Friday 22 March 2013

Waaagh! of change... Orks/Chaos space marines vs Blood angels 1500

To make a bit of a change I thought I would have a game without my eldar and instead would take a fun army list using my orks with an allied force that haven’t used before, chaos space marines. I take on the blood angels in a 2000 point game of the emperors will with dawn of war deployment.

The Armies

Orks 1998

Big Mek – 110 (warlord: conqueror of worlds) w/ mega nobz
Kustom force field, power klaw

30 slugger boyz – 215
Nob, power klaw

30 Slugger boyz – 215
Nob, Power klaw

28 gretchin – 96

3 Mega Nobz – 120 (riding squig)

Looted Wagon – 105
Boom gun

Squiggoth – 50 (using the colossal squig as a proxy)

Daemon prince – 270
Daemon of tzeentch, level 2 (doom bolt, warp speed), power armour, wings

9 Thousand sons – 252
Gift of mutation (feel no pain)

10 Chaos space marines – 195
Power fist, 2 x plasma guns, veterans of the long war

Rhino – 35

4 Spawn – 120
Mark of Nurgle

Defiler – 195

As you can see I wanted to play about with a forge world unit, the squiggoth, for only 50 points you get an interesting transport with good toughness, could be a laugh. I just want to have a little bit of fun so let’s charge across the table and see what happens.

Blood angels

Reclusiarch – 130

Honour guard – 160
Banner, power axe

Razorback – 95
Twin linked las cannon

Furioso – 140
Blood fist, frag cannon, magna grapple

Brother Corbulo - 105

Death company dreadnaught – 125
Blood claws, magna grapple

7 Death company – 185
2 x power axe, power sword

Rhino - 50

Tactical squad – 190
10 man, Plasma gun, lascannon

Assault squad – 210
2 x melta gun

Devastators – 160
2 x lascannon, 2 x missile launcher

Devastators – 160
2 x lascannon, 2 x missile launcher

Predator – 115
Twin linked lascannon

Land speeder – 60
Multi melta

Land speeder- 60
2 x heavy bolter

Land speeder – 60
2 x heavy bolter

I just want everyone to know I hate brother Corbulo, his 2+ FNP roll just makes me cry, so if I don’t give him a power klaw to the face he will just piss me off. The list is good, has a lot of anti tank, and a lot of combat potential to take out ork boyz. This should be an interesting game.

The Mission

I set up the terrain in a very symmetrical manor, no idea why I just felt like it. My opponent didn’t have an issue with it so we just went with it. The mission we rolled for was emperors will, so 1 objective each. Just so you know now, we both rolled sky fire nexus, I will never mention it again. We deployed our objectives, me in the woods, and him in the ruined defence line.

He won the roll to set up and go first and deployed in a long line. A squad of devastators on each side of the table, the tactical squad splits up and goes on each side of the table, the lascannon holding the objective. The assault marines split up as well and go on each side. The honour guard goes on the left with the predator, while the rhino goes on the right. The two dreads fill in the gaps. A very symmetrical deployment.

I could have responded with a refused flank to stop half his shots but what the hell, I spread out in a line as well. The boyz all went on my right while the chaos went on the left. Apart from the defiler was far right, and looted wagon was in the middle. The grots held my objective, with the spawn in front of them and the prince hidden behind the outpost.


Steal the initiative: No
Night fight: No

The Battle

Blood angel turn 1

Kicking off the game, the blood angels take an aggressive stance. The assault marines, land speeder and predator move forward up my left flank. The other speeder, death company dreadnaught and razorback blitz up the centre while the furioso and tactical squad move up the right.

Shooting starts with the twin linked lascannon shooting at the defiler, and he penetrates its armour and destroys one of its power fists, but the battle cannon is ok. The predator follows suit and hits the metal daemon but only glances it, the battle cannon is still ok. Both of the heavy bolter speeders unleash a torrent of nuclear shells and strip 2 wounds from my poor squiggoth while the tactical squads lascannon hit and immobilises the looted tank, its ok the boom gun is still in once piece. Not wanting the boom gun to be a threat the devastators on the left shoot the looted tank and make it explode is a spectacular fashion, killing 3 ork boyz along with it, the boom gun is not ok. Things get worse as the other squad of devastators shoot at the defiler and get a single penetrating hit, which blows off the battle cannon... damn that’s both my scary guns gone. The assault elements of the army then run towards me.

Ork turn 1

He took out both of my ordinance in the first turn, that’s quite disappointing. Never mind, let’s get revenge by smacking them in the head with a choppa. So the army rushes forward! The daemon prince kicks off the ground and flyers straight towards the devastators on the left, and the spawn run towards the land speeder in font of them.

