Sunday 2 October 2011

Forest Goblin WIP

This is my next lot of forest goblins, for my forest goblin unit (surprisingly). Not too sure how happy i am with them at the moment but i will look back at them soon and hopefully improve them before going on to paint them.

This guy is my unit filler, nothing special, just a forest goblin with his victim and shiney new trophy. Im not great at converting or anythign so i kept it a little simple. 

And these are the close ups of the rest of the guys. My favourite has to be the shaman-esk guy with his staff and big feather. I'm not too sure i just like him. The guy with the skull on top of his head was a bit risky and i'm starting to dislike him but i'm going to keep him just in case i change my mind one day. So that's it for today. Just my forest goblins for now.

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