Tuesday 14 January 2014

Wraithknight W.I.P

I will soon be taking part in an apocalypse game where each player has to bring a fully painted (or as close as) army with them so it looks a lot better than our last few apocalypse games. I have written a quick list, which is mostly tanks to cut down on the painting i have to do (cheating i know. All i have left to do is my wraithknight, so only 1 model to paint before the 28th of jan, not too bad. 

When i started i thought it would be easy to paint, but now i am looking at it, i am honestly worried it will come out looking terrible. With such a large model it has a chance of looking very dull if its all the same colour. So i will need to throw in some splash of colour here and there. Anyway this is him just after i have just under coated it and started on the purple plates. 

Keep coming back to see how the wraithknight turns out.


  1. Be careful how you try to break the uniformity of the purple colour. If you add too many different colours, it might end up looking a bit like a clown. Maybe using a bit of bone or white in some places on the body will do the trick?

  2. Love what you did with the legs. Hope to do the same with my Wraithknights.