, the prism uses the large blast template to kill some gaunts, but again scatters a lot and only kills 1 stealer and a gaunt.

Assault phase and the wraithknight fails to charge the lone stealer while both the bikes and spiders fall back again.

Tyranid turn 2

Reserve rolls are made, and 4 units enter play. First one in is a mawlock, he places his template under the warp spiders, but it scatters off towards the bikes and lands on top of two of them, but only 1 dies, the second template fails to kill the remaining bike in the mawlocks way causing it to mishap (and goes back into reserve). The second mawlock also goes after the warp spiders and this time scatters the other direction but considerably less, still clipping the spiders, killing 2 of them. Shrieking as it swoops in over the battle field, the hive crone (proxied by a razorwing jetfighter) enters play and moves over the wraithknight, vector striking it and causing it to lose 2 wounds. Finally the flyrant arrives and goes towards the bike squad. Scuttling across the ground the genestealer moves closer to the wraithknight while the remaining termagants would take the objective in the trees. The warriors move towards the bikes.

Shooting from the tyrant on the bikes and forces me to take a lot of saves, and the farseer was the closest model so I had to take look out sire rolls. By the end of it the farseer lost a single wound but the bikes pass 6 wounds. Releasing a single tentaclid at the fire prism, but the creature misses the shot. Unloading their shots, the warriors manage to kill a single biker and forcing a moral test, but they hold on the bikers leadership (as the shadow in the warp reduced the farseers leadership lower than the guardians).

Assault phase and the lone stealer charges into the wraithknight, and he rolls amazingly, rending him twice! The wraithknight is now reduced to 2 wounds in a single turn. He steps on the bug for daring to damage him, and consolidated towards the warriors.

Eldar turn 3

My flyer comes in from reserve and aims at taking out the hive tyrant, going straight for it. The swooping hawks leave the battle with skyleap, aiming to come back later. With the monsters now visible the fire dragons get out and move towards the hive tyrant. On the right the wave serpent moves away from the mawlock but keeping it in range. The bikes and fire prism both move back, hoping to prevent getting assaulted.

With the spiders in danger they shoot at the mawlock which just killed two of their number, but only manage to inflict a single wound to the monster. The serpent on the right shoots at it as well dealing a further 2 wounds. Firing all its weapons at the tyrant, the crimson hunter manages to hit it 4 times but the tyrant evades, dodging 2 of the shots but it still loses 2 wounds. Punctured and bleeding it still manages to stay in the sky. Wanting to down the monster the wave serpent unloads its entire payload at it, but fails to hit it. The fire dragons do the same, a single shot hits, wounds but is evaded. But luckily in order to dodge the shot the tyrant loses control and plunges into the ground, taking a wound and being reduced to 1. With a perfect shot the fire prism fires its focused beam and takes off the last wound of the tyrant. both shots from the wraithknight wounds the warriors but the venomthropes cover saves the shots.  

Assault phase and the wraithkngiht charges into the warriors, its hammer of wraith instantly kills a warrior. The prime strikes next but fails to wound the wraithknight, allowing the knight to kill 3 more warriors.

Tyranids turn 3

The mawlock arrives again from reserve, after the fire dragons but again he scatters and ends up under the outpost, and we decide that’s a mishap, again going back into reserve. The second crone comes in (proxied by the dead tyrant) and moves towards the crimson hunter, and the original crone goes after the hunter as well. The mawlock is outside of synapse range and fails its instinctive behaviour, and fails, gaining rage and having to charge the closest model so moves towards the warp spiders.

The first crone fires two tentaclids at the crimson hunter and hit with both of them. Both glance the flyer and it attempts to evade, but fails, being reduced to a single hull point. Seeing its pray wounded the second crone fires two more tentaclids are the crimson hunter, but hitting and getting a penetrating hit. Again the flyer fails to evade and explodes in the air, its debris scattering into the open not hitting anyone.

Assault phase and the mawlock charges into the warp spiders, who fail to do any wounds with over watch. Striking first the blades of the spiders can’t get past the tick hide of the monster, dooming them as it kills every last one of them. It was a massacre. In the centre of the table the wraithknight faces off against the prime, the prime strikes first this time hitting with all its attacks, and then a single wound makes it with his bone sword. As the prime needed a 6 to wound, and the sword instant kills on a 6, the wraithknight dies to a single hit. I didn’t see that coming.

Eldar turn 4

Again the hawks swoop in from reserve and land towards the top right side of the table. They attempt to grenade the gaunts but the grenades scatters too far to do any damage. The bikes finally arrive and appear on the right side of the table away from the action. On the left the fire dragons move towards the mawlock, hoping to finish off the wounded beast with their melta weapons. Being extremely close to the mawlock the fire prism moves away over the woods. The dire avengers wave serpent faces the prime hoping to take him out, and as some insurance the other wave serpent moves up and faces the prim as well.

I start with the fire dragon, hoping to burn the mawlock, but after a bad roll to hit the monster only takes a single wound. Sending forth his astral form the farseer executes 4 gaunts then the swooping hawks kill a further 3. First the dire avenger’s wave serpent shoots at the prim but after shooting with its scatter laser, serpent shield and shuriken cannon it only manages to deal a single wound to it! The second serpent then does the same and also gets a single wound reducing him to 1. Again going for the kill shot, the fire prism aims at the tyranid prim, and misses. The new unit of bikes boosts into the opponents table half. Not a very killy turn.

