Friday 18 July 2014

Council of War Game 4: Imperium vs Xenos 8,000 points!!!

On the second day of the event only 1 game remained, the big team game. This was an 8k a side game which used a special force organisation chart which was basically 4 combined arms detachments. However you didn’t get any benefits from it and you could choose your force as an unbound list BUT you still had to conform to the chart. The only exception to this was you could add as many knights that you wanted as they hadn’t accounted for them after you had filled up your mandatory slots.

If you have missed the previous games click for Game 1, Game 2 and Game 3.

In this game we each used the lists that we took for the single games plus a few little additions. That was except one of our team (the tau player) only had 1500 points painted so gave his extra 500 points to our Iyanden player as he added in a Revenant titan (900 points is expensive). At the time of writing our lists we didn’t expect to face many lords of war, as in our local area they aren’t really used. This mean by us taking 2 lord of war (my lynx and the Iyanden Revenant) we thought it might be a bit much for some people to handle, but took them as we didn’t get to use them often. How wrong we were.

 Unfortunately this isn’t a very exact battle report as a lot went on and I only took notes of the most important things that happened (kinda). So if anything doesn’t make sense, or a few things happen between pictures that I don’t mention, I apologise, but we were on a time limit and a lot of stuff happened.

The Armies

The alliance of Xenos


Overlord (warlord) w/ immortals
Mind shackle scarabs, resurrection orb, warscythe, semiternal weave, phaeron

Veil of darkness, abyssal staff

10 Immortals

15 Necron Warriors

15 Necron Warriors

10 Necron Warriors
Night Scythe
Triatch stalker

3 Wraiths
Whip coils

5 scarabs

Annihilation barge
Annihilation barge

Doom scythe

Doomsday Ark


Commander w/ bodyguard
Cyclic ion blaster, plasma rifle, iridium armour, puretide chip, 2x shield drones
2x bodyguard
Twin-linked plasma rifles, fusion blaster

Ethereal w/ fire warriors
Honour blade, homing beacon

12 Fire Warriors
12 Fire warriors
12 Fire warriors

5 Pathfinders
5 pathfinders

FireBase Support Cadre
Stimulant injector, early warning override, ion accelerator

3 Broadsides
Early warning override, 2x shield drones

3 Broadsides
Early warning override, 2x shield drones


Spiritseer w/ wraithblades

5 Wraithguard
Wave serpent

10 Wraithblades
Ghost axe


Scatter laser, bright lance

Scatter laser, bright lance

Revenant Titan

Voidshield generator
2 extra shields


Spiritseer (with fire warriors)

Warlock (with guardians)

10 Dire avengers
Wave serpent
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

10 Guardians
Scatter laser
Wave serpent
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

5 Fire dragons
Wave serpent
Holo field, twin-linked scatter laser

Crimson hunter exarch

8 warp spiders

Fire prism
Holo field
Heavy D-cannons


Our opponents (the team we played in our first games) brought a Space marine/Iyanden alliance


Chief librarian Tigurius (warlord)

10 tactical marines (in storm eagle)
Melta gun, lascannon

10 Tactical marines
Melta gun, multi-melta
Drop pod

Storm eagle gunship

2 Hyperios weapons battery


Master of the Forge

10 tactical marines (in storm eagle)
melta gun, power fist

10 tactical marines (in Spartan)
melta gun, power fist

10 tactical marines
melta gun, power fist

Sicaran battle tank


Triple lascannons

Storm eagle

3 Hyperios weapons battery

Contemptor dreadnaught
Conversion beamer

Reaver titan
Apocalypse missile launcher, laser blaster, melta cannon

Iron Hands

Master of the Forge (in ultramarines storm eagle)

5 Scouts
Sniper rifles

5 Scouts
Sniper rifles

Fell hammer



5 wraithguard
Wave serpent

5 Wraithguard
Wave serpent


Revenant titan

Phoenix bomber

Nightwing interceptor

Nightwing interceptor

The Mission

This mission was crusade (5 objectives) with dawn of war deployment (god anything else would be hell to keep track of), the only difference was there was no first blood for the mission. Rolling for deployment zones we win the roll and select the side with slightly more cover to try and live though all the big guns they have. Rolling for first turn they win and select to deploy first.

