Friday 27 March 2015

Eldar vs Elysians 2000: Killer Speed

Its been a while so I decided to bring the Eldar out from hiding and use them again. While I have my “tournament” force painted up, I though it would be nice to use something a little different, and bring out a few units I haven't used in a while. My friend Ben was happy enough to play me with his Elysian D99 force, in a 2000 point game of purge the alien.

The Armies

Eldar Combined arms Detachment (primary detachment)

Farseer – 100 (warlord: -1 on enemy reserve rolls)
Guide, executioner, death mission, eldrich storm

10 Guardians – 110
scatter laser

10 Guardians – 110
scatter laser

10 Dire avengers – 130
Wave serpent – 135
scatter laser, holo field

5 Wraithguard – 160
Wave serpent – 135
scatter laser, holo field

5 Wraithguard – 160

10 Striking scorpions – 210
Exarch, scorpion claw

Crimson hunter – 180

5 Shining spears – 160
exarch, hit and run, star lance

3 War walkers – 210
scatter lasers

5 Dark reapers – 200
starshot, exarch

Total: 2000

This list has some rather common aspects that I am sure you will find in a lot of eldar lists, namely the wave serpents. I have 2 to get my troops into position, as well as to put out a lot of fire power. I always take units of guardians as I just think they are great for the points, and with a scatter laser they can still add a bit of fire power from the back. The wraithguard are just a solid choice which can destroy most units and are resilient enough to survive walking, or getting out of a transport alone for a turn. The oddities in my list are the shining spears and scorpions. I love these two units, but I rarely see them in peoples armies in battle reports. I can understand why, dedicated combat units, especially ones with rather specific roles such as anti-horde, which is covered by wave serpents or anti-meq on the turn they charge leaving them vulnerable on the second turn. But I still love them.

D-99 Combined Arms Detachment (primary detachment)

Command Squad – 200 (warlord: Elysian trait)
Captain, Refractor Field, power fist, 2x Snipers, Scanner, Medic

Veteran Squad – 99
8 Elysians, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun

Veteran Squad – 99
8 Elysians, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun

Veteran Squad – 99
8 Elysians, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun

Executioner Squad – 130
7 Elysians, 6x Meltaguns
Valkyrie – 155
Rocket Pods, Heavy Bolters

Drop Sentinel Squadron – 170
2 sentinels, 2 x Multi-meltas
Valkyrie Sky Talon – 85
Rocket Pods

Drop Sentinel – 85pts

Tauros Venerator – 110
Lascannon, 2x Hunter Killer

Vulture Gunship - 175
Punisher Cannons, Flares, Infra-red targeting.

D99 Sentry gun battery - 135
3 x Lascannons

Tempestus Scions Allied Detachment (99th Elysia "Helljumpers")

Tempestus Command Squad – 130
Vox-Caster, Medi-Pack, Volley Gun, Plasma Pistol
Taurox Prime – 85
Twin linked Autocannon, Storm bolter

Tempestus Scions - 145
10 Scions, Vox-Caster, 2x Volley Guns
Taurox Prime - 95
Gatling Cannon, Storm Bolter

The D-99 veterans get to change their tyranid hunter special rule with their warlord trait, meaning that all of his units gain preferred enemy (eldar) but as a down side they roll 2 dice to run and use the lowest, not exactly an massive issue for him.

The Mission

We rolled for deployment type, and ended up with vanguard strike, and the mission was purge the alien. The Elysians won the roll to pick deployment zone but I won the roll to deploy first. As I'm not 100% sure what he will do, I place both of the wave serpents in the middle, hidden from most fire if he steals the initiative. On the far left I place the dark reapers behind the barricades. On the right I place the war walkers at the back hopefully out of range of most guns. At the very back I place the spears, and a unit of guardians in my wood. Finally I join the farseer with a unit of wraithguard, and place them between the wave serpents. As he has his scatter in long range mode, I need to see if I am allowed to infiltrate the scorpions, he fails the roll and I can. I keep the other unit of guardians and crimson hunter in reserve.

To counter this he places both of the Taurox transports on the left behind the woods, with a veteran unit next to them. In the middle the command unit deploys in a large ruin with the snipers at the top. The other two veteran units deploy behind another ruin, and in the woods towards the middle right. All of his other units start in reserve. I then infiltrate the scorpions behind a ruin as its the only place they can really go.

Night fight: Turn 1
Steal the initiative: No

The Battle

Eldar turn 1

With first turn my force moves up to target the veterans closest to the right. As they should be fine for a turn of fire, the scorpions move straight towards the command squad. I attempt to move the dark reapers over the barricade but they stumble forwards a whole inch.

I only really have guide in range, and not wanting to perils, I throw 4 dice at it, and only get a single success... which he stops.

