Saturday 6 April 2013

40K at the Forge 2013: Overveiw

Sisters steal the marine defences!

This is the first post i will put out for the 1000 point tournament that i attended  I am not 100% sure if it has a proper name but i'm going with '40K at the Forge 2013' as that's whats on all the paper work. It was a very fun and entertaining day of 40k and i'm glad that i went and i will try to attend more in teh future. Anyway onto the overview.

So it was a very small event, only 12 people attended but we got a large selection of armies out there. The event was as it turned out 3 games over the day, 1000 points each. What surprised me was the missions, i was under the impression we would be doing 3 different rule book missions. As it turns out we did 1 rule book mission 3 times. The mission was purge the Alien, which was a shame but i can adapt. 

The armies that were brought to the tournament:
Eldar (me)
Chaos space marines
Chaos space marines
Dark Angels
Space wolves
Space Marines
Space Marines
Sisters of Battle

Now i don't think i have ever played another eldar army in a none apocalypse army, I know i haven't played sisters of battle or Necrons either. Is a tournament a good time to test this? probably not but it would be fun if i did. 

Anyway i will be posting battle reports for each game and an a what i learnt from the tournament. I would suggest to any one who hasn't been to one to go. It was great fun.

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