Shooting from the back hatch of their rhino, the two plasma gunners drive by the razorback and get a penetrating hit, exploding the transport, unfortunately for me no one is hurt. Summoning his warp powers, the daemon prince casts doom bolt towards the devastators but only manages to kill a single lascannon wielder. Both ork boy squads run forward, as does the squiggoth.

First turn charge!!! The chaos spawn are in range of the land speeder and go for it, then wreck it with style and are stuck in the open for next turn. At the end of the turn the defiler refuses to die and re-grows a hull point.

Blood angels turn 2

 With orks close to their lines, the death company get out of their rhino and towards the orks. With the spawn too close for comfort the predator backs away while the assault marines go to intercept them, followed by the honour guard. On the right flank the tactical marines form rank in front of the death company ready to repulse the green horde. In its range the death company dreadnaught goes straight for the ork boys in front of it.

Not happy with the drive by action, the devastators on the left shoot at my rhino and make it explode some how killing two marines who get trapped inside. The devastators on the right shoot at the defiler again and blow off the heavy flamer, reducing it to 1 hull point. The speeders shoot at the squig again taking a wound off it but thanks to the kustom force field he saves 2 wounds that would have killed it. The tactical marines and furioso then shoot at it but the KFF comes through again and saves it. To finish the shooting phase the predator shoots at the defiler and gets a single glance, but the daemon laughs it off with a daemonic roar. The tactical squad on the skyfire objective shoot at the prince and manage to hit him and he takes a wound from bolter fire. He then crashes to the floor unharmed.

The pain starts at this point as he declares his charges. Both assault marines and honour guard charge into the chaos spawn, killing 3 of the spawn while the remaining monstrosity kills a single assault marine. The death company dreadnaught changes into the left side ork boyz, and with his blood talons manages to kill 3 ork boyz, the nob then glances it in return.

Ork turn 2

Psychic powers to start, and the prince casts warp speed on himself gaining +3 inititive and attacks. He then swoops down and faces the devastators. The squig lets the mega nobz out, they go towards the tactical marines. Injured but not out, the defiler runs forwards towards the devastators on the right. I move the chaos marines on the left towards the marines and out of cover.

Casting doom bolt the prince kills a single devastator again. The thousand sons take aim on the assault marines not in combat and kill 3 of the sons of sanguinias. Unloading plasma nad bolter rounds, the chaos marines shoot at the tactical marines on the objective and kill a single marine after they go to ground. Not wanting to fail to do anything this game, the defiler shoots its reaper autocannon at a land speeder and gets 2 penetrating hits but it jinks both of them.

Combat phase and the mega nobz charge the tactical marines on the right. The sergeant issues a challenge and the big mek steps up and cuts the small marine in half with ease. Corbulo who is attached to the marines deal a single wound to a nob but then the nobs deal 4 wounds, killing every one bar the priest. He flees from combat and the nobs are left standing in front of the death company. The prince charges the devastators on the left but only kills a single marine... wtf. The chaos spawn unfortunately dies this round before he can do anything. This time the death company dread (DCD) manages to kill 6 ork boyz and the nob fails to do anything, the orks are still fearless though. End of the turn the defiler regenerates another hull point.

Blood angels turn 3

The black rage heightens in the death company as they are about to spill blood, moving towards the mega nobz backed up by the dreadnaught. The honour guard and assault marines go towards the chaos space marines.

Shooting its frag cannon, the dreadnaught kills the wounded nob and clips an ork boy, losing 25% of their number, the mega nobz try to hold their ground but run for it with a roll fo 11. The speeder on the right shoots at the squig but fails to wound it, the other speeder shoots at the thousand sons and the shots bounce off the power armour. Determined to take the defiler down this turn, the predators shoots it twin linked lascannon at it but fails to penetrate its armour, unfortunately the devastators don’t have that issue and destroy the poor walker. He took a lot of shots so that’s good i guess. The tactical marines that went to ground snap shoot the lascannon and hit the squig, and finally kill the monster. To add insult to injury the assault marines shoot at the thousand sons with pistols, and out of 3 shots, 2 thousand sons die.

Assault phase and the honour guard and assault marines charge the chaos space marines, the champion issues a challenge which is accepted by the honour guards priest, the champion crushed him with his power fist and gains +1 toughness as a reward. The honour guard then kill 4 marines and i fail to do anything, the marines hold though. The assault marines that shot the thousand sons charge them but i kill 2 with over watch, leaving the champion alive. The sorcerer issues a challenge and kills the assault marine champion and is rewarded by gaining shrouded. The prince kills the rest of the devastators, just. The death company charge the mega nobz but they fail to regroup (roll 11 again) and die. The DCD shows the power of the blood talons and kills 12 ork boyz, including the nob. The boyz run and get cut down.

