Thursday 25 April 2013

Re-rolls and Warlords

I was just reading over the Tau codex and was interested in the warlord traits available to them. Now this was very interesting as half of them have to be re-rolled under certain circumstances. I found this very interesting, and a rule sprung to mind. You Can't Re-Roll a Re-roll...

So taking this further with an example, lets say i'm playing a small game of 40K, about 1000 points and you go for either an Ethereal or Cadre Fireblade as your Warlord. Now both of these characters have 2 rolls (for the Fireblade) and 3 (for the Ethereal) that they can't use. When you roll it second time round it says to re-roll again but according to the rule book you can't re-roll a re-roll. So does that mean you are stuck with a trait that you can't use? Granted not all traits are very good, in any and all codex/rule book and some times they are just down right useless e.g. getting to re-deploy when going second! pointless. 

Out of curiosity does this rule count for the new chaos FAQ saying that Abbadon re-rolls spawn and dark appothesis (the prince one?) but if you get the same result again does it still count? same with boon of mutation. What do you guys think?


  1. I would just keep rolling until I got one that the model could actually use, the whole point of re-rolling those traits is that they are literally worthless and unusable for certain models.

  2. Codex trumps Rulebook. FAQ also trumps Rulebook.
    I think the general rule of not being allowed to re-roll a re-roll is intended to prevent things like Twin-linked + BS6 or more + Prescience where people could get multiple re-rolls on normal dice rolls.
    The intention with things like Abaddon re-rolling Spawnhood/Dark Apotheosis and Tau re-rolling useless Warlord Traits seems to be trying to outright prevent things like that from happening at all.

    1. But the Tau codex doesn't mention overriding the rule book, so theoretically the rule book wins and you are stuck with a unusable warlord trait.