Tuesday 23 April 2013

Chaos Renegades: Starting the Heresey

Finally the time has come, the dark gods have blessed me with time and here is the start of my chaos renegade force. It's not much yet, but its a start. First of all i'm going to just pain in small batches of models so i don't get fed up painting. These are my first 5 models.

They still need a bit of green stuff to fill in the gaps, but for now i think they are looking good. Unfortunately i had no idea how to make the squad leader stand out from the rest of the guys so he is rather different. I'm not 100% sure i'm happy with such a contrast, but i will wait to see if he looks any better painted.

The thing that is pissing me off though is the bendy weapons. I have done what it said on the forge world web site with warm water but it didn't really help. So for now i have just used the least bendy weapons hoping that in time i will learn how to fix the others before i do anything with them. If you know how to fix damn bendy weapons please let me know.

This is the colour scheme i will be painting them, they are meant to be a regiment that has turned there back on the emperor and indoctrinated by the word bearers. In order to do this i will eventually have a dark apostle conversion to lead the army. He will proxy as Straken on account of the 3+ save and T4. Makes seance to me. that way if i so wish i can eventually down the line have either daemon allies or chaos space marines. I think it will look good in the end, either way i'm doing it.


  1. Nice! These look interesting. Look forward to seeing the rest of the army come together. For resin, I use a miniature heat gun (http://www.micromark.com/miniature-heat-gun,9404.html). Takes about 20 seconds to make the resin soft and pliable, and then you have about 15 seconds to shape the resin as you'd like before it hardens up. You can go through this process as many times as you need to get your pieces straight.