Tuesday 4 October 2011

Under Flame and sword... Battle report OnG vs High elves 1500

So me and my friends are attempting to get a weekly gaming night sorted, hopefully increasing the amount of battle reports i can write, unfortunately for out first one we ran into lots of problems so hardly had any time reducing our points down to 1500 to fit the game in. In my little gaming group we have 5 players (bit awkward but such is life) and we play Orcs and Goblins (me obv), Daemons (as you have already seen) High elves (from now on HE1), Tomb kings and finally another High elf (from now on HE2). The tomb king player couldn't make it this time so with 4 of us it would be a nice easy number.

Anyway, here is the list that i made ready for the game, not knowing who i would be facing.

Black Orc Warboss - 213 w/ Orc boyz
Heavy armour, shield, tricksters helm

Orc Bigboss - 129 w/ Black orcs
Bsb, armour of silvered steal, great weapon

Night Goblin shaman - 85 w/ N goblins
lvl 2

N Goblin shaman - 50 w/ Forest Goblins

N Goblin shaman - 50

30 Orc boys - 230
standard, musician, 2 choppas

30 (forest) goblins - 145
standard, musician, 2 x nasty skulkers

29 N Goblins - 142
standard, musician, spears, nets

20 Black orcs - 275
full command

Orc Chariot - 85

Orc Chariot - 85

Total: 1499

Now this army was a gamble, i knew it would be, especially if i came across a magic heavy opponent (don't shout at me, i know I'm against 2 high elf players, but you never know, they may not have taken much magic...). But i did just want to test out how good the orc chariots are as i haven't used them since 6th edition. Also attempting to use 3 Night goblin shamans to try and steal dispel dice and use the mushroom dice to make them appear like a higher level caster was something i wanted to test out. So an untested army, if i don't deploy like a fool it might work...

We draw to see who we were playing against, and i drew HE1. Now we have had a lot of games in the past, some him winning, some me, we are almost even but admittedly he may have won a game or two more. Anyway i needed to win this one so that i could pull back closer towards even. And as he is very fond of a level 4 mage, i felt like i was in a little trouble. Not regretting my choices yet i asked what he had...

High elf army

Archmage - 360
Lvl 4, Tricksters pendant, seer staff, sigil of asuryan, Lore: High magic (Flames of the phenix, vauls unmaking, fury of khaine, curse of arrow attraction)

Dragon mage - 375
Silver wand, jewl of something, Lore: Fire (flaming sword of ruin, flame cage?)

20 spearmen - 240
standard, musician

20 spearmen - 240
standard, musician

10 swordmasters - 243
standard, musician

2 repeater bolt throwers - 200

Now looking at the list on paper it looks quite easy to deal with apart from a damn dragon. Now that's something that i didn't prepare for, a dragon. But i had a play, kill the dragon with the Black orcs and throw chariots at everything else, simple.

We rolled for mission, pitched battle (again), then deployment. The elves started to deploy first, so i could attempt to counter it, but once again i had a plan and didn't follow through. So i ended up with my orcs and black orcs anchoring my middle with N Goblins, forest goblins on my right and my two chariots on my left. The elves on the other hand castled on (my) right flank, and made it awkward for me to counter him. I was hoping to hold him with the blocks of infantry and then smash his units apart with my chariots. We rolled for first turn and the high elves win... this is going to hurt.

Orc deployment

High Elf deployment (the spider counts as a repeater bolt thrower)

Turn 1
The elves in turn elven fashion waited back for the main part, holding ground making me some to them. Very heroic. Apart from the dragon mage who took an offensive stance and dived down my left flank making sure to stay out of any likely charge ranges of my chariots. 
Magic and the wind blew Strong, double 6 to be exact, something which i really didn't want. Despite my best efforts all the offensive spells got through to my army taking a strangely high toll. With the lvl 4 mage casting fury of khaine killing 2 black orcs, flames of the Phoenix killing 10! forest goblins and  finally the fulminating flame cage from the dragon mage killed 2 more black orcs (and 7 more when they moved in my turn). A very disastrous magic phase for the first turn. Shooting and nothing special happens as both bolt throwers miss.
OnG turn and the N gobbos get exited failing their animosity and run towards the enemy trying to rip the elves apart. The rest of my army moves forward to catch up to the N gobbos. 
Magic phase and it was time to test out how 3 low level night goblins work. First up vindictive gaze and my mushroom dice is a 1... obviously its going to be one of those games. The shaman doesn't take a wound but my magic phase is practically over as the lvl elf mage stops all my other spells. But some power dice were able to stop the continuing flames of the Phoenix on the forest goblins.

