Tuesday 4 June 2013

First attempt at Eldar 6th edition

In the past I had a running list which i attempted to evolve with each few games to improve it to be a reasonably good list. Well now its time to start all over again with the 6th edition codex. Now the codex has changed quite a bit, so this list is rather different from my old evolving list. But i think it will be a fun little journey to go on again.
I will just jump straight to my list first and then explain why i picked the units i did afterwards.

Eldar list v1.0 1498

Spiritseer - 70 (warlord)

Warlock - 35 w/ guardians

15 Guardians - 155
bright lance

5 Wraithguard - 160

5 Wraithguard - 160

Crimson Hunter - 160

3 Vypers - 180
2 x shuriken cannon

6 Warp spiders - 114

3 War walkers - 210
scatter lasers

Fire prism - 140
holo field

3 Dark reapers - 114
star shot

Starting at the top, i chose a spiritseer as i find his powers to be more use to me from a HQ standard, if he gets powers like embolden or quicken he can go with the guardians to aid them (the warlock will then just go for conceal) other wise he will just chill with the wraithguard for protection. I was tempted to go for a farseer but this way let me get 2 quite reliable (now no more wraithsight) troops which heavy weapons will have to go for, protecting my other targets.

My troops come in the form of a large unit of guardians which now have a chance at killing marines if they get close. I was originally going to have them hold the back objectives but now i feel they might be better spent moving forwards supporting the wraithguard and warp spiders. The wraithguard i chose to take the pressure of my army if in the first turn or two i fail to destroy scary targets, they will be able to handle a lot of things, and now i can have 2 units instead of 1 big one, i feel the wraithstar may be gone, but multiple units are just as scary.

With my old list if i ever came across a flyer i was in trouble, especially if it had av 12 as my only real answer was the war walkers, but now i have a crimson hunter to do any flyer killing i need. Granted its fragile, and maybe i should have a autarch to try and get it to come in after enemy flyers but i will just have to take that risk. Again i took the vypers due to the amazing boost to shuriken weaponry. I have always found warp spiders good at killing light tanks and now they have improved and even got a point decrease, i still have to use them.

Now the biggest shake up in my army is the heavy support section. I still have my good old war walkers who each went up by 10 points, but i think its a good trade for +1 BS and a 5++, they are obviously trying to sell more war walkres. The addition of a fire prism surprised me as well when i did it, but now that the shot to destroy tanks is a lance weapon, i just can't say no. give it a holo field and its a tank murdering machine which can still take on hordes and marines all the same. Gotta love it. Finally the last unit in my army, a min unit of dark reapers with starshot. They have slow and purposeful (so relentless) and can now shoot at strength 8 for popping tanks, these guys are so useful and can hide in the smallest bit of terrain. Lets see how they do. 

Compared to my old wraithstar list, it has elements but the power has certainly shifted. Gone is the death star unit, and here is the multiple units working together. or at least that's what i hope it will be.

So what do you guys think of my list? comments always welcome


  1. The list looks fun, and lots of variety should keep it interesting. Its nice to see things like Dark Reapers, I get so tired of cookie cutter lists! I'm actually going to be venturing down the Path of the Eldar shortly, so I'm definitely looking forward to trying out the new codex.
    Let us know how the first battle goes!


  2. Cool. I like the wraithguard broken into two units; should be harder for the opposition to deal with. Will also be interesting to see how the fire prism and dark reapers do.

  3. Nice to see an Eldar player excited for the changes, or at least to try them out. I like the warp spiders, I've included them in my first little list. I'm on the fence about the crimson hunter - he definitely will take out an available target when he arrives, but he seems a bit pricey for what I expect will often be a one turn wonder.

    1. Well only time will tell about the hunter but the war spiders should be amazing hit and run units. Move 6 + 2D6, run D6, shoot, then move back 2D6. If these guys get caught your doing something wrong.

    2. Couldn't agree more. Not sure if you would want to give the exarch powerblades, but the spinnaret rifle with fast shot is nice. Marksman makes him nicer, letting you have pretty good odds of sniping out one model in a unit at AP1.

      Diverging to the war-walkers, what do you think of giving them one missile launcher with flak? Pushes them to the realm of almost too expensive (90 if paired with a Scatter Laser I believe), but they have run and shoot and a shield, which could help their survivability, and give you a second AA option.

  4. Not related to your post but I like how a drawing I drew when I was 15 has become popular enough on the net that i can find it in Google images :D

    1. Its a good drawing. Got any more I can steal? ;-)