Tuesday 24 March 2015

Malifaux Painting update: Punk Zombies

Not having played malifaux for long I have started on my resurrectionist crew. With games using so few models compared to warhammer It really got me wanting to get my crew painted. So this is where I have started, the punk zombies.

 Back in October when I first bought the crew box, I painted up one of the punk zombies straight away without any though on how I wanted the  model to look. Now that I have come back and focusing on the models a bit more I decided that I wanted a different look for the undead aspect of the crew.

Old paint scheme

New paint scheme

In the original model you can see I have done for a kind of rotten flesh feel, which while I like the idea, it doesn’t come across very well and just looks odd when you look at it. Now I have gone for a rather more stylised way of showing that the model is dead. Using the pale green is in no way realistic, but I feel it gives off a better impression, and you instantly pick up it’s a zombie instead of some pinky/green mess.

In order to get the green to a stage I like, I based the skin with goblin green, and then went over with camo green leaving the goblin in the recessed. Then over a couple (4 or 5) different layers I mixed camo with rotting flesh., progressively adding in more flesh until I could just high light with rotten flesh and it not look out of place.

Another reason why I wanted to paint these models is that they are so different from 40k. In 40k you get a lot of rather similar models but with this they all are rather individual, and its a nice change for me.

Next up to paint for Malifaux Is a flesh construct and Toshiro. Here is a sneak peak at the work in progress.  

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  1. What a massive improvement between the old paint and new job! Well done!