Tuesday 24 June 2014

Council of War June 14 – Forces present

Council of war has come and gone and in my opinion it was a blast. This was my first event at Games workshop Hq and if you guys are able to go to one, I would say go as it was a great weekend and well worth your time. I thought I would share some pictures of the armies that took part in the event. One person even dressed up as a sister of Battle!

Before I start on my battle reports for the event (hopefully the first will be up Friday) I thought I would share with you some of the images I could get of the armies. We had a large number of different races with 1 missing, we had no Dark eldar force, which was a shame, as I do love the dark eldar. We had A LOT of armies of Imperial Knights with a small allied force of something else. Something which surprised me was the number of Lords of War that appeared on the tables, while I and my team didn’t take any in our 1500 point game most people did to my surprise. Obviously it’s just my local meta which just doesn’t use them.

Anyway before I waffle on too much here are a few pictures:

First up, a small number of Knight forces

Chaos space marines with Imperial Knight allies

Imperial Knights with allied Miltarum Tempestus

Knights and Space marines

Next up a Few Imperial Guard forces (we even had 2 death korps of kreig lists!)

Death Korps

Steal Legion

Space Marines had a strong presence as well, but these were some of the most beautiful marine forces i saw, they were painted to perfection!

Eldar had a presence but not codex eldar (i think i was the only one straight codex), Iyanden was all over the place, even none yellow iyanden.

This Ork force practically had every model converted and it was beautiful for it.

And Finally Tau with all the Forgeworld

As you can see from the pictures Forgeworld units and lords of war were every where and it was a nice change but still very scary to see.  And in the Big 8k game they really came out of the wood work, hell even we brought 2 forge world models with us to the big game: 

Some one brought a Phanton Titan
One team had 3 Reaver Titans (and it faced the phantom)

And we faced a Reaver and Revanant

Anyway i Hope the pictures are a good taster as to whats to come, and i will try and get the battle reports up for you as soon as possible.