Friday 1 August 2014

Orks vs. Astra Militarum 1500: Guns of the Emperor

After the release of Codex: Orks it made me want to test it out, and a friend of mine has wanted to face orks with a mostly infantry imperial guard army for a while. So we now had an opportunity to play the sort of game he wanted. This is a 1500 point game of Orks vs. Astra militarum.

The Armies

Orks: Ork Horde detachment

Warboss – 109 (warlord: prophet of the waaagh!, night attacker)
Power klaw, eavy armour, cybork body, bosspole, finkinkap

Big Mek – 119
Kustom force field, kill saw, eavy armour

Painboy – 50

12 Boyz – 112
Nob, power klaw, boss poll
Trukk – 30
Big shoota

12 Boyz – 112
Nob, power klaw, boss poll
Trukk – 30
Big shoota

12 Boyz – 112
Nob, power klaw, boss poll
Trukk – 30
Big shoota

15 Boyz–  (riding the squiggoth)
Nob, power klaw, boss poll

15 Boyz –

5 Kannons – 90

Looted Wagon – 87
Kill kannon, ard case, big shoota

Big Squiggoth – 195 (proxied by squig)
Snakebite drugs (rolled a 6, so re-rolled and
Total: 1500

Astra Militarum/ Space marines

Astra Militarum: combined arms detachment

Company Command Squad – 75 (warlord: preferred enemy Orks)

Platoon command – 30

Infantry squad – 55

Infantry squad – 55

Heavy weapons team – 105
3x lascannon

Veterans – 80

Veterans – 80

Veterans – 60

Veterans – 65
Chimera – 65

Veterans – 65
Chimera – 65

5 ratlings - 50

Imperial Fists: allied detachment

Captain – 130
Storm shield, power axe

Command squad – 150
Apothecary, storm shield, power axe

5 Scouts – 55

5 Scouts – 55

3 Centurions – 160
3x twin-linked lascannon, omniscope

Total: 1500

The Mission

Rolling for mission we get Crusade (4 objectives) with dawn of war deployment. We roll for deployment and the Orks win, and select to deploy first. On the far left I place the 15 boyz with out nob and next to them a trukk. The looted wagon is deployed behind some trees in the middle so it can target anything. To its right another trukk gets placed and then the ork horde with added warboss, big mek and painboy. In my ruin I place the 5 kannons as they will have the best line of sight. And finally to the right of that I place both the squiggoth and trukk.

Imperials counter my deployment by placing a long line of guardsmen, with the infantry squads and heavy weapon team on the far right. Both the company command and platoon command join them. They are joined by the marine captain and command squad. In the middle veterans and the centurions are deployed and the on the left both chimeras and the snipers are placed. The scouts are deployed in the centre of his deployment zone.

Night attacker: turn 1
Steal the initiative: No

The Battle

Orks turn 1

Moving forwards as fast as possible the Orks on foot run forwards while the trukks go the full 12 forwards. No real plan, just get into combat.

The boyz and squig run forwards while the trukks go flat out. Shooting is from the kannons, who use frag rounds on a tightly packed unit of veterans but most of the shots scatter only killing 2 veterans and a single marine. The looted wagon targets the marines but the shot scatters onto the centurions whose armour ignores the shot.

Astra Militarum turn 1

Moving up the left, the chimeras advance towards the objectives. With the trukks in the imperial line the veterans and guard surround the trukks as much as possible.

Orders from the company command, tell the heavy weapons team to bring down the squiggoth, but the order fails to be received. Again trying to hurt the squig the commander orders a veteran unit to split fire the lascannon at the squiggoth which is heard loud and clear, but fails to hit. The veterans then shoot at the large mob of boyz and only manage to bring down a single ork. Unsure what the commander’s orders were, the heavy weapons team fire at the approaching squigoth anyway and manage to deal a single wound infuriating the beast. The first chimera shoots at a trukk and manages to immobilise it. The centurions split fire a lascannon at the looted wagon and shake it, the rest of the shots target a trukk but the 6+ night fight cover save as well as some unlucky rolls from my opponent keep it alive on 1 hull point. The guard on the right flame the trukk and manage to glance it and roast 2 of the boyz inside. On the right lasfire targets the large horde and only 2 boyz fall. A lascannon shoots at the trukk on the left and blows off its big shoota.

Assault phase and the Captain and command squad charge into the trukk and explode it with their krack grenades, in the explosion 1 guardsman dies as well as one of the marines. The orks on board get trapped in the fiery inferno and 7 of the boys fail to get out. They fail their pinning test but the Nob cracks heads to restore order. On the left the scouts charge into a trukk and only manage to shake it with krack grenades.