We took it in turns deploying the objectives and they ended up being placed far right top on a hill, 1 behind a ruin in our deployment zone, 1 in trees in the middle, 1 behind the large statue and the last in the trees next to the statue.

As their force was mainly mechanised this was quite quick. They deployed in rather a nice segregated fashion with the Iyanden to our left (bottom of the photo) they the salamanders with the Reaver, the Revenant deployed next to them in a ruin to get a cover save, then the Iron hands fell hammer deployed far right next to the objective with a ultramarines razorback and the spiritseer. All of their fliers start in reserve along with the drop pod full of marines.

Our deployment was a little messier, with bits of each of our force all over the show. As the majority of their force was on the left we did the same on our left (bottom of the photo) we had the Tau force, aided by a fire prism and most of the necron force.  In the middle towards the left we place the void shield generator and a unit of broadsides hides next to it. Behind the void shield the cryptek and warriors hide behind it ready to strike later on with veil of darkness. In the centre we place the revenant behind a building full of Tau and my spiritseer. In front of the building we have the wraiths, and in the centre we have all of my wave serpents, the lynx, both wraithknights and to the right of that we have the wraithguard serpent, 2 wraithlords and wraithblades.
 In reserve we have our fliers, and a deep striking unit of warp spiders and deathmarks.

They then infiltrate their scouts onto the objective in the woods slightly to the right.

Night Fight: turn 1
Steal the initiative: no

The Battle

To make things clearer I will call the Imperium/Iyanden force Imperium, and our mix of races the Xenos.

Imperium turn 1

Screaming in from orbit, the drop pod lands right next to the void shield generator locking on and unloading its passengers. The Rest of their mechanised force pushes the assault forwards but the titans hold in place. The fell hammer can’t really see anything so moves as well.  At the end of the shooting phase the broadsides next to the marines Intercept them and manage to drop 3 of the marines but the melta gun still lives.

Psychic phase only gets off shrouding on Tigurius granting a cover save to the Reaver.

Under fire but still focused on their mission the marines shoot at the void shield generator from inside its protective bubble, and the lone melta gun hits a vital part, detonating the building with a single shot, but worse of all the shield is now down for the titans to target our forces. Unleashing its apocalypse missile launcher onto the necrons, the Reaver kills a whole unit of warriors with ease, the melta cannon targets the tau, scatters but still kills off a broadside and all of the shield drones and a few of the ultramarines! Who end up running from the onslaught. The laser blaster targets the two wraithknights and one gets killed off with ease (mine) and the other takes 3 wounds. The revenant targets the wraithblades but only kills 3 of them. The lynx targets a wave serpent but it jinks out the way with ease.

Xenos turn 1

Our turn, so we march forwards to counter our attacker. The revenant jumps off two the right to target the fell blade hoping to kill it before it does any damage. My wave serpents push forwards aiding the wraiths.

Psychic phase and we only manage to get off invisibility on the wraiths hoping to keep them alive for another turn so they can engage the Reaver titan in combat.

Our shooting isn’t anywhere near as impressive but we still get a few models down. Firing both guns at the Fellhammer the Revenant scatters a lot and only ends up with 2 hits, but they are both 6’s! That's 12+2D6 hull points gone, it explodes but doesn’t kill anyone. Still it’s a super heavy gone turn 1. The lynx targets the Sicaran battle tank and wrecks it and clips the Spartan shaking it. The small arms fire from the broadsides bright down a wave serpent and the fire warriors wreck and empty rhino. Necron fire brings down the other wave serpent, and kills a few of the wraithguard in the open. The doomsday ark fires at the contemptor exploding it. Whoever didn’t shoot ran or went flat out.

