Friday 4 December 2015

Doom Diver and rock lobba

This week i have been painting more of my orcs and goblins to take to the January Age of Sigmar Throne of skulls event. I'm still not 100% sold on age of sigmar so i feel this will either cement my liking of it, or put me off. either way I want to be sure. So here are my newly painted Rock lobba and doom diver, i say new, they have been built for about 10 years.

First the Doom diver and their crew.

I rather like the two crew on the one larger base over the cav base

Then the Rock lobba.

Lobba and crew

Close up on the crew
I have 5 trolls, 20 boys, 2 shamans, a bully, repaint my giant and warboss on wyvern. Its a lot to get painted by January but im going to give it a good go. 


  1. Even though I was hoping for some Renegade action, I gotta say those look really nice, good job!

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