Friday 9 November 2012

Slaughter at the gate... Chaos marines/Orks vs Blood angels/Guard 2000 points

Another brake from the elder again, I bring out my old boyz to join up with a chaos space marine army vs. blood angels. So this is a 2000 point game of ‘The Relic’ with hammer and anvil deployment. The terrain was set up before we rolled for the mission and deployment which was a happy coincidence. One force will be attacking the city, the other defending it.

I suppose I better explain why this game is different to normal. A friend of mine has played a lot of 5th edition but not 6th. So he wanted to get a game in with someone to help him learn the rules. So as elder don’t quite go with chaos, the orks bloody well do! In this game we have expanded the allies rules a little (I have a full force org) but I still count as a secondary detachment (e.g. his HQ is warlord). Anyway, onto the army lists

Chaos space marines - 997

Chaos Lord – 165 (warlord: Black crusade) w/ Khorne berzerker’s
Terminator armour, Veteran of the long war, gift of mutation, mark of khorne, Axe of blind fury

8 Khorne berzerkers – 180
Gift of mutation, veterans of the long war

10 Chaos space marines – 200
Gift of mutation, combat weapon, mark of nurgle

10 Chosen – 215
Gift of mutation, veterans of the long war, flamer

3 Oblitorators – 237
Mark of nurgle

Orks – 992

Warboss – 115 w/ mega nobz
Mega armour, squig

Big Mek – 105 w/ mega nobz
Kustom force field, burna

4 Mega Nobz – 160

Battle wagon – 145
Death roller, 4 x big shoota, grot riggers, armour plates

30 Boyz – 215
Nob, Power klaw, shootas

12 Boyz – 107
Nob, Power Klaw

Trukk – 35

Looted wagon – 110
Boom gun, big shoota

Thats our army, a lot smaller than I would have expected at 2k points (especially with orks) but this game is more about getting used to the rules so I'm sure it will be fine win or lose.

Blood angels - 1997

Reclusiarch – 130 (warlord: Legendary fighter) w/ Death company

10 Tactical marines – 180 (Combat squaded)

10 Assault marines – 201 (combat squaded)
Power weapon

8 Death company – 205
2 x power sword, power axe

Rhino - 50

Honour guard – 147
Blood champion, 4 x storm bolter

Razorback - 55

5 Terminators – 200

Sanguinary priest – 75
Jump pack

Sanguinary guard – 230
Chapter banner, assortment of swords and axes

Land speeder – 60
2 x heavy bolter

Land speeder – 60
2 x heavy bolter

Devastators – 145
3 x missile launchers, lascannon

Imperial guard allies

Company command squad – 50

Infantry command squad – 30

Infantry squad – 50

Infantry squad – 50

Heavy weapon squad – 75 (proxied by a dreadnaught, he forgot his dudes)

The blood angel’s army has 3 major threats, the terminators, death company and sanguinary guard. The rest is not such a problem as they can be killed with massed bolter/shoota shots or just hacked apart in combat (it’s nice using a combat army instead of eldar for now). So they have to be priority targets. I will throw my Meganobz into either the DC or sanguinary guard as I don’t think they will take much damage from them, the terminators would shred them though so I have to avoid them at all costs. Seeing how the chaos will do will be interesting, a squad of nurgle marines (proxied encase you think why are they pink later) will be tough, and the chosen have a lot of attacks. What I will be interested in seeing is how much damage the chaos lord does with his daemon weapon... very interested indeed.

Anyway we set up the table in a visually pleasing manner for fun, city one side and wilderness the other, and rolled for mission and set up. The mission and deployment was a nice coincidence and made for a good theme for the game.

Mission: The Relic
Deployment: Hammer and anvil
Night fight: Turn 1

We rolled for first turn and blood angels won it, selecting to deploy in the city, with a few good lines of fire on the objective. The death company set up in their rhino in the centre with the terminators backing them up. The sanguinary guard went on the right flank, and the guard just filled in the gaps.

Blood angel deployment

To counter this we set up the marines on the left hand flank with the obliterators having a dominating field of view, I set up my shoota mob centrally with the battle wagon just to the right, with the looted wagon behind and trukk mob again to the right. We will see what happens when I throw the meganobz down his flank at his sanguinary guard.