Tyranids turn 4

Finally emerging from the ground, the second mawlock appears and goes after the new biker unit. He scatters again though and doesn’t harm the bikes. The other mawlock moves towards the fire prism getting with in an easy charge range. Both crones drop out of the sky and prepare to charge, one goes after the fire dragons, the other to the fire dragons wave serpent. With the farseer so close the gaunts move to get as many guns in range of him but also getting close enough for the prime to join the squad.

Shooting fleshborers first, the gaunts pepper the farseer and biker friend but fail to get past the bikes armour. The crone fires its last two tentaclids at the wave serpent in front of it and one hits and glances it. Firing its drool cannon, the other crone attempts to kill some fire dragons but it can’t get past their armour.

Assault and both crones charge, the first charges into the fire dragons who fail to get any over watch hits. In combat the Crone misses most of its attacks then rolls double 1 to wound, giving the fire dragons and opportunity fire melta bomb it, but the fire dragons fail to even hit. The combat is a draw. The other crone smashes into the wave serpent and immobilises it. The mawlock charges into the fire prism and gets 2 penetrating hits, immobilising it and ripping off its prism cannon. While not a great turn for me it could have gone a lot worse.

Eldar turn 5

With this potentially the last turn I have to grab objectives or I will lose, so I move the full bike unit to the objective behind the large tree, while the farseer and biker goes towards the termagants. The wave serpent that can move makes sure it can see the termagants, but is a little but at risk from a mawlock charge.

Shooting from the wave serpent kills a good 8 gaunts, the bikes kill a further 2 making the prime the closest model. The farseer shoots at the unit and manages to get two blade storms off and the prism fails his look out sir and finally dies. The last shots come from the hawks who kill and extra 3 reducing the squad to a single model, and with the prime gone, he rolls moral and gets a double 1 and holds.

Assault and the crone and mawlock wreck their tanks with ease. The crone vs fire dragons is a little more exiting this time, the mawlock kills a single dragon and then they get 2 wounds on it back with their melta bombs.

Tyranids turn 5

Somehow every unit passes its instinctive behaviour test, including that 1 gaunt holding his objective! Hoping for a turn 6, the mawlock in the middle of nowhere burrows hoping for a turn 6. The other goes to the wave serpent and the crone not in combat takes to the skies towards the farseer.

No shooting so straight to combat and the venomthrope charges into the farseer, and at initiative 6 kills the biker, but the farseer fails to kill it but holds his ground. The mawlock explodes the wave serpent and kills a single dire avenger. In the slap fight the crone kills 2 more fire dragons and takes a wound back. The fire dragons hold though.

We roll to see if the game carries on, and it doesn’t.

Eldar: 6 (first blood, slay the warlord, line breaker, 1 objective) – Tyranids: 3 (1 objective)


That game was far too close, and honestly I don’t think I deserved to win that game. I won due to my opponent rolling badly and misshaping his mawlock TWICE! If he came in turn 2, I would have been in deep trouble as I struggled to deal with his monsters without that issue. If he had also had all 3 flying monstrous creatures on the table turn 1 I would have been in so much trouble I wouldn’t have been able to deal with them.

Unfortunately my opponent, having been a nid player for a very long time has been disappointed with the codex and didn’t enjoy the game. He feels that codex isn’t up to par and he doesn’t want to spend hours trying to come up with an OK list when every other codex can make one without hassle. It’s a shame but I feel that his list is good and could be very good when worked on.

Anyway what did I learn?
·         Wraithknight: While going after the warriors wasn’t a bad idea throwing it against the genestealers was pointless and just got him injured. I need to use him more as a hunter-killer unit and only go after prize targets, but something a shuriken catapult can kill.
·         Deployment: This game I feel my deployment wasn’t great, but I didn’t know where his units would appear, again it’s like the drop pod issue but more monstrous. I guess I have to come up with plans on how to deal with certain deployment types next.
·         Army list: The list was designed for anti-lord of war, but it struggles against regular lists. I think I will have to go over it once more to deal with this.
·         Farseer: I need a better plan for him, that game I just chucked him on a bike with eldar powers and hoped for the best. It didn’t do great. I might go over the 3 different power charts he can use and decide what’s best for him.

That was my first game against the new tyranids, and my friend has been nice enough to let me borrow his nids so I can play around with them, unfortunately I will have to proxie a lot of the things I want but still, it could be a laugh.


  1. Great battle report as always!

    I would be a little more aggressive with the Dire Avengers. With their pseudo- Rending, they can plink off a wound or two from a Tyranid MC. With 18'' range and Battle Focus, they can potentially be out of charge range the following turn as well.

    I am liking the list! Keep doing well with it!

  2. Another great report. Looking forward to see what you do with the NIds.

  3. Nice BatRep. Did you feel that the Crones were a good addition to the Nid arsenal, or a pass?

  4. Pass on the crones tbh, Haywire shooting really doesn't force a flier to jink since most of the time you're only looking at one or two hull points. The vector strike is useful though.