Tuesday 15 December 2015

Necromunda Survival: The first Survivers

Before I write up the battle report for the First game of the Survival Campaign, I though I would share with you the starting survivors and I would be interested in finding out what you though of them. 4 different gangs have made it so far, and must work together in order to continue surviving.

Last time I mentioned the number of survivors, I mentioned there would be 3 groups, however a new member has joined the club and wished to take part. The difference between the having 3 groups or 4 groups is probably minimal and I have only written one scenario at this point so I can change it in future scenarios if this was too easy/hard for them. Currently the gangs we have are Orlock, Cawdor (kinda), Van saar (kinda) and Ratskin. I originally just wanted original houses but ratskins isn't much of an issue. However the Cawdor player really wanted to use his Games day enforcer and Cyber mastiff, so I let him use him until he dies. The van saar gang is going to use mechanicum models to represent them and for the theme I let him buy a few rare items to begin with, it should probably be ok... hopefully. When creating the gangs they had a few rules to follow, they didn't have to have a leader, no more than half of the models can be Juves and that was it. I forgot to mention any minimum number (as I encouraged smaller elite gangs). Anyway, here are the gangs:

Orlocks: The Burning Chains

Pyro Joe (Heavy) -110
Flamer, stub guns, knife

Crazy Dave (ganger) – 75
Shotgun, hotshot ammo, knife

Steve (ganger) – 80
Autogun, maul

Stabby Micky (Juve) – 50
autopistol, sword

Van Saar: Forces of the Mechanicum

Hephestion Drax (Leader) – 315
Power axe, bolt pistol with red dot sight, bionic eye, respirator, flack armour, knife

Cawdor/ Enforcer: Whats left

Morten Von Schill (Enforcer Handler)
Power maul, laspistol, carapace armour

Cyber Dogmeat (Cyber Mastiff)
carapace armour

Lucky Leon (Ganger)
autogun, knife

Ratskins: Ginger bread Kens (I don't know why)

Wanky Wolf (Shaman) – 175
Shotgun, sword, Blindsnake pouch, Spirit walk

Sitting duck (Ratskin) – 70
Massive axe

Rattrap (Ratskin Brave) – 35
Knife, maul

SmackRat (Ratskin Brave) – 35
Knife, Maul

All together that's 12 survivors, some of which are a lot more geared out than others. It feel like a very good mix, and only 1 leader which is very useful. The Cyber mastiff looks like it will be a major problem, but we will see.

The first game will hopefully be a good test of the power balance, and so I can see what will happen in the future. What do you guys think of the survivors so far?  And here is a little preview of friday.

The dead walk the underhive.


  1. 315 points lol. It's hard to tell until the game is played. Cant wait to hear.

  2. Ive run Mordheim campaigns before. Let people bring and use what they want. It makes it more fun for them. I used to be too restrictive. It frustrates people. Heck, give the Ad Mech guy special rules (more powerful, but he needs batteries as well as food?). Stay open to suggestions from players. Let them have fun - its your job to provide the balance.

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