Friday 8 June 2012

Testing out imperial guard

Well this week their is and isn't a battle report. Its more of a collection of images and idea that i came from a game i played against chaos using my friends imperial guard models. A lot of proxies where used on both sides so its nothing special to look out, it just gives an idea of what happened.

As you may know from reading my blog the last few weeks i have been toying with the idea of making a traitor guard army. I think i would be very cool thematically, and look good (if i paint it well, somehow) as well as give me a new project. Now that doesn't mean that i will be pausing all other projects, i just need a few things on the go at once so i don't get board. Anyway here is what i was playing around with when i played the game.

Imperial Guard

Company Command Squad
straken, medic, 2x body guard, carapace, krack grenades

Lord commissar

2x Priest

Platoon command

Infantry squad 1
Power weapon, melta gun, commissar, power weapon

Infantry squad 2
Power weapon, melta gun, commissar, power weapon

Infantry squad 3
Power weapon, melta gun, commissar, power weapon

30 Conscripts

2x Autocannon squad

Veteran squad
3x melta gun

extra armuor, multi laser, heavy flamer

2x Hell hounds
extra armour

The idea behind this army list was that i would have a large mass of infantry to hold up the enemy and hopefully kill them with the power weapons and mass number of attacks. The rest of the army was there to help out. Not much of a plan but its what i had. I mainly wanted to play with something to get an idea of whats possible and what isn't.

Chaos army

2x Daemon Prince
wings, mark of khorne

2x 10 Bezerkers

2x Rhino
Havoc launcher

7 bikes
2x melta gun, mark of nurgle, champ w/ power weapon

2x Predator
Heavy bolter sponsons , havoc launcher

autocannon, havoc launcher

A lot of combat and some dakka from tanks and a defiler. It would be an interesting test for my first game as guard. So here are the pics, if they don't make sense... gutted for you. The game was rolled up as Dawn of war with capture and control objectives. Chaos wins the roll for deployment and first turn.

Chaos deployment

Guard deployment

I Steal the first turn for once!!!

My guard come in from my table edge

The chaos army comes on from the board

The chaos bikes turbo boost to threaten the hell hounds

My blob squad after a turn of shooting... its not doing so well

My blob squad pops open a rhino with their meltas

The multi laser cracks open the second rhino in the same turn

My infantry masses together (stupid as they have a battle cannon)

The chaos army from my point of view

Khorne bezerkers and a daemon prince move towards the blob squad

All that's left after the painful combat phase

The other daemon prince makes the chimera explodes  killing 7 vets

The blob squad hold their ground against the chaos marines

The blob squad and straken counter charge the marines to help the last few  members of the blob squad

The bikes charge the autocannon team

No more autocannon team

The daemon prince kills straken and his command squad

No more blob, no more conscripts, not much more army

The bike and daemon prince kill my last guardsman holding the objective

Marines take out the chimera contesting the objective 

In my last ditch attempt to get a draw my hell hound immobilizes itself on the wreck of the destroyed chimera....

Well that was what i expected, to get horribly crushed, tabled on turn 6. Still i think i have learnt a few things from the game that i couldn't have noticed by theory alone.

  • The army needs more fire power, i knew 6 autocannons and a few melta wouldn't do it but i didn't expect it to be so bad. Some for of artillery is needed. Potentially in the form of a manticore or Medusa? i will proxy stuff before i decide.
  • The hell hounds aren't great against marines, i knew that but they really sucked. As my army is moving forwards maybe they aren't ideal. I will experiment more in future.
  • The priests didn't do anything this game as i was the one who got charged. If this is a reoccurring thing i might drop them as for 45 points they are a bit pricey. If i give them an evisorator next time it will make them even more expensive, i will have to keep looking at this.
  • Having straken is nice with counter attack but apart from that he is very expensive. I will play him again but if he does fuck all again i might have to drop him. Its probably just that i don't know what i'm doing yet.
  • The heavy weapon squads did ok, i like them.
Well that's it for now. sorry its not a proper battle report this week.

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