Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Painting: Black Orcs

Carrying on with my orcs for AoS I have completed the first 5 of my black orcs. I have 10 of them over all so just 5 more to go. I have always liked black orcs as the models are great and the back ground on them is quite cool as well. But unfortunately when i bought them you could only get metal models so i never got more than 10 so they never got painted or used, until now.

Painting them was straight forward, if not a little time consuming. I have kept the traditional dark skin of the black orcs, but instead of their armour being black, I decided to just make it a dark metal, washed over a few times.

I wouldn't say these models are anything other than table top standard, but its always good to just get a few more models painted. And looking at the skin i think the next black orcs i paint need a little more contrast as they just look like they are a single tone. Not to happy with it but it means i can learn from it.

Next I will be painting some malifaux to try and finish off a crew for gaming. I am rather enjoying malifaux at this moment so might as well ride that train while I can.

Thinking over all the stuff I have unpainted, I am coming up with a list of things that need painting. At the moment I would say I want to sort out:
  • Malifaux crew
  • Renegade Ogryns
  • Renegade Medusa
  • Renegade Devil Dog
  • Forgeworld Avatar

So that's my plan for painting in the future for now, i'm sure it will change very soon, but I like to pretend I have a plan.

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  1. You can always go back over the skin with a very light coat of a lighter color if you find they are a bit too dark. I love black orcs. They look awesome!