Thursday 6 June 2013

Warmachine league: Game 2

Second game of the war machine league, and I just say it went better than last time. I think I am starting to get used to the rules and I’m picking up the more obscure rules. Now last post I stated that I would be up against the circle of orboros but the guy I was up against changed his faction at the last minute and now I am facing Mercenaries.

As I lost my last game of the league I get an added bonus, we roll on a chart and I get +1 point in my next game. Its designed to help out the newer ones of us (like me) who aren’t very familiar with the rules or have only just started to play. While the 6 results are very different and some are a little more powerful than others, its still an interesting idea. With +1 point I have quite the advantage. Again this isn’t a proper report, just a summery and what I have learnt. 

The Forces

Menoth 16 points

Feora, protector of the flame
Vanquisher heavy warjack
Crusader heavy warjack
5 Exemplar Cinerators

Mercenaries 15 points

Magnus the traitor
Mangler heavy warjack
Renegade light warjack
Steelhead Halberdiers

The table was quite terrain heavy with trees on the left and rocks on the right leaving a small passageway in the middle of clear ground. He won the roll to set up first and did so in a line with the Halberdiers on the right and the warjacks protecting the war caster.

I did the same, with the cinerators on the right to counter the halberdiers and my two heavy warjacks to smash his apart. 

He starts and does a full advance casting boosts on the warjacks. The halberdiers move towards the rocks.
I cast escort and move full forwards to mean him head on. Eventually his halberdiers move into the rocks and get into quite a tight position enabling the Vanquisher to kill a good  number of them with its area of effecect 4 shot. Again I sacrifice a single exemplar to bait his Mangler into charging it and he dies. But the cinerators with ignite cast on them, charge into the Mangler and destroys it in a single turn. The crusader takes a few turns to crush the renegade but does so eventually. I win the game by hitting Magnus with the vangquishers gun and letting him burn to death over a few turns. 

What I learnt

From this game I am getting to grips with the rules and getting a little better and might be able to do a battle report in a game or two. So next time it might even have some pictures. Using the ability of Feora to keep fire going on in her control area is a great boost, and if I can set more on fire in future I might be able to have an advantage. I’m just ramblings for the time but we can see. Anyway that’s it for now, just a little update for you all. 

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