Wednesday 17 April 2013

The spirits come forth

The latest models to come from my painting desk are these 3 wraithguard. As i use them a fair amount in my games so it was about time i started on them. Granted i still have another 7 to paint but i had to start some where. 

I am rather happy with the result i have got for them, while nothing exiting has been done (due to me not being a very good painted) i think they look the part. I was a little concerned that having such large areas of purple and then bone would look boring but i think its ok. Just a shame i can't get a little more blue in there but i didn't want to go over board with gems, so i just did one on the head and 1 on the chest. 

The effect i'm happiest about is the gun, its plain, but it still shows the details of the gun. Hopefully more will come out soon, so keep an eye out for more posts.
Side view

The wraithguard and the warlock


  1. Nice call on not wanting to overload the gems. Surprisingly simple. Had I thought it would've looked much better on the ones I've painted. I'm stealing your idea.

    1. Steal away my friend, just post a picture of them if you do.

  2. are they the old metal ones?