Friday 26 July 2013

Apocalypse! Pics and views Imperium Vs Chaos

I participated in my first game of apocalypse the other week with the new rules and I have to say I was rather impressed by the changes. It was a very fun day but it did take a long time, what you would expect from apocalypse. Now this isn’t a battle report, more of a collection of pictures from the game.

First of all the two forces participating in the game were Imperium (consisting of 4K blood angels, 4K guard) vs Chaos (5.5K Chaos, 2.5K Eldar) over a board 12 x 6. We had a few clusters of terrain including ruined buildings in one section which became a blood bath, and ancient ruin where a daemon prince fell to lasguns. Unfortunately I didn’t get my lynx fully painted in time for the game but I got it up to a place where I wasn’t totally embarrassed