Chaos/ork deployment

We roll to steal the initiative but fail, onto the game.

Blood angels turn 1

So the game kicks off with the death company rhino moving toward the objective backed up by the honour guard in razorback. The terminators walk behind and the rest of the army moves forward keeping the line.

With night fight in effect turn 1 I'm not expecting many casualties, but first thing first, orders for the guard. The first order rolls a 12, well that was quick. The heavy weapons team open up on the ork trukk and get 3 penetrating hits and a glance, but as its in range of the kustom force field (KFF) and has shroud from night fight, I save all the penetrating hits but the glance get through. The devastators shoot at the obliterators but only one gun is in range and fails to do anything. A combination of bolter rounds from a variety of units kill a hand full of orks. The rest of the army runs. The rhino uses its smoke.

Holding the line

Chaos/Ork turn 1

The driver of the looted tank fails his roll and presses that, going straight forward. Battle tank and trukk go forward full pelt and pass all the dangerous terrain tests. The boyz and chaos marines move forward.

Shooting starts with us trying to go for the easy first blood, the obliterators shoot at the rhino with lascannons but the cover save prevents all damage. My battle wagon and trukk snap shot at the guard in front of them a takedown a couple as do the chaos marines on the other side of the table. Night fighting really stopped both sides doing much damage this turn.

Blood angles turn 2

 The death company jump out of their rhino to face the horde of orks next turn while the assault marines jump over the bunker, enabling them to have a change to charge the nurgle marines this turn. Calling for the guard to form up, the guard and tactical marines form a line again away from the trukk. The sanguinary guard hold in the middle ready to attack where needed.

Orders again, and the infantry are ordered to move!move!move! to get into position. The autocannons again shoot at the trukk and bounce off the KFF once more (I'm getting really lucky here). The assault marines pistol the nurgle marines and manage to down 3! The devs once again shoot at the obliterators and kill a single model. Again this turn I lose a hand full of orks from stray bolter fire.

Combat begins and both combat squads of assault marines declare a charge on the nurgle marines. Going into over watch a shot takes down a single model from the first combat squad, who then fails the charge, the second combat squad makes it though. The chaos champion issues a challenge but gets cut down by the power weapon wielding sergeant. The rest of the combat is uneventful leaving the chaos marines losing combat by 1 but they hold.

Chaos/Orks turn 2

The battle wagon seeing the disembarked DC, moves towards them and the mega nobz jump out, leaving the big mek behind in the battle wagon. With a wicked jump over a barricade, the ork trukk drops off the slugga boyz by a squad of guard.   Working the looted wagon moves slightly to get a better view of the imperial army while the chaos marines move to aid there brethren.

Firing the boom gun, the looted wagon scatters off target and misses despite placing the template in the middle of 3 units. The obliterator’s fair better killing 2 devastators with plasma cannons. With a roar from a ridicules number of guns, the shoota boys fire at the DC and manage to bring down 3 of them, even getting past the feel no pain.  A land speeder makes an explosion in the sky as the trukk strafes it with its big shoota.

Combat starts with the chosen charging the assault marines that failed the charge last turn, and they just murder them, 40 attacks with re-rolls to hit is nothing to be sniffed at. The nurgle marines again lose combat by one again and hold. The big combat for me is between the charging ork meganobz against the DC, my warboss issues a challenge which is accepted by the Chaplin, the warboss takes a single wound and misses all of his attacks... that’s one skilled Chaplin. The DC somehow manages to do 3 wounds to the nobz but they kill 4 in return, drawn combat. The trukk boyz charge the guard in front of them and cut them down with no losses to their number. Orks overrun.

MegaNobz charge!!

Blood angels turn 3

The sanguinary guard move to aid the DC from the mega nobz while the rhino moves to block the line of sight of the obliterators. As the objective still isn’t claimed the terminators move to prevent it falling into enemy hands. In an attempt to stall the orks, the guard on the right run at them trying to prevent them reaching the relic or marines.