Imperium turn 2

Most of the air force arrives this turn, all but 1 night wing interceptor. Both of the storm eagles deep strike in on our right flank and the eldar flies come in on the right as well. The right flank might be in trouble. Seeing the wraiths moving towards the titans the unit of salamanders in rhino get out to protect it. The rest of the force moves forwards and the wraithguard get past their wreckage of their transports.

Again conceal is cast and protects the titan.

Not allowing a wraithknight to survive past turn 2 the lynx targets the last one and kills it with ease. Because of its twin-linked shots the Spartan shoots one of its guns at the stalker and despite its need to snap shot, it hits and explodes the triarch stalker. Aiming all 3 lascannons at the fire prism (who decides to jink) the predator tries to blow it out the sky, but thankfully the pilot is able to avoid the 2 penetrating hits. The apocalypse missile launcher targets the wraithblades who take a few wounds but their 4+ invulnerable really saves them, so the meta cannon targets them as well killing off a few more but after all is said and done 4 still live. The combined fire of the fliers brings down a wraithlord on the right. All of the strength D weapons from both titans target the Revenant as its already killed one of their kind (super heavy, not titan) and manage to take of 6 hull points, thankfully the 4+ cover save from the ruin helped in survive (it ignored 3 shots?) as well as the holo field. One of the templates scatters off the titan and hit the lynx however reducing it down to 3 hull points.   

Xenos turn 2

It’s now or never, we have to take down the Reaver titan, and the whole army will be needed to do it. From reserve we get the deathmarks, who take the risky move of deep striking behind the Reaver trying to kill Tigurius, and they lock on. They mark the psyker for death. Only the Night scythe comes in from reserve from our fliers and comes in behind the ultramarines storm eagle. My warp spiders deep strike in on the far right next to their razorback and objective. All the wave serpent move to target the Reaver, as does the remaining wraithlord. The Necron lord and his immortals move up ready for combat, and the wraiths are in charge range of some salamanders.

Psychic phase and I throw all of our dice (about 8?) at casting invisibility on the Revenant titan and manage to cast it without getting a perils!  

Shooting, the order is very important. First of all the death marks shoot at Tigurius and kill him under the weight of fire power, thus removing his power that targets him, no more cover save for the titan. Next the wave serpents all shoot at the Reaver titan to remove its void shields; it takes 3 to do it, but all 4 void shields collapse. Next the lynx targets it hoping for a lucky 6, and it gets one, taking off 10 hull points. The revenant fires both guns at it, but Iyanden gunners aren’t as skilled as those of Dem-Kirath and manage to take an extra 7, leaving it on 1 hull point. Everything else either can’t hurt it or is out of range, apart from one, very desperate hope, the fire prism that jinked. So far in this event it hasn’t done much so I didn’t expect it to do it, but I get that 6 to hit! And then glance it taking off the last hull point!!!!!! It explodes and kills off the rhino, 2 hyperios weapons and a number of space marines in the process. That’ll do fire prism, that’ll do.  The warp spiders wreck the razorback. A few shots from the fire warriors kill off a couple of the wraithguard and the necrons wreck the Spartan forcing out the tactical marines. The night scythe targets a storm eagle; it jinks, and does no damage.

Assault phase and wraiths charge into the salamanders next to the wreckage of the titan but not much happens. The necron Lord and immortals charge into the newly disembarked salamanders and forge father and the lord issues a challenge, to which a sergeant bravely (well foolishly) accepts and gets cut down. That combat goes on as well.

The tickle fight starts

Imperium turn 3

The nightwing changes course and chases after the night scythe. The two storm eagles move towards the revenant and the phoenix bomber hunter down my spiritseer with his tau body guard. They don’t have much left to move.

