Monday 18 March 2013

Colossal project: Playing with liquid green stuff

I have a bit more progress on my colossal squig, not much, but a little. I have started using liquid green stuff to fill the gaps between his legs. Now i have never used any form of green stuff before, let a lone liquid. Many years ago i experimented with milliput but i sucked so bad at it i gave up with it. But this liquid green stuff has be quite amused.

While its not quite the same as green stuff as far as i am aware, its very good at filling in gaps. While i have no real modeling skills i have found it very easy to manipulate into the places that i want. Granted it has taken a couple of goes to get it right but it was time consuming, not difficult. I looked on the GW site for help with how to use it before i started and found very little, i then expanded my search to the net in general but didn't find anything great for beginners, it was mainly how to sculpt with it, which i not what i'm after. 

While not perfect, the liquid green stuff hides the gap
So in case any one out there has never used this liquid green stuff before, i have found that the best way to use it was to get a nice blob out of the container, put it on the area you want to fill then use a very slightly wet brush to push it into the gaps and get the rough shape you want. When it starts to dry a little after a few mins then manipulate it further into how you want it. Now i didn't do this at first and i had gaps left every where, but when i tried it, it really helped. However, don't use too much water other wise the green stuff will become too liquidy and be hard to control. But if that does happen use another dry brush to absorb and push back the excess you have made, it will revert back to normal after a while. 

The other leg with no gap
I know it's not really a tutorial, more if a help full tip that i found. If you have better tips please leave them in a comment or link to a good tutorial for those of us who don't have a clue how to use it. 

One more for fun

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