Turn 2
Again the elves stand around waiting for me to come to them apart from the dragon who flies over my army into my back field. This is worrying me now as i cant really deal with him effectively now. 
Magic and flames of the Phoenix is cast onto my black orcs, which i stop using all my dice (i need them alive to deal with the dragon) but this means the night goblins get the cage cast upon them... no real loss, but then vauls unmaking destroys the tricksters helm my warboss carries... so hes now almost defenseless.
Shooting and one blot thrower hits a boar chariot inflicting 1 wound to it... fine with it. The second targets the block of orcs killing 2 of them.

My turn and no animosity this turn. Not wanting the dragon to destroy my army, i turn the black orcs around to be able to charge it if it charges one of my units next turn. I was thinking this might have been a wast of a unit but i didn't know what else i could possibly do to stop the dragon with my army. Every one run forward apart from the N gobbos who didn't want to get burn to a crisp in one turn.
Magic and i was stopped once again by a superior mage. I am starting to hate the set up of lots of little mages.
With no shooting to speak of i handed over the turn to my opponent.

Turn 3
This time the dragon flies behind the N goblins, for what i can only guess will be a devastating breath attack, while the sword masters edge back not wanting to get charged by the orcs in front of them as the spear elves do the same.

 Magic phase and the common goblins are once again burnt with flames of the Phoenix which after taking 8 more casualties they run, just being out side of the generals leadership bubble. I guess that's my own fault. Fury of khaine was attempted upon my orc block which failed thanks to 3 rolls of 1 and a very upset opponent. That was unlucky for him but it helped my boyz to no end. Shooting and this time a bolt thrower skewers 4 of my boyz and the chariot get hit but fails to be wounded by the second bolt thrower. Now for the dragon, i haven't ever been flamed from shooting before, in combat, plenty, but never in shooting and by Odin's beard it was horrible, the amount of hits caused by the dragon was scary. after all said and done 11 goblins went to the grave. Outch. But they held thanks to the general and Bsb.

My turn and I'm not sure what to do. I have a very small unit of N goblins, my forest goblins are running towards the board edge unlikely to regroup, my black orcs are reduced and chasing after a dragon who can out maneuver them as easily as i can eat a packet of crisps and my hard hitting chariots are on the flank away form the action... damn. Well i didn't roll any animosity this turn thank god so i could do what i want. The chariots were both in range of the swordmasters if i roll nice and high for the charge distance so i go for it. The first chariot rolls about an inch to short and the second doesn't appear to know what a charge distance is rolling  2, 2 and 1. Never mind, always next turn... i hope. The forest goblins continue running so wont take part in the rest of the game. The Orcs and N gobbos shuffle forward while the black orcs close in on the dragon.
Magic phase and i get an amazing wind of magic roll, 5,5, and manage to channel with a goblin. This is the opportunity i needed, vindictive gaze is attempted in its powered up form on the swordmasters with a roll of 16 on 3 dice, then to add the mushroom dice... 1. never needed that spell anyway. So the spell fails and he takes a wound. Then the elf manages to shut everything else down thanks to his damn +5 to dispel. 

Turn 4
The first charge of the game is made, and by the elf player for once (wow that is amazing) straight into the orc boys led by warboss. He explained to me it was either do that or get charged next turn by the chariots and orcs. I don't blame him to be honest but hes in some real trouble with that combat. The dragon, feeling hes had enough action for once day decided to once again fly over the black orcs to threaten the flank of the orcs and chariots. 
Magic phase and the mage once again fails his first but this time only by 1 so no more spells from the lvl 4 so i manage to shut down the magic phase from the dragon mage. Shooting and both bolt throwers target the nearest chariot, both hit, one rolls a 1 to wound (again, damn unlucky) and the other only rolls a 1 for its multiple wounds (hes fuming at this point, i don't blame him). Combat and the swordmasters striking first manage to kill a hand full of orcs reducing the unit size to about 12 (not looking like they are going to stick around much longer), but in return the orc warboss alone manage to kill 4 then the rest of the boyz  reduce the unit to one guy who dutifully flees and escapes.the orc overrun only takes them 2 inches (love double 1) so they look like they will be charged by the spears next turn.  

My turn and the orc warboss dutifully fails his animosity so appears to be a sitting duck. the Night goblins charge the spearmen on the right flank with a surprising amount of speed (14 inch charge!). The black orcs once again reform to face the dragon and the chariots out of charge range move towards the elf line. 
Magic and I'm shut down once again. I really need to take at least one level 4 mage next game. I'm never taking lots of low ever again.
Combat and the N gobbos get to net the spearmen and only take 2 casualties while inflicting none themselves... gotta love gobbos. They pass there brake test and it continues.