Using battle focus the scorpions run forwards then shoot at the veterans behind the ruins, but only 1 dies thanks to the cover save. The back wave serpent shoots at the veterans in the woods, the scatter laser does nothing but the serpent shields kill off 3 including the heavy bolter team. They can only see two models, but the war walkers shoot at the veterans behind the ruins and kill all 2 including a plasma gun. Using the swarm star missiles, the dark reapers shoot at the company command but only kill 1. To finish the turn both the spears and remaining wave serpent boost into better positions. Both veteran units fail their moral test, and one of them runs off the table.

Elysian turn 1

The drop troop rule allows him to bring in 2 units in from reserve, he brings in the sentry guns which deep strike behind the wave serpents, scattering a little but it doesn't do much. The other unit he brings in is the Valkyrie which deep strikes next to the wraithguard, and locks on. He says its in hover mode and the executioners jump out straight towards the guard. The running veterans turn around and get back in the fight. Both of the Taurox transports plough though the trees and pass their difficult terrain tests. Using the clearing made by the tanks, the veterans next to them follows them into the woods. And the Tauros moves to see the dark reapers.

As they can only shoot at vehicles, the sentry guns target the dire avengers wave serpent, the tank declares to jink, and thank god as he hits and penetrates 3 times! All are saved thanks to jink, holo field and night fight (2+ save). The executioners shoot at the wraithguard, 5 hit, and thanks to preferred enemy, 5 wound. 4 wraithguard die and I fail a look out sir, as well as the farseers armour save, so he gets instantly killed. The newly rallied veterans target the scorpions, and manage to kill a single aspect warrior. Following the veterans lead, the command squad fires at the scorpions as well, killing 1 more. To finish the infantry's shooting, the other vets also target the scorpions, but fail to do anything. Both Taurox target the dark reapers and devastate the unit despite their 3+ save, killing 4, and the final one is killed off by the Tauros. The Valkyrie targets the wave serpent and glances it once.

Eldar turn 2

In from reserve come the guardians, who come in between the executioners and the sentry guns. The single wraithgaurd moves up to get in range of the valkyrie, and the others get out of their transport and follow suit. Turning on the spot the wave serpent targets the flier as well. Both the striking scorpions and shining spears go after the veteran units. In the back field, the guardians move out of the woods and get ready to attack the sentry guns.

Both units of wraithguard shoot at the valkyrie which jinks, and I only manage 2 penetrating hits which shake it and blow off the multi-laser. The wave serpent has to add its shots to wreck it with its scatter laser. Running first, then shooting, the newly arrived guardians shoot at the executioners, they go to ground but I kill all of the elysians in a single volley. The other guardians shoot at the sentry guns, but fail to do any damage, but the war walkers fair better managing to kill off a single un with their scatter laser shots. Firing their shuriken catapults, the shining spears manage to kill a veteran and the heavy bolter team.

Assault and the guardians charge into the sentry guns but only manage to deal a single wound. The shining spears charges the veterans in front of them and just run them over before they can even strike. Its a long shot but I try to charge the scorpions into the command squad, but I fail.

Elysians turn 2

In from reserve, the Talon deep strikes in and drops off the sentinels next to the war walkers. The tauroxs move though the woods as well dropping off the scions and scion command.

The scion command issues the scions to target the wraithguard and gain sniper, the 4+ to wound really helps them as they just cut down the wraithguard who rely on their 3+ save and T 6 which is ignored. The sentry guns target the wraithguard wave serpent, which jinks, and saved the single penetrating hit. The two drop sentinels target the war walkers and get a single penetrating hit, which is saved by the force field. Attempting to drop the lone wraithguard the scion command shoots at it, but fails to kill it. However a plasma shot from the vets in the woods does the job. The tauros shoots at the dire avengers wave serpent, with its lascannon and hunter killer missiles. I decide not to jink, but all the shots hit, and penetrate, I reduce all the shots down to glances but the vehicle is still wrecked. Jumping out of the wrecked vehicle, the dire avengers then get hit by the Taurox and 3 die. The command squad attempts to kill off a scorpion but stealth stops a rending sniper shot. Firing its rocket pod at the dire avengers, they go to ground, and they all die but 1.

Assault continues and the guardians do nothing to the sentry guns.

Eldar turn 3

In from reserve the crimson hunter comes in and goes after the sky talon. With the threats behind them the war walkers turn around and prepare to fire. With the threat dealt with, the guardians in the middle move into the wave serpent, and it moves up to see the scions. The other guardians leave the sentry guns so they can shoot, and re-charge. Not letting their pray escape this time, the scorpions get closer to the command squad. With their last foes defeated, the shining spears move towards the tauroxs hoping to destroy some tanks.

Like a bird of pray, the crimson hunter attacks the sky talon. The talon jinks and stops most of the damage but the thing still gets immobilised. Scatter laser fire from the war walkers wrecks both of the sentinels with ease at point blank range. Firing both the scatter laser and its shield, the wave serpent tries to knock out the scions, but their armour proves true, and only 2 die. Shuriken fire from the guardians kills off the damaged gun, leaving 1 left.