Orks turn 2

Taking very little damage last turn the warboss calls the WAAAAAAGH! All of the boyz jump out of their trukks ready to get into combat while the large mob in the middle go straight forwards. Nice and simple movement phase.

The roar of kannons can be heard over the battle field again and target a guardsman unit and get 16 wounds, hitting the deck to try and get out the way does nothing to help and they all die. The large mob of boyz runs a 4 inches and the boyz on the left shoot at the scouts and 1 dies to slugga fire.

The fun stuff now, the squiggoth charge into an infantry squad and they manage to deal a single wound with over watch. Infuriated by its wounds the squiggoth deals 1 hammer of wrath wound, and then eats 3 more. Knowing they are outmatched the guard run for it but manage to escape. The smallest unit of boyz on the right charge into the Captain and command squad and take the over watch killing 1 boy. The warboss’s mob makes a large charge and rolls 11! Gaining hammer or wrath for the unit and kills 1 marine with it. In the midst of combat the warboss challenges the Captain to single combat to which he steps up. In the challenge the captain’s power weapon manages to deal 2 wounds seriously wounding the ork, but it’s not enough, his return attacks all hit and he rips the marine limb from limb, instantly killing him 3 times. The swirling melee ends with a hand full of orks dead but every marine stomped into the dirt, lifeless. In the middle of the table a trukk mob charges into some veterans and get 10 for more hammer of wrath attacks. Only 1 guardsman dies to the
force of the charge and 2 orks die but in the heat of battle the orks show the humans why ‘orks is best’ and kill every last veteran. On the left the boyz charge into the scouts and lose 2 boyz to over watch. No orks die in the combat and 3 scouts fall, the scout sergeant issues a challenge to the nob leading the mob and kill him before he can even swing his power klaw. The scouts hold though. Far left and the boyz charge into one of the veteran units that dismounted from the chimera but the orks take 2 wounds from over watch and fail the charge.

Astra militarum turn 2

Pushing forwards the full chimera carries on the advance and drops off the veterans while the other chimera backs off from the orks.  On the right the running guard rally and move back towards the squiggoth. The rest of the army mills around and gets ready to shoot.

Again the command bark orders at the heavy weapons team to take down the squiggoth and they get the order loud and clear, but they fail to hit. Then the veterans are told to fire giving them an extra shot on the mob of boyz in the middle. The volley of shots is too much for the orks and they all die. Centurions target the looted wagon and wreck it and a split fire shot from a lascannon targets a trukk and explodes it. The veterans and scouts on the left target the walking boyz on the left and reduce the squad down to 6, the chimeras then add their fire power and reduce the squad down to 3 boyz. Shots from the rest of the force targets the large mob of boyz and a few get killed.

Assault phase and the scouts vs. the boyz ends this turn with the boyz murdering the scouts and consolidates towards centurions.

Orks turn 3

 Still angry at the pains it’s been caused by the guard the squiggoth carries on chasing them. The large mob moves towards the middle ready to kill some veterans.

The boyz riding on the squiggoth shoot at the heavy weapon team and deal 5 wounds, almost killing them. Shooting from the small mob of boyz shoot at the company command and kill 2. Kannons target the veteran squad and mange to kill 7 and make them go to ground.

Assault phase and the squiggoth charges into the guard again and murders them all, not allowing them to escape again. The small mob of 3 charges into the scouts on the left and all get cut down before they can even strike. In the middle the mob of boyz with out nob charge into the centurions and lose 4 of their number, they strike back and just bounce off the 2+ armour save. Under such stiff competition the orks run for it. On the right the smaller mob charges into the company command and lose 2 but kill 2. The company commander challenges the nob and he takes a wound and fails to get past his refractor field. The boyz fail but the nob cracks heads and they stay in the fight. With a big roll of 10 the large mob charges into the platoon command and kill 2 with hammer of wrath and then murder the rest of the humans.

Astra militarum turn 3

As the large mob is getting close the centurions move back away from the orks as they are too much of a threat. On the left the veterans and scouts  push forwards after objectives and the snipers move to get a better shot.

Snap shots from snipers manages to wreck a trukk rolling all of the 6’s. The infantry shoot into the mob but only manage to kill 4 (Kff and fnp is a bitch) but then the chimeras add their fire power and kill 3 and wound the big mek. Fire from the centurions kill 4 more boyz.

Assault and the scouts charge into the running orks who rally, but get cut down by the scouts. The combat between the company command carries on but the commander kills the nob.

Orks turn 4

Once more the orks move towards the imperium forces, the mob gets a close as possible to 2 different veteran squads. The squig goes after the remaining heavy weapon team.

The kannons again target the guard and kill 7 of them and they run 7.