The Lynx attempts to kill its mirror, exploding my lynx with its D weapon and clipping a wave serpent in the process and getting a 6 so it has no chance to live. The dire avengers inside are forced onto the ground. The night wing shoots the night scythe forcing it to jink and still takes 2 hull points off it. With its surprising amount of shots the void raven bomber targets the fire warriors in the ruin and deal a large amount of damage to them, killing 5 of the tau but they hold. Both storm eagles target our invisible revenant but fail to do any damage to it.  The revenant targets the fire warriors next to our revenant titan as it can’t target the titan, but it still clips it so it still takes damage (the sneaky gits!), some of the shots scatter onto the titan and in the end it’s destroyed and explodes but does no real damage.

The combats continue, with the wraiths vs salamanders not really doing anything to each other. In the immortals vs salamanders the lord again issues a challenge and the forge father accepts, passes his mind shackle scarabs and wounds the Necron lord twice only taking a single wound back. Every one holds though.

Xenos turn 3

The crimson hunter comes in from reserve behind the storm eagles while the eldar wave serpents and wraith lord move towards the revenant titan.  The tau commander comes in from reserve and deep strikes behind the predator. The Iyanden wave serpent drops off the wraithguard next to the woods holding an objective ready to fight the scouts for it. The Night scythe joins the crimson hunter in attempting to shoot down one of the storm eagles.

Psychic phase and again rolling 7 dice the spiritseer this time casts invisibility on the Dire avengers on the objective and doesn’t perils! The Iyanden spiritseer casts terrify on the scouts but they deny the witch.

Unloading with everything they have two wave serpents shoot at the revenant titan and manage to strip 2 hull points each off the super-heavy. The Tau commander and body guard wreck the predator reducing the fire power on the left side of the table. The crimson hunter shoots at the ultramarine storm eagle (who jinks) but fails to do any damage, the night scythe fires at the other but also does nothing. On the far right the warp spiders kill off the dark reapers. Shots from the broad sides takes down the lynx reducing the number of super heavies down to 1.

Assault and the wraith vs tactical squad combat continues, again with little to no casualties (those wraiths are faulty) so that just carries on. Finally the master of the forge is taken over by mind shackle scarabs and kills himself while the immortals manage to kill a few marines. I think the combat continues however.

Imperium turn 4

The final eldar flier finally comes in and goes straight for the warp spiders in the top right corner. Dropping down to hover mode the ultra marine storm eagle drops off its cargo next to the objective ready to clear away my dire avengers. The other storm eagle moves to go after the objective behind the statue.

Firing all that it can muster the salamanders storm eagle fires at the lone wave serpent next to the statue (holding guardians) and despite the pilots jinking skills it gets immobilised and reduced to a single hull point. The phoenix bomber shoots into the fire warriors reducing their number a little but they hold. Shooting from the revenant targets the wraithguard attempting to get an objective but they are in cover and only 3 (out of 5) die. The other shots target the wraithlord and obliterate him.

Assault and the tactical marines (aided by the iron hands master of the forge) charge into the invisible dire avengers, a single marine is killed with over watch but in the combat the marines fail to hit their foe while the marines prove too tough for the dire avengers to do anything. The necron lord scythes though his foes killing all of the salamanders tactical marines while the wraiths do nothing.

Xenos turn 4

The doom scythe finally joins the party and moves behind the hovering storm eagle. All of the mobile wave serpents move closer to the revenant and the one holding fire dragons drops them off next to it. With a tempting target the rip tide moves towards the storm eagle and the fire warriors surround the phoenix bomber, ready for some revenge. On the right the wraithguard claim the objective while the wraith blades get into charge range of some scouts.  The crimson hunter and night scythe chase down the other storm eagle while the night scythe drops off its warrior squad next to the ultra marines on our objective. With not much else to do the guardians get out of the immobilised wave serpent ready to help claim an objective.

Hoping to hold the objective a little longer the spiritseer makes the dire avengers invisible again rolling 8 dice and still no perils.