Ork turn 3

Ok the game is turning in a way that doesn’t favour me, but lets not give up yet. The daemon prince casts warp speed on himself but rolls double 1, taking a wound reducing him to 2. He moves towards the predator. The slugger boyz move to the death company and encircle them.

Shooting starts with the slugger boyz firing pistols but they fail to do any wounds to them thanks to 2 feel no pain rolls. The prince casts doom bolt again but it passes though the predator, tactical squad and explodes a land speeder, odd but not unwelcome.

Combat phase and the prince trs to charge the predator but rolls snake eyes and is just out of range. The thousand sons aid the chaos space marines charging in,, killing an assault marine but losing 4 of the chaos space marines in turn. The sons hold as they are fearless but the marines run. With a great waaagh! The ork boyz charge the death company and a challenge is issued by the chaplin, i accept as its the orky thing to do. Nothing happens in the challenge though as we both miss all of our attacks. The death company kill 4 ork boyz but i manage to inflict 22 wounds to the crazy marines killing the whole squad. That was a spot of good luck.

Blood angels turn 4

The predator again moves away from the prince, the rhino moves towards the back of the table again. The devastators on the right moves out of cover towards the orks but rolls very low. The last remaining speeder moves to target the prince.

The tactical shoot at the daemon prince and the lascannon wounds him, the predator attempts to finish him off but fails to get past his daemonic save. Attempting to take out the prince and banish him the speeder unloads both heavy bolters but fails to get past the power armour.

Combat phase and the devastators attempt to charge the orks but fails, corbulo and the dreadnaught charge into the orks. In the challenge in chaplin kills the nob with out issue, power mauls to the face several  times kills him. Corbulo and the dread kill a single ork a piece but 30 attacks on corbulo fails to do anything to him. The DCD charges into the back of the thousand sons and kills 3 of them but not before they glance it with krack grenades. The honour guard kill the last few sons.

Eldar turn 4

The chaos marines run further but just stay on the table, the grots go on the offensive and move towards the honour guard. The prince casts warp speed again and gets +3, and moves to the tactical marines.

Shooting only comes from teh grots who from 20 shots fail to wound the honour guard, but what did you expect?

Combat and the daemon prince charges the tactical marines and just murders them, they never stood a chance. The ork combat and i lose 2 orks form a combination of corbulo and the dreadnaught. In return the orks manage to deal a wound to the priest! Very lucky.

Blood angels turn 5

The honour guard, assault marines and DCD go after the grots, dear god they are going to die. The devastators move closer to the ork boyz while the the speeder and pred face the daemon prince.

Shooting and the first shot is the rhinos storm bolter shooting at the prince, it kills him... i roll a 2 on the power armour save so i don’t get to re-roll it and he gets sent back to the warp. The predator shoots at the running chaos marines and kills the plasma gunner. The speeder then kills 2 grots.

Combat and the devastators charge into the orks, the chaplin, priest, dread and devs all kill so many orks they run and get caught. Not a good combat for me. On the other side of the table the DCD, assault marines and honour guard charge into the grots and kill them all, the blood talons just reaped them like wheat. Damn.

Ork turn 5

The chaos space marines run off the table.

I’m tabled, so Blood angels win!


Well that was a fun game for me, even though i lost i enjoyed it. Using orks in a none competitive manor can’t help but make for a fun game. The sheer randomness of orks is great, and the ability to kill a squad of death company on the charge but then can’t fight off 2 guys just shows the hilarity that can come from orks. The addition of the chaos allies added a little punch to the army, and i love the defiler model so that’s an added bonus for me. The chaos spawn are fun, very effective and cheap. Granted they died when they got charged but what do you expect for so cheap. It was nice to have a change from the eldar, but i will be returning to them next battle. Got to get ready for my tournament in a few weeks so test games and what not to come.

I really enjoyed this game and hope that you had fun reading it. 


  1. Haha, this was funny: "I just want everyone to know I hate brother Corbulo, his 2+ FNP roll just makes me cry, so if I don’t give him a power klaw to the face he will just piss me off." Good report. I felt bad for those Grots, poor little bastards.

  2. Just saying 3+ followed by 2+ fnp is horrible in 6th edotion. Granted I dont really have a leg to stand on with re-roll on a shadow field but never the less, once I fail thats it. I dont think hes broken just irrirating.

    And the poor little buggers never stood a chance.

  3. Great battle report, if you hadn't lost those Nobs to Leadership I think you'd have won, but I noticed one thing. Thousand Sons are Slow and Purposeful so they don't get an overwatch sadly.