With an impressive explosion the tactical squad with lascannon destroys the looted wagon before I can do any real damage. The devs fire frag missiles into the shoota boys killing 4 and more are downed by bolter fire. The guardsmen rapid fire into the ork boyz but fail to do anything.
Combat phase again and the honour guard charge the chosen, the blood champion accepts the chaos champions challenge and they kill each other at the same time. No one else does any damage leaving the combat a draw. The sanguinary guard charge into the rear of the mega nobz and manage to kill them with a large number of attacks but in the challenge my warboss finally instant kills the Chaplin (warlord kill) leaving the combat a draw as he had 3 wounds. The combat between the assault marines and nurgle marines goes in the favour of chaos, causing the assault marines to run but they escape and flee.

Assult marines run

Chaos/Orks turn 3

So this could be disastrous now, with the sanguinary guard and terminators next to the relic we have some tough units to get though and the only real units available are my battle wagon and the khorne berzerkers. We will have to make do and prey it works. So the battle wagon tank shocks 12 inches towards the relic and hits 3 units, the infantry command squad, tactical squad and terminator squad. They all pass the moral test bar the terminators who flee away from the relic, all units took 1 casualty as well. Not a bad move, the relic is blocked from most of the blood angels, the terminators are running, not bad. The khorne berzerkers move towards the sanguinary guard and my shoota boyz move to see the guard blocking the slugga boyz.

Shoota boyz dakka at the guard in front of my slugga boyz kill all but 1 and the final guy runs for it. The obliterators shoot at the fleeing assault marines and kill 2.

Now the interesting part of the turn, the slugga boyz charge the tactical marines in front of them, the nob accepts a challenge and kills the sergeant. The boyz then take down a single marine with no losses, but they hold.  The khorne bezerkers charge the real of the sanguinary guard and the lord strikes first, and kill 5 models leaving only the DC left. A little aside, wow, that was a lot more damage than I expected, that lord is so cheap considering how powerful he is, I will ahve to watch out for that in future. The DC deals a wound to my warboss but is then pulverised for his trouble. The other combats do nothing.

The warboss is about to finish the final DC

Blood angles turn 4

The terminators move to the battle wagon.

A hand full of orks are killed by the guard auto cannons. The devs kill a fair few shoota boyz too.

Charging the battle wagon the terminators finally do something and make it explode, killing 1 ork and a single marine as well. The slugga boyz kill the remaining marines and move behind the terminators. The honour guard win combat against the chosen by 1, they flee and get cut down.

Chaos/Ork turn 4

The berzerkers move to the terminators and the shoota boyz run towards the relic. My warboss moves towards the honour guard.

Obliterators destroy the last remaining speeder while the slugga boyz kill a terminator with their pistols.

Combat is over quickly as the chaos lord again just murders whatever he touches. My warboss charges’ the honour guard and kills them all.
Just before the terminators fall

Due to time we end the game here but my opponent concedes as the chaos and orks have quite a dominating presence left on the table.

End of game

Chaos/Orks 5 (relic, first blood, warlord) – Blood angels 0

Not much more to say really on this one, the blood angels got unlucky on a few things but the guard didn’t add anything to the list that another unit of terminators wouldn’t have done better. If the Death Company or sanguinary guard had got a charge on any other unit than the Nobz they would have wrecked it, but as it turn out the mega nobz did well (but they did die). I love the change to slow and purposeful.

Anyway before I go I'm thinking of changing the way I do my battle reports, if you could leave a comment on what you like/dislike about them it would be great so I could improve them for next time.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s battle report.


  1. I enjoy reading your battle reports and wouldn't particularly want you to change them (depending on what exactly you're thinking about changing.)

  2. Nice bat rep and pics just out of curiosity. What did your firend think of chaos in 6th and 6th in general. As i recall youve played a few games versus a blood angels list in the past. Was it the same player?

  3. Hey guys. Im the guy playing Chaos in this battle report. What is not to like about the new Chaos. Much more variation in setting up your list and the boon table is just good fun. As you can tell the lords are abit over powered for the cost. Good fight guys, and good job on the report!

  4. hi all, just been reading this report in class. loving how much more movement the space marines can do with the new rules. snap shots ftw! how could the blood angels let themselves get that much of a kicking from chaos scum?!? it's a

    1. Blood angels deserve everything they get! haha just glad they lost for once... im not bitter.