The doom scythe does nothing to the storm eagle, and the riptide does nothing as well. Shooting from the night scythe hits the engines of the salamanders storm eagle and it crashes to the floor, and only 4 tactical marines emerge from the wreckage. With little else to shoot at the crimson hunter kills 1 of the survivors. Firing all of their shots at the bomber, 3 units of fire warriors is apparently the number of shots you need to wreck an eldar flier. The important stuff now, and the wave serpents all target the revenant again, and strip off a few more hull points, but it’s not enough. The fire dragons run into melta range then shoot the titan, managing to get 2 explodes results on it finishing it off, the explosion kills most of the dragons but their sacrifice was worth it.

Assault and the riptide charges into the storm eagle, and with its single smash attack it manages to explode the flier! Damn lucky Tau. The necron wraiths are just an embarrassment at this point. The wraithblades charge the scouts and kill them with ease.

Imperium turn 5

Moving out of the wreckage of the storm eagle, the salamanders charge towards the guardians and an objective.

Not much is left to shoot, but I think a hyperios manages to shake a wave serpent.

In combat the salamanders fighting the dire avengers manages to kill 2 while the eldar do nothing and run for it, but manage to escape without running off the table. The tacticals next to the guardians charge in and brave the over watch. The warlock issues a challenge to which the sergeant accepts. Striking first, the warlock’s witch blade bounces off the power armour of the marine but his power fist is just as ineffective. The guardians lose 3 of their number but hold with insane heroism. The wraiths are just taking the piss at this point.

Xenos turn 5

The dire avengers rally and we spread out to claim as many objectives as possible. The necron lord and friends move to help my guardians.  On the right the wraithguard hold an objective. The warriors still at the back finally use their veil of darkness to aid my warp spiders on the far right and take that objective.

Wave serpents shoot down the last of the eldar fliers. All of the necron warriors and dire avengers shoot at the marines on the objective and kill 1 guy... great shooting.

Assault and the necron lord kills off the salamanders after the warlock wins the challenge cutting the marines head off. The fire dragons and tau commander join the wraiths to try and kill the tactical marines which have been causing them so many problems and all fail to do anything... it’s like they are jinxed or something.

At this point we run out of time and we call the game.

Xenos: 14 (4 objectives, slay the warlord, line breaker) – Imperium: 4 (1 objective, line breaker)

Xenos Victory!


Originally I though this game was just going to be like an apocalypse game, which I do enjoy some times, but I was worried as it can just lead to one side just scooping up hand full’s of models and make it very one sided . But as it turns out this was nothing like an apocalypse game, it was much better. Having the structure and limits meant that it didn’t get out of hand, and even with 6 lord of war on the table as the game progressed it turned out to be more about the infantry than anything else. I thought this was a really great way to handle a big game and will be doing it again instead of regular apocalypse games. As it went the focus shifted from the super heavies to the tanks and then at the very end the infantry. It just played out more like I see battles in my head where it really comes down to infantry.  

I could say we won this game because of our great tactical skill (haha yer right), lucky army selection or just plain luck. What it was really down to was because our opponents were great sports who saw our list and instead of taking two laser blasters on the Reaver look a melta cannon instead on one arm to make it more of a game. That was amazing of them and they came to use with the offer, as if they didn’t chances are they could have just obliterated both of our super heavies turn 1 and then won from that point on. They were great sports and we would love to play them again. And if one of you guys are reading this, email me (on the right à) and we should organise a second game at some point.

Well that was the last game of the Event and now I don’t have to write about it again, I don’t know about you guys but it feels like I have been talking about this for ever at this point. Over all after all is said and done we came 4th out of 13 with something like 496 points and the guys who came 3rd had 501 points, so it was very close and not bad for our first event. It was very enjoyable and we are thinking of going again in a year. An issue we had was every other team had a nice theme for their forces and we were just a mixed bag of Xenos, so next time we will try for something a little more themed, such as a Chaos Crusade (world eaters, plague marines, emperors children and traitor guard) or something similar.

Before I go here are a few more pictures of other peoples stuff in the 3rd game.

7 void shields and 2 warhounds

Phanton and revenant titans

Tripple Reavers
Hope you enjoyed this series of battle reports, and next week I will be back to normal.

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