Sunday 24 March 2013

Weekly round-up

The weekly round-up is a collection of posts from different blogs that i bring together for you all to go over again. I believe these have some good content that is worth going over, encase any one missed them.

Conversions: Dark future games has a useful tip for those of you who have issues with the fine cast necron lords. Useful for those of you who play necrons.

Tactics: How to lose at 40K has a great tactical article for us eldar players when against necron wraithwing.

Painting: Death or Glory has an interview with a beautifully painted army. The imperial fists look so great.

Painting: The 5th Column shows off an ultramarine storm talon. Very crisp painting, and every now and then its good to see some smurfs.

Painting: Tale of painters show off some damn sexy legs, war hound titan legs that is.

Not much this week, unfortunately i haven't been able to view many posts so its more my fault than any one elses.

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