Friday 18 May 2012

A future in cities of death

I have always had a soft spot of the look of battles taking place in cities. In fact I have always like the idea of having battles on very specific terrain sets, jungles, deserts and of course cities. But the city fight idea has always stuck to with me.  When the book battlefield: cityfight came out I was overjoyed, the prospect of desperate struggles in ally ways, a small band of models taking on a tank face to face only to get run over, snipers stalking the roof tops looking for targets, its just a fascinating idea.

The only issues was when it first came out I was a kid with no income and no ability to make my own terrain. So I just stuck to my normal games and couldn’t do much about it. Later, when cities of death came out and released the beautiful sets for ruined buildings I was once again overjoyed. This time being a little older I picked up a couple of buildings and played a few games and it was fun. The City fight bug was fed and went back into hibernation and regular games continued. Until now, now I have an urge to play city fight again, but this time it’s going to be on a proper board, with better terrain. Those of you who have read my battle reports will know that my current gaming board is just a generic one, grass, grass and more grass. Great for fantasy and normal games of 40k but its not great for a game of city fight. Well that’s all about to change, I'm going to build a new board and have it specifically for city fight. It’s not going to be anything fancy; it’s just going to be like my current one but with a more suitable colour. If my resources and ability where there, I would love to make a foam core board with a sewer system and craters built into the floor. But for now, that’s not going to happen.

What I can do however I buy, and convert as much terrain as I physically can. To begin with I'm going to repaint and chance what I already have terrain wise to make them match and look as good as I can. Then I have plans for some new buildings, I'm going to draw some plans out to begin with and try to convert them. My plans for the moment consist of a damaged railway on supports approximately 6 inches from the base so that they are mainly accessible to jump infantry but still have the possibility of being accessed by infantry if the roll a 6 on their difficult terrain roll (provided they are right below it). I’m also going to buy an imperial sector box so I can create more ruins and make a rather large platform for the railway to end at. Hopefully it should be good, if not, well we shall see. Either way I'm looking forward to it. Now these plans probably won’t happen any time soon and will take a while to get the ball rolling. But I'm hoping that once it starts, I should have a good table to play on and be proud of.  

If any one has any good tips on how to make piles of rubble and general cities of death terrain it will be very useful for me. But for now that’s it.   

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