Assault phase the mob charges both of the veteran squads in front of it and makes it, even though they lose both +1 attack and furious charge they manage to butcher all of the humans and only lost 2 orks in the process. The squig charges into the last heavy weapon and kills it with its hammer of wrath attacks. The company commander vs. the orks ends with only the commander left and a single ork remaining, he ork wins combat however and the commander runs for it but stays on the table.

Astra militarum turn 4

Attempting to rally the company commander is successful and he turns back to face the orks. The veterans rally as well ready to repel the orks. For some odd reason the centurions move and get into a chimera, while the veterans next to the other chimera get into their ride as well, then it moves towards the middle objective. The snipers move to the objective next to the woods and the scouts fall back towards the orks.  

Running the scouts move 1 inch while the rallied veterans snap shot at the orks and kill none of them.

Orks turn 5

 It’s now a game of movement and who can grab the most objectives, the large mob moves straight towards the scouts while the boyz jump off the squig and grab the objective behind the barricades. A single kannon moves down the grab the other objective as well.

Shooting from the kannons targets a chimera but only shakes it with a single penetrating hit. The squiggoth then runs a little. Shooting from the newly disembarked orks targets the company commander and kills him with slugger fire.

Assault phase and the mob charges into the scouts with an 11 inch charge! 1 dies to hammer of wrath and then the orks murder the rest of them with their axes.

Astra militarum turn 5

Getting out of the chimera the veterans face the mob and get close to the middle objective. The centurions get out of the chimera while the rest of the veterans encircle the mob to keep them away from the objectives.

The veterans manage to kill 3 orks in total while both chimeras only kill 1 each. Centurion fire targets the mob and manages to kill 2 boyz and kills off the warboss who fail to look out sir.

We roll to see if the game continues... and it does.

Orks turn 6

The squig goes straight for the middle objective but has no chance of charging this turn. The few remaining orks of the mob go towards the veterans who jumped out of the chimera.

Kannon shots use frag rounds to try and kill both the chimera and the veterans hiding in the woods behind it, but some shots scatter off, killing a single veteran and glance the chimera once.

Assault phase and the mob charges into the veterans next to them, the orks take no damage and kill off all of the guardsmen.

Astra militarum turn 6

All of the imperial guard force target the few remnants of the mob and kill them with their fire power.

Again another roll to see if we carry on.

Orks turn 7

The squig moves towards the chimera and the kannons fire at it but fail to do anything.

Assault and the squig fails to charge.

Astra militarum turn 7

The centurions kill off the squig.

End of Game

Orks: 8 (2 objectives, line breaker, slay the warlord) – Astra Militarum: 9 (2 objectives, line breaker, slay the warlord, first blood)

Astra Militarum victory


That game was quite fun and it shows a lot of potential for the orks but as it’s the first game with the new codex I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Spreading out my force wasn’t a great idea; I should have had all of my trukks next to each other so the assaulting orks could support each other. I didn’t and I lost them all quickly. The large mob with all of the HQ’s was hard to shift and packed a hell of a punch so I would do that again. The sheer number of power klaw attacks from them made it hard to shift.

Taking the squiggoth was odd; it was cheap and resistant but very slow. Taking it for a transport is a bad idea I would say, but just having it and maybe putting something inside it is a nice bonus. The looted wagon could have done more if it didn’t get killed so quickly but it was always going to get targeted.

Using the Ork horde was nice, losing objective secured was not an issue this game and the bonus of hammer of wrath was very useful. I would probably try it out again, but add more speedy elements to the force.

Anyway how have you guys found the new ork codex? I would love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. I absolutely adore that squib model. It's hilariously fantastic.

    Instead of ork horde detachment, I'd just take two CAD's so you get objective secured...but then as you may be finding out, objective secured isn't as important these days. Of the available formations and detachments, the horde one is the weakest in my opinion. (str 3 hammer of wraths aren't that great)

    The best (just my opinion), are the bully boyz (15 fearless, WS 5 manz), and snirots (4 groups of 5+ kommandos with snirot, have rerollable cover saves the turn they arrive and shrouded) [very very points low].

    Best units?
    Deff kopta's are the new biker nobz. Same surviability, WAY cheaper, grants outflank, scout, and hit and run to the biker warboss. So you can actually attack and escape, instead of being stuck in.

    Tank busters. Tank hunter, and cheaper then buying rokkit's anywhere else in the codex...and you double first blood if they kill a tank AND they all have melta bombs? Insane!

    I'm still working on my main ork list, as I really love walkers, but they are so meh now unless you take the dread mob formation, which is roughly 1200 points. Bit hard to fit into a 1500 point list.

    Nice bat rep and photos. Keep it up!

  2. Hey
    Great Batrep always love it when one of your batrep posts comes up on my stream.

    Keep it up