Friday 6 November 2015

Necromunda Gang: Attempt 1

With games of Necromunda coming up soon I though I should probably work on getting a gang together. Going through everything I finally decided that I would just use my chaos renegades as the models, as well, they are painted and I have a large enough variety of them to make a varied and characterful gang. And as they are all rather chaos looking, I decided the only way they could survive in any imperial hive is though stealth and under handedness, so I will be using the Delaque rules.

Now I have never played Necromunda before as I stated in my last specialist games post, so I have just gone with what I have and what I think looks cool for the gang. I did have a few limitations as I don't have many models with just pistols, so I am rather limited on the number of juves I can have, but at the start I don't think that's much of an issue (is it? I hope not). Currently I haven't named any of the guys yet, I want to wait until we actually start the campaign, plus it means if you all shout at me saying something is useless it means I have time to change it. So here it is:

House: Delaque

Leader – 200
Plasma pistol, chainsword, frag grenades

Heavy - 145
Plasma gun, knife, autopistol

Heavy - 195
heavy stubber, knife, autopistol

Ganger - 85
shotgun (solid + Scatter), autopistol, knife

Ganger – 90
Chainsword, autoistol

Ganger – 85
lasgun, maul

Ganger – 95
autogun, laspistol, knife

Juve – 40
laspistol, knife

Juve - 40
laspistol, knife

Total: 975

My Leader and a Heavy
This leaves me with 25 credits left for the future, so not much at all, so I better win some games then. Some of the models might have odd combinations, such as a shot gun with autopistol, but its the only shot gun model I have and I really wanted to use it.

I don't currently have a model with heavy stubber but I have the bits to convert one up, so that will be in the pipe line soon. Just 1 model should get knocked together quickly, but if he gets killed game 1 I am going to be sooo pissed. But anyway, the other heavy has a plasma gun, its a little risky but I thought being able to move and fire with a high strength weapon with a better range than a melta gun could only help.
The motley assortment of Gangers
Having 2 models with chainswords may be odd for a gang which is meant to specialise in shooting, but if some one gets into my face I figured that I would need some one (or two in this case) to beet them back. Maybe this is a mistake but the models looks cool, and there is only 1 guy I could really use as the leader, so im a little stuck there.
The two laspistol Juves
Depending on mission of course, I am thinking of braking the gang down into 3 different groups. The heavy stubber, ganger with autogun, and a juve will stay at the back. Mid field will be held by the plasma heavy, chain ganger and lasgun ganger. Then I can have my leader, shotgun and juve move forwards. This will all depend on the mission, but I think it will give every one a chance to get out of pinning with a ganger nearby as well as preventing people getting stranded on their own.

Anyway I think that will do for now, if you can see any problems let me know, I'm still not 100% which gangs I will be facing, so that will be a fun surprise.


  1. Looks good to me. Be aware of flamers as they are brutal, the heavy stubber is a solid choice and the plasma should scare the crap out of your opponent. Getting a couple of guys good at cc is always useful, since you get 5xp per wound caused and given how cc works you can really rack up the levels to give two very solid gangers.

  2. Awesome, so you think it will do well then? Have you played necromunda much?