Friday 30 October 2015

Mixed feelings on selling models...

This week I have started doing things that I never though that I would do, I'm selling off the models that I just don't use any more. I have always though that I would just store away what things I'm not using currently and then get them out at a later date when they get updated or the mood takes me. But unfortunately life gets in the way and sometimes you just have to do things that you don't want to.

Recently I moved out of my parents house and into one with my girlfriend, so this has left me with a lot less expendable income, as most of my money goes on bills and rent, food is a rather exotic extra every now and then. Plus with moving my storage space has been reduced significantly, I have already stored a fair bit of stuff at my parents house so I can't leave it all there. One more thing... Christmas is coming soon and I could do with a little extra cash.

With all of these building up it has left me with no other choice, so my 40K Ork army has been sold. I have some rather mixed feelings about this for several reasons. Now about 15 years ago, my dad came home with a little black case for me, I opened it up and looked inside and found a handful of space orks. They were the 2nd edition models as 3rd edition had just recently been released. Regardless I though they were amazing models, from what I remember I had about 20 boyz, 20 gretchin, 2 bikes, 2 boar boyz, pulsa rokit and a meganob. This was a brilliant starter army for me as I could have a small game with a HQ (Meganob as warboss), two troops (boyz and gretchin), fast attack (4 bikes using the boars as proxies) and heavy support choice (rokkit as a lobba) with a little imagination. They were my first real 40k force and they slowly grew once the 3rd edition codex came out. I really did love playing around with them but soon my attention wavered as I found Tyranids, Space wolves, Dark Eldar and Eldar. I wasn't very good at keeping my attention on one force. Still they were my first army so I'm a little sad to see them go.

Had the Orks for about 15 years, still unpainted
I can't remember the last time I even looked at my orks, and looking back over the blog I can see my LAST GAME was over a year ago! I just haven't used them or even though about them so I can't really complain about seeing them go. On the up side though I happen to know that the guy at my club who bought them off me is going to give my whole force to his son as a birthday present, which really makes me happy. This force started as a gift to me and got me into 40k, and all of the happiness that it has brought me over the years, so I a glad that the same force will do just the same for another young lad. I hope he enjoys them as much as I did.

Also in my rather large pile of shame I had a lot of unbuilt models from old birthday and Christmas presents which I just never got round to. These will likely be next to be sold, however I do have a small fantasy dwarf army that I never really enjoyed playing with which I will be selling. The little buggers were the first force to be painted in purple and cream before the Eldar took on that colour pallet, I'm not very original it seems.

With the unbuilt models its still a little difficult to picture parting with them, as they are full of potential and COULD be brilliant if I spent hours converting and painting them for something. But at the moment I just don't have the time.

But its stupid that I find it hard to part with something I have no real emotional connection to right? Is that a sign I'm starting to become a horder? It's rather concerning actually. But if any one is after a very small dwarf army perfect for age of sigmar, leave a comment and I'm sure you could give them a great home.   


  1. It's nice that the orks are going to a good home. In the future though, if you are doing something like that, I'd highly recommend just taking one of the models that you really liked, and saving it. That way you keep a piece of that connection.

  2. I also am selling my orcs but fantasy. I just never use them huge army too just wasn't my thing :( selling them to a good home and using the money to start an Eldar force haha I was hesitant at first as well.

  3. Sad but at least you have the rewarding knowledge that a new gamer will have the chance to enjoy them and get into the hobby.
    As for unbuilt models since your short on cash at the moment sort through and see what aligns with current projects. At least you can use these to do things while you can't afford new stuff.

    Good luck and all the best.

  4. It isn't so sad. I've sold my armies a few times and each time it felt like I was really parting with something important. I had assembled them, painted them (sometimes), and spent time playing with them. I'd imagine their fictional exploits and personalities. Like any object that a person has spent significant time and effort on, I had begun to personify them, if only a little. This makes it difficult to get rid of them because they're almost a pet at that point. At the same time, your lose is another gamer's gain, so take heart in that at least. Plus, a girlfriend is totally worth it!