Turn 5
Not happy with what happened to the swordmasters the dragon charges a chariot, who not wanting to get killed flees. The dragon mage attempts to redirect it's charge but fails its leadership test so has nothing to do but fail its charge. the spearmen containing the level 4 mage charge my orc boyz to avenge the sword masters and the far spearmen (on my right flank) move forward to confront the goblins. 
Magic phase and all of the spells are stopped bar one, which was cast with irrisitable force dealing a wound to both the dragon and dragon mage... flaming sword of rhuin, which was cast on  the spearmen.That could hurt me a lot. shooting and the bolt throwers target the night goblins but miss again. They seems like he might as well not have brought them this game.
Combat and it looks like the game could swing in this turn to either of us. Augmented with flaming weapons the elf spearmen kill the majority of orcs in combat, leaving only my warboss and the command. In an attempt to show the boyz who's in charge the Warboss kills 3 of the pesky elves but it still isn't enough to win, but thanks to some very lucky and well times double 1 rolling the insane courage of the orcs shines through keeping the combat ongoing. The N gobbos once again net the elves taking no casualties this turn and kill an astonishing 5 elves. With this sudden show of strength the elves flee but not far enough getting caught by the N gobbos and then overrunning into one of the repeater bolt throwers. (now i never expected that, well in ladz).

My turn and the remaining chariot charges the dragon after passing a terror test backed up by the black orcs who finally get to charge the pray they have been shadowing all game. 
With no real magic to speak of we go straight to the combat. starting with the chariot, the dragon is badly wounded by the impact hits of the chariot who hit with 7 and end up wounding with 3 reducing the dragon down to 1 wound. The dragon retaliates reducing the chariot to 1 wound and the mage fails to do anything. Targeting the mage the 2 orc boyz take off his remaining wound and the boars do nothing. The black orcs some how manage to fluff there attacks and just sit back adding combat resolution to the combat. The dragon flees from combat but not far enough and the chariot crushes it under neath its bulk and shreds it with its scythes (few to many adjectives? possibly). The black orcs hold and face the remaining spearman.  The combat between the orcs and spearmen goes terribly wrong for me as the spearelves target the orc warboss and manage to brake through his armour and slay him, if only the tricksters helm wasn't destroyed he might have had a chance. The orcs run from combat but the elves decided to hold letting the green skins flee. The night goblin attacking party takes no casualties and kills all the bolt thrower crew this time attempting to hold, and some how managing to and face the rear of the other spear elves. Things are close.

Turn 6
The spearmen hold there ground hoping to kill the black orcs with the mage before getting charged by them. Magic and the level 4 only has 3 dice to work with so casts fury of khaine of the black orcs which manages to get through, but only kills 3, reducing the number to 4 plus the bsb. Still could be damaging. The bolt thrower elects to shoot at the remaining chariot managing to destroy it this time. He hands it over to me not sure whats about to happen.

My last turn and the obvious happens, with very little animosity this game the N gobbos start squabbling over who gets to kill the elves first. Never mind i guess. The black orcs charge the spearmen. In combat the spearmen kill all the black orcs but the bsb still kills 3 elves so passes his leadership test. The game ends and we tot up the victory points.

Now i don't remember the exact points but it was something like
HE: 1250 vs OnG: 850 So it was a solid victory to the High elves. it was actually surprisingly fun despite how it sounds in this report so we went away content. Hes still got more wins over me though, this has to change.
In the end it turned out he had an extra 150 points than me.... shouldn't have made any real difference, just a bit irritating.

Learning points(?)
  • Well the chariots manage to kill a dragon almost single handed so i like them, but i really shouldn't put them on a flank. Maybe put them in between my units so add a bit of hitting power? i'm not sure yet i think i have to try that again. But i think i like them for now.
  • Keep low leadership goblins in the generals range, i need to remember to do this if i want to get better at playing, loosing them so early one really didn't help matters and could have helped killed the elves faster in the later turn possibly helping me win. Don't make this mistake again!!!!
  • I think i need to always take a rock lobba or a doom diver in my army list. Just having that little bit of artillery might have made the difference of scaring that dragon off or reducing the ranks of the spearmen so my orcs could have won the combat against them. For me next few army lists i think i will take one or both and see if it helps
  • Finally never NEVER never take 3 low lever l shamans again. Take a lvl 4 and actually be able to stand a chance. I think that will help with my next battle.
Well let me know what you think of my battle report. 

Thanks, Malduran.

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