Sunday 3 March 2013

Weekly Round up

The weekly round up is a collection of articles that i have found through out the week that i believe are worthy of being collected into one place for you all to view again. So click to see what i have this week for you..

Paining: Den of imagination have a tutorial on weathering bikes with dirt and what not. It looks like it could be quite useful.

Terrain: Forged at the painting desk shows us how he does he posters for his terrain. I just love it and will defiantly be stealing some of his ideas when i get round to my city terrain.

Terrain: The Mandulian chapel shares an article on terrain and how it can affect the game.

Conversion: Fuzzbucket shows off a very cool heel drake conversion. its not his but it's still very worth the look.

Conversion: Tale of painters has a very simple yet great conversion for Abaddon the despoiler.

Battle report: Imperius Dominatus has a necrons vs grey knight battle report 2000 points. check it out.

Battle report: The evandalist presents a battle between space marines and death guard. I just love his crazy marine colour scheme.

Battle report: Atomic warlords has a fun apocalypse game, tanks only, the kind of fun i would love to do if i had super heavies. Check it out.

Not really an article to revisit but i would like to say well done to The Dark Templar for his vast amount of visits to his blog. If only one day i could be like that i would be a happy man. Well done dude.

Anyway that's it for this week. Sorry i missed the last two weeks, i'm going to get my ass back into gear with this damn blog.

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