Assault phase and the guardians re-charge the sentry gun, but they do no damage. Striking from below, the scorpions charge into the command squad, and kill off the whole unit. In a slightly daring charge, the shining spears manage to charge into the closest Taurox, wrecking it with their lances.

Elysians turn 3

Hunter becomes the hunted as the vulture comes in from reserve straight for the crimson hunter. Every one else holds their ground.

The scions commander give the scions preferred enemy and they shoot at the shining spears, who jink. Their shots manage to bring down a single biker. The veterans add their fire power to the unit and bring down another 2 of the bikers. Scion command shoot at them as well, but do 0 damage. The remaining taurox kills 1 more, and the taruros does nothing. Lascannon from the sentry guns targets the wave serpent, but it jinks out the way. Vulture fire wrecks the crimson hunter, the 20 shots really do a number to it.

Eldar turn 4

As the wave serpent can only snap fire this turn, It turns to face the vulture, so it makes no real different. War walkers face the talon, now that the sentinels are destroyed. As only the shining spear exarch is left, it jumps over the forest, and gets behind the other Taurox while the scorpions move towards the scions. The lone dire avenger runs for cover, hoping to avoid the attention of the guard.

Unloading everything it can, the wave serpent gets a single glance on on the vulture, a snap shot from the spear exarch hits the rear of the Taurox and immobilises it. All of the shots from the war walkers guns fail to do any damage to the talon, they just can't affect the armour. Again the guardians shoot at the sentry gun, and a single wound gets through.

Assault phase and the guardians charge into the sentry gun and I finally remove the last model, its only taken 4 turns! After gun fire failed, the war walkers charge into the talon, and manage to wreck it in combat. Shining spear exarch smashes into rear of the Taurox and wrecks it with ease. Scorpions charge into the scions and the overwatch kills off a single aspect warrior. But the scorpions manage to kill 3 of the storm troopers and the eldar take no casualties. The scions hold.

Elysians turn 4

Finally the lone drop sentinel arrives from reserve behind the remaining wave serpent. Repositioning on the board, the vulture moves to shoot at the war walkers.

Multi-melta shot from the sentry gun targets the wave serpent, it jinks out the way. The lascannon shot from the Taruros shakes the wave serpent, it just couldn't jink that shot. From their position in the left woods, the veterans target the lone dire avenger and kill him. 20 shots from the vulture targets the war walkers wrecking 1, and immobilising another.

Trying to take out the exarch before he can wreck anything else, the scion command charges into shining spear exarch. Only 1 scion gets killed before they pummel the exarch to death. Scorpions kill off the rest of the scions and consolidate towards the remaining veterans.

Eldar turn 5

Again the wave serpent chases after the vulture while the guardians move towards the lone drop sentinel. Moving into the forest, the scorpions get ready to pounce on the veterans.

Scatter laser fire from the guardians wrecks the drop sentinel. War walkers both fire at the vulture but fail to hit their mark, the wave serpent does the same but again does nothing.

Assault and the scorpions charge into the veterans and just straight up murder them, mandiblasters and chain swords just kill them with ease.

Elysians turn 5

The vulture circles around once again towards the war walkers and the tauros follows the wave serpent.

This time the lascannon misses its mark on the wave serpent, and the vulture wrecks the war walkers straight away. Hotshot fire from the scion command kills off a single scorpion.

The scorpion take the woods

We roll to see if the game carries on...

Eldar: 14 (12 units killed, first blood, slay the warlord) – Elysians: 10 (9 units killed, slay the warlord).

Victory to the Eldar


It was good to get the Eldar out again, I have missed the play style, the speed and fire power really are what I love. Mixing it up with the scorpions and shining spears was nice, and rather mobile. If they would work against different armies... we will find out. I might actually restart my evolving list stuff again with this list as a basis, but i will need to reduce it down to 1500 points. So if I am to use this list again, what did I learn?

  • Wraithguard: They may be toughness 6 with a 3+ save but a bit of cover never hurt anyone, having them out in the open was not a good idea, and it cost me my farseer turn 1! if I had his around longer he might have actually made killing the sentry guns and fliers happen a lot quicker.
  • Dark reaper: keep them further back, don't just have them at the front and let them die. They have a large range and can walk and fire. That was a stupid move.
  • Wave serpents: I split them up in this game and neither did much, maybe I should keep them together to maximise damage.

Anyway I need to play with my Eldar more, I have missed their purpleness. Hope you enjoyed the battle report.

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  1. Great game and glad to see two interesting armies in the field. D-99 tempts me a bunch and I'm considering modeling some IG that direction (after 18,352 other projects.) Nice to see them kicking butt however I think you out played him. He was too piecemeal in his reserves and couldn't overwhelm you like he needed to. Great game and glad to see you back.