Friday 22 January 2016

Rotwater Blight Game 2: Orcs vs Stormcast and Empire & Game 3

The second game of the Throne of skulls event and its the Ritual vs Stormcast Eternals with Empire support. My orcs must defend the ritual while the stormcast try to prevent it. Also its a bit of a double report in a way as i have also tagged on game 3 to the bottom of the report as well. 

The Mission

The Ritual, one force must defend an artefact in their deployment zone while their opponent must destroy it and stop the ritual. At the start of each ritualist turn roll a D6 (and add in some modifiers) and add them up each turn, when they hit 20 the ritualist wins. The other side can only destroy the artefact with their general, or when he dies their second in command. This way the defender has two ways to win, and the attacker only has one.

We roll to see who get to choose their objective, and I win and select to be the Ritualist, as it has the most ways to win.

The Armies

The Ritualist: Orcs

Grimgor Ironhide (general)
17 black orcs – full command
Orc Bigboss – Waaaagh banner
Savage Orc shaman
Orc Warboss on Wyvern
Orc great shaman
Orc great shaman
20 Orc boys – full command
Doom diver
Rock lobber
Orc Bully

The Disputers: Stormcast Eternals

Thunderstrike Brotherhood
  • Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
  • Lord Relictor
  • 3 Retributors
  • 3 Prosecutors
  • 5 Liberators
  • 5 Liberators

Lord of the Storm
  • Lord-Celestant
  • Lord Relictor
  • Lord Castellant
  • Knight Heraldor

3 Retributors
5 Judicators
5 Judicators

Master Engineer
Fire wizard
Fire wizard
Steam tank
Steam tank
3 Demi-griffons
3 Demi-griffons


We take it in turns setting up, with him starting. By the end of deployment I have two shamans next to the artefact (realm gate for this game) with the black orcs to the north of it aided by Grimgor, and the boyz to the south flanked by the Warboss on wyvern. In the centre the giant holds the wood. Trolls deploy to the north but further forward to engage the enemy. I place both of the artillery pieces far back next to the gate. The warboss with banner is in the centre.

His deployment has most of the thunderstrike brotherhood off table to begin with. He has his 4 wizards deploy in the centre with the lords of the storm. The rest of his deployment is rather symmetrical, with a cannon, unit of demi-griffons, steam tank and unit of Judicators on each flank. On the southern flank there is a unit of prosecutors from the thunderstrike brotherhood and in the north the unit of retributors.

First turn is the choice of the Disruptor, he hands it over to me.

The Battle

Turn 1 – Orcs

Starting with the ritual I roll a 1... +2 for my shamans so its a disappointing 3 to start off.
With little to do yet Grimgor inspires the trolls so they don't make a run for it. Mystic shield is cast on the trolls, orc boys and wyvern.

The trolls move closer to the Demi-griffons but every one else stays put.

Shooting from the artillery targets a steam tank and deals 3 wounds to it.

Stormcast Turn

All of his wizards summon a Bale wind vortex, doubling their range of spells. Then then proceed to cast magic at the stone trolls, killing 2 of the trolls despite their magic resistance.

Movement and the steam tanks and demi-griffons move towards my lines while most of the rest holds its ground.

Cannon fire targets the trolls but thankfully only deals 2 wounds to a troll. On the other side they target the doom diver and leave it in splinters after their bombardment.

Turn 2 – Stormcast take the priority

Again using their magic from afar, the wizards kill off the injured troll and 1 more leaving 2 left.

Carrying on their movement the demi-griffons circle around the trolls and the other unit gets close to the orc boys.

Continuing the bombardment cannon fire kills 3 black orcs and about 8 boys.

Battle shock and a few more boys run away.

Orc turn

For the ritual I roll a 5, so with my bonuses it goes up to a 6, for a total of 9 on the ritual, almost half way there.
Hero phase and grimgor Inspires the black orcs, I can see them taking another bombardment, and I might not get so lucky again. The shamans shield the black orcs, orc boys and wyvern.

Flying from its position behind the wood the wyvern goes straight for the Demi-griffons and the boys follow suit. Seeing the half chickens run past them, the trolls give chase after a snack. Holding their line Grimgor and the Black orcs ready to defend the artefact.

Rock lobber again targets the steam tank, but misses.

Charges and the trolls charge the Demi-griffons but the boys and the wyvern both fail their charge despite only needing about a 5, disappointing. In combat the trolls deal 2 wounds to the chicken knights and take 2 back.

Turn 3 – Orcs take back priority

Well this was a rather handy bit of luck. Again I get a total of 6 for the ritual, taking me up to 15.
I manage again to shield the boys and black orcs but fail on the wyvern.

Movement has the orcs and wyvern get within 3 inches of the Demi-griffons so they will make the charge! The shaman towards the bottom of the table moves back to help with the ritual.

Shooting and the rock lobber fails to do anything, but the trolls vomit on the demi-griffons causing a single wound.

Combat and the wyvern and boys make the charge, so the wyvern goes first and kills a demi-griffon with ease. They strike the boys back and kill 2 . In the top combat the trolls strike next but don't manage much losing a model for their trouble. Orcs finally strike and take 2 wounds off a demi-grif.

Battle shock and some how the troll stays! Orcs are also fine.

Stormcast turn

Magic from the wizards kills 4 more black orcs.

Movement phase and the heros from the thunderstrike brotherhood come in as close as possible to the artefact. A unit of retributors come in near the trolls as well while the prosecutors set up in the middle of the table. Needing to move up, the wizards banish the vortexs and move closer to my lines to disrupt the ritual.

Shooting from the Dracoth manages to kill 2 black orcs then the cannons shoot at them, reducing them to just the unit champion.

Combat phase and he fails all of his charges. The demi-griffons deal a couple of wounds to the orcs but they some how save them. The trolls manage to kill a demi-grif with out taking harm then the wyvern kills off the other uni.

Turn 4 – Stormcast take back priority... its just a game of double turns at this point.

Once more the wizards summon the vortexes then just magic Grimgor to death.

The Dracoth and friend run towards the artefact and the general gets close enough to smash it next turn. Slowly moving forwards the steam tank gets closer to the orcs. Retributors and prosecutors move up as well.

Shooting has little effect this turn, it just kills of a shaman.

Combat and the steam tank charges into the orc boys, the retirubtors charge into the lone black orc. The troll/chicken fight ends with nothing happening, the retributors murder the lone black orc and the steam tank does very little taking 2 wounds for its trouble.

Orc turn

With his wizards close I'm getting -2 to my rolls and I manage to add 3 to ritual for a total of 18.
Its getting desperate, I need to shift the Dracoth, so both shamans attempt to arcane bolt him but both fail to cast it!

The giant is still fresh so makes a dash straight towards the Dracoth, he needs to kill him this turn. Seeing the dire situation the warboss on wyvern moves back towards the lines trying to help prevent the ritual getting stopped.

Shooting from the rock lobber misses the Dracoth.

Combat and the wyvern makes a long charge onto the prosecutors and the giant blitz his way straight to the Dracoth! I choose the giant first and swinging with his club he gets 11 attacks, its looking good, but only 5 manage to wound and he saves all but 2. Then the rest of the giants attacks miss... damn. He strikes with his prosecutors on the wyvern but does no damage, so which the wyvern kills off 2 of his men. Not much happens between the steam tank and orcs.

Now the most important roll, who gets priority. If I get it I have a 50/50 chance to finish the ritual and possibly kill his general. If he gets it, on a 2+ he wins.

Priority goes to the Stormcast.

Hero phase and he rolls a 2... close but just enough to smash the artefact. Its a major victory to the Stormcast, but a very close game.


That was a very close game, it could have gone either way at the end, just coming down to priority. It was very enjoyable but I can't help but feel that if I had been the attacker I wouldn't have stood a chance getting though those cannons, he could easily of just killed my generals and that would have been that. Still as it stands, a very close game.

One thing that I noticed when looking around the tables while we played was people packing all of their infantry around the artefact to protect it, stopping people from placing their models within the 3 inches to to destroy it. While this is a sound tactic and one that will work,, as they need to kill you to a man, I felt it a little unorcy. Having to slog across the table (well normally) is hard enough and just didn't sit right with me, plus when the boss isn't looking I felt it entirely characterful for the orc boys to go looking for a scrap. Probably not a smart move, but fun none the less.

Game 3: Breakthrough vs Skins

Breakthrough is a mission where once force has to get at least ¼ of their models off the opponents table edge in order to get a minor victory. If you get less than this or none its a victory to your opponent.

The reason I am adding in game 3 to this battle report instead of it having its own is because I'm a little disappointed with myself about it. Talking to my opponent he appeared to be relatively new to the game and his army only consisted of skinks, chameleon skinks, 3 kroxigor, 3 terradons and 2 razordons I think. Anyway talking he had about 80 models with him, so I said he should use them all as skinks aren't all that great.

Anyway as we played the game and I selected to be the attacker so I had to push though his lines and get off the table. However I used my whole force against him. Which I felt really bad about as taking two monsters against him was a really crappy thing to do. Anyway here is a brief report of what happened.

The Battle

Turn 1

The Seraphon move towards the orcs and make a few pot shots killing 1 or 2 orcs. In return the orc boys charge into the skinks on the right. The monsters just bypass the enemy and move straight for the opposite side of a table.

Turn 2

The trolls charge into a unit of skins and kill most of them, and the rest run for it. Kroxigor charge in to aid the skinks on the right but do very little to the orcs.

Turn 3

Terradons and chameleon skinks appear. The chameleons shoot at the rock lobber crew killing them. The terradons charge the trolls and get killed by them pretty quick. Some how the orcs start doing damage to the kroxigors. The black orcs charge into the razordons and kill them with ease.

Turn 4

I start making a break for the enemy line while the orcs some how kill the kroxigors. However the skins keep the orcs locked in combat.

Turn 5

Some of my units get off the table, but not the black orcs.

Game ends: Minor victory to the Skinks

Now I feel really bad about this game because I should have altered my army so it was a fair game, even though I just made the monsters avoid combat I feel bad about this. But by doing this I feel that I didn't play properly and cheated the guy out of a proper game. I also made myself look like a fool by not playing properly and just messing up the game. I just hope that the guy enjoyed the game if nothing else.

Anyway next week game 4, vs the Seraphon.

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