Tuesday 5 August 2014

Tale of 4 Gamers: an escalating campaign

At the gaming club we are starting a slow escalation campaign between 4 of us, in order for all of the participants to gradually paint and build up a new force. For this I will be using my Imperial guard, as I have been meaning to get them sorted after over a year of a lot of bits just sitting in my house.

For the first game we will be using a force of 600 points, originally we said only painted forces can be used but for this one we are letting it slide a bit as we are all struggling a little. I know I’m buggered as my chimeras are painted to any standard I am happy with and they look like balls. How it’s going to work is we will all play against each other (I will probably report them) and then see what happens from there for the story of the campaign. We haven’t come up with much back story yet we are getting there.

Our basic story so far is that a knight world is under attack from a renegade guard force from a system of planets that have been in the hands of chaos for quite some time, so the force isn’t merely just a band of mutants and unorganised chaos worshippers. This force is highly organised and deadly, more akin to the imperial guard than just some rebels. At the heart of this is an Inquisitor who turned to chaos after being corrupted fighting It his entire life. Naturally the Knight house who controls the planet isn’t very happy with this so have sent out knights aided by some small mechanicum forces to repel the invaders. While asking for help from other mechanicum forces, the Imperium intercepted the message and have sent a force of veterans to fight off the invaders, to which the knight house isn’t too pleases as it doesn’t want anyone looking in on what they are doing.  During this process a small contingent of kroot lead by a master shaper (ethereal) has landed on the planet.

The forces present on this campaign will be as follows:

Imperial guard with Inquisitorial allies
This will be played by myself, and will represent the chaos worshippers, while I don’t have an inquisitor yet, I will eventually add in some allied forces so I’m just saying from the offset it will happen.

Knight world forces
Codex: Knights and inquisition will represent this as it allows knights (that's going to be a bitch at 600 points) and the rules for inquisitors and henchmen can easily be stretched to accommodate almost any force and can represent the mechanicum quite well.

Imperial reinforcements
To show a hightly trained force designed for striking quickly and effectively we will be using Codex: Militarum tempestus as well as the D-99 veterans list from Imperial armour 4. This will show the imperials striking from orbit trying to disrupt the chaos forces and not get bogged down in one region.

Kroot forces
This will just be a tau force using most kroot units including those found in Imperial armour 3. It’s just such a shame that they have now discontinued the models for most (if not all) of the kroot stuff. As there is no kroot HQ he is using the rules for an ethereal as a master shaper.

For the first 600 point game I will be using probably the following:

Company Command – 120 (warlord)
Plasma gun, vox caster, carapace armour, power maul, plasma pistol

Platoon command – 55
Flamer, vox caster, power maul

Infantry squad – 80
Auto cannon, plasma gun, vox

Infantry squad – 80
Auto cannon, plasma gun, vox

Heavy weapon team – 105
3x lascannon

Veterans – 95
3x melta gun, vox caster
Chimera – 65

Total: 600 points

For 600 points I have a good number of bodies on the table as well as some weapons to deal with everything. While I will probably die to a knight I have a chance to do something to it with 3 melta guns, 3 lascannons and a bit of plasma. Against light infantry, again autocannons and hopefully enough lasguns to kill some models. I have chosen some of the wargear just because the models have them (the plasma pistol for example) and not because it’s good. I really did want my second chimera but it just looks so bad I don’t want to play with it.

So that's all for now, hopefully I will get more information on the back ground for you all soon and post that, and I will keep working on the guard. Hope you enjoyed. 

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