Tuesday 21 January 2014

Wraithknight W.I.P part 2

This is the current state of my wraithknight after i attacked it with a paintbrush again. He is slowly getting there, and is looking a lot better, but it is obvious i still need to do a lot of work to him. Next on my list to do on him is to go over the bone again, its very messy at the moment and i need to get it a nice even colour. The metal needs another highlight and wash.  The guns are a big thing to do but i will go over them again later on.

I am happy with how the purple has turned out and now i have added in a few other colours, i don't think its too much of a block colour, which is something i was afraid of originally. The bone colour on the shins really helps and stops the head looking out of place in so much purple. 

Spirit stones, i have decided that i am only going to paint the chest gem as a spirit stone as i hate painting them and the rest can just be asphetic bumps, the eldar love their bumps. A big thing that has come as a surprise for me is the groin plate, it looks very empty. I have looked at all of the games workshop ones and they have their craftworld rune there, and as of yet i haven't come up with one for Dem-Kirath, maybe its something that i should invest in creating. That would involve setting their back ground in stone which might not be a bad idea. 

So what do you think of him so far? and what kind of shapes would you use for creating a new craftworld symble? 


  1. Something I've done with people is design a craftworld symbol based off the Aspect Warrior they liked the most. That'd be my suggestion. What aspect do you like the most and give it some flare where you want.

    Hell if you'd like I can draw up a couple to give you inspiration. Would need to know the aspect you like.

    1. That would be great if you don't mind helping, i have email you (got it off your google profile).