Thursday 31 July 2014

40K Rules Issues: Jink

Quite an important rule change that occurred during the transition between 6th and 7th was the massive change to jink. While it doesn’t appear to be a very important rule it can be used by such a large number of units (bikes, skimmers and fliers) and can be quite an important factor during the game.

Using jink is the same for all units with it, when the model/unit with jink gets targeted by a shooting attack, before any dice are rolled you can elect to jink providing the unit with a 4+ cover save until the beginning of their next movement phase. The down side is that you can only snap fire until the end of their next turn, which while inconvenient is worth the model still being alive if you get shot by a nasty weapon. The rule itself is quite a simple one, and easily used an understood, until you start looking into it a little closer.

Now the first trouble we come into is with blast weapons. Let’s take an example of two individual land speeders next to each other, not in a squadron. If a blast weapon targets the first speeder it can elect to jink, which is fine but as soon as you roll for scatter, dice have been rolled. Now it the blast locks on its fine, but if it scatters onto the second land speeder can it still jink? Rules as written states that you must jink before any dice have been rolled, so does that mean the second speeder has to just accept the shot because the scatter has already been rolled? While this appears to be the rule I would say you should still be able to jink, it seems a little harsh on the second speeder, but if my opponent argued with this I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

The second little issue is with tanks, and I think this is more of an oversight than anything else. If you are a none-heavy skimmer you are allowed to jink. Now if a skimmer gets immobilised there is no rules stating that you are no longer allowed to jink. I can’t help but feel you shouldn’t be able to jink if you get immobilised, and in a game I wouldn’t pull that on an opponent but it is still possible. I believe this will eventually get an FAQ stating that once immobilised a tank can’t jink, and I wouldn’t do it as it feel wrong, but again, if my opponent wants to, nothing I can do about it.

Something a little rarer but totally legal, if you have a unit of bikes (they have jink) and they charge into a unit, they are allowed to jink the overwatch if you think there is a good chance you will get hit by some low ap weapons. As in the over watch rules it states that overwatch follows all the normal rules for shooting, that means you are allowed to jink. Now I doubt this will come up very often but it’s worth remembering, and don’t forget there is no downside to jinking before charging. And as an extension to this, you can jink an intercept shot coming your way, this will mainly be used for fliers though.

So what do you guys think of these points? how would you argue for/against them? I know I would argue against the first 2 points but the final one seems fare to me. I would love you input.


  1. Well RAW, when you shoot you pick target, at that point you can choose to junk. so it's bad luck if it scatters. If you really want to use the rule naughtily however[still perfectly raw] If your opponent has two wave serpents very close to each other, if you fire a large blast, you target one, it decides to jink, you place the blast so it hits one tank and nicks the other, the tank not targeted can not junk.

    It depends on your group, but let them know how it runs by the book, either you embrace it and everyone is away that lots of separate skimmer units close to each other is quite dangerous, or you house rule it to taste:)

    1. Agree. Scattering onto a different target doesn't allow to jink. If you think about it, it didn't take evasive maneuvers because it's sensors and/or pilot didn't see the incoming projectiles as a threat. Who would have known the missile would have veered off course?

      There should definitely be some fleshing out of the jink rules. I agree on the immobilized should equal no jink. An immobolized vehicle gets hit automatically in close combat, so it's pretty obvious it can't move.

      I also think, if you jink overwatch shots, you should lose your +1A for charging...

    2. "I also think, if you jink overwatch shots, you should lose your +1A for charging..."

      This, or a penalty to charge rolls, or both. Jinking shouldn't be consequence-free.

  2. I don't see what the problem is with the first scenario. It makes sense both RAI and RAW, if you're in the skimmer onto which a random stray shot scattered you wouldn't be expecting it and wouldn't have time to jink.

    Tbh there's been lots of rules debates like this and it's pretty much how persuasive you can be and what your gaming group/tournament organiser thinks

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