Friday 11 December 2015

Necromunda Survival: Exploration part 2

I have spent some time since the last necromunda post thinking about what I should do for the 6 of a kind results when exploring. I have talked to the players as well as taking on board what you guys have suggested and I think the results are characterful, relatively powerful while not game braking and fun (hopefully). So I would like you guys, the whole 4 of you who read this, and let me know what you think and how I can balance them.


(1,1,1,1,1,1) Well

Fresh water, something very important these days. Keep a note you have found the well. After each game you gain 3D6 credits, if you roll over 15, the well dries up.

(2,2,2,2,2,2) Some Added muscle

On your way back to camp, you hear a fire fight, a small ban of cultist is fighting something. You go to their aid, but by the time you get there all you find nothing but a bloody mess and a single Ogryn standing in the middle of it.

Take a Leadership test, if you pass you gain a Ogryn bodyguard to your group and 2D6 worth of credits from the corpses. If you fail he wonders off and you gain 4D6 credits.

(3,3,3,3,3,3) Nest

Looking up high you find what looks like a snipers nest. Select a survivor and make an initiative test as they attempt to climb to the nest, if you fail make an injury roll for the survivor, and some one else can try.

If you pass you find:
A corpse (eat it, have some fun with it, do what ever)
One in a million needle rifle
Bolt pistol
Carapace armour
Frag grenade

(4,4,4,4,4,4) Slave pit

Sounds of ringing come out of the tunnels, you can check it out or leave it. If you leave it gain 3D6 credits. If you explore the sound you come across a chaos slave pit, hivers beaten and forced into slave labour. Your next game is Attack the Slave pit. You can not rest between games, any one injured in this game can not take part.

(5,5,5,5,5,5) Bag of Maps

It looks like some one has been trying to map out the underhive but have left their maps. The maps appear to map out the local area quite accurately, but there are a few little inaccuracies. You can only hope the rest of the maps are as good.

If you wish to use one, roll a D6 before each game.
1 – Maps a Fake: The game starts at the 3rd level of noise, as you stumble right into an enemy held zone.
2 – Not very accurate: Its not worth following, nothing happens
3 – good: It maps out the terrain well, you can set up D3 models any where on the board more than 10 inches from an enemy model.
4 – Great: You can move around and wait, remove up to 2D3 enemy models at the start of the game.
5+ - Perfect: It doesn't help in the mission but you can re-roll 2 dice in the exploration phase.
(6,6,6,6,6,6) Mechanicum Foundry

Deep in the bowls of the underhive you find a tunnel, above it an old half worn away Cog Mechanicum. Following the tunnel it goes deeper down, until it eventually opens up into a vast cavern, and in it, a foundry. What the mechanicum where doing down here, you don't know, not even stories exist of them being there. But you know enough about the mechanicum they have the tech, loot the place!

Roll a D6 for each on the following:
3+ D3 One in a million bolters
4+ Plasma gun
5+ Heavy Plasma gun
6+ Lascannon
4+ Power sword
4+ Power axe
5+ Power axe
4+ Power maul
5+ Power fist
6+ Bionic eyes
6+ Bionic arm
6+ Bionic leg

Also Roll 2D6, on an 11+ you find (or rather stumble upon) something that you really shouldn't have. Automated systems come online. You have to run for it, roll a D6 for each survivor, on a 1 take an injury roll.

Aim for the Head

A rule that was suggested to me by Kraggi was that depending on your ballistic skill the better you will be at hitting them in the head. However it takes time to realise that its better to shoot a zombie in the head. So I will add the rule 'HeadShot' after a survivor has survived 3 games.

Get +1 to injury chart vs plague zombies, gain an additional +1 if you have Bs5 or more.

That will do for now, just a little update for you all, I am hosting a game soon so I will have a report for you all soon enough.


  1. I like it, also always happy when I make a blog entry by name on someone elses post.

    Will be keeping these book marked for when they finally re-release Necromunda (assuming I dont have to sell my first child for it).

    Also they are serving as some very good inspiration for any future Deadzone campaigns I might run :-)

    The one thing I would suggest for your six unique results is to do with the Credits, some of the results are mainly about credits, and later in the campaign is there a risk that Credits wont be something people are bothered about? I.e they already have loads in the bank so an extra 3d6 per game just wont impress them that much.

    It might be an idea to do something where these results all give an item of equipment OR credits so that they can choose which they prefer depending on where they are in the campaign itself and what matters more to them?

    I do like the Aim for the head rule and intend to utlise it in a Zombine campaign for Deadzone, when the Redux rules are released Jan / Feb next year!

    Overall though I like it, keep up the good work!

    1. I see what you mean with the credits, later on it might become irrelevant. I will keep it as it is for now but uf credits become something of a moot point I will change it.

      However I am hoping that as the game carries on people will die or become a zombie so they will need credits to buy new survivors. I doubt I will let any one die in the first game to built up the characters and get the game going. But from the second mission on people shoukd start to die.

    2. Makes sense, I look forward to the battle reports :-)