Tuesday 19 January 2016

Finished Giant

Before Throne of skulls I attempted I paint my giant and in the photos I showed that my giant was a W.I.P. But I did manage to finish painting the big ol' bugger and though I would share it with you all as i'm quite happy with out it came out, not Golden Daemon, but im happy.

This is a Maruder giant, a model that was released in 1990, so its quite an old model at this point. I painted the cloth patchwork as I think it looks better than just a solid colour on him. However looking over the pictures it does look rather bland, so I might have to go back and paint in a little more variety on his cloths.

I am rather pleased with how the wine bottle and other things he has on his rope around his back look. And now that he is on a rather large base instead of being trapped on that tiny square one, it makes him look even bigger.

For a comparison here is an old photo of how it used to look, a lot more orange than now.

What do you guys think of his new look?


  1. That's realy good, nice one. I like the patchwork, the paint job realy suites the model like its from a 90s mag.

    1. Haha thanks, i will take that as a compliment?

  2. I have the same giant! I love that model, and you did a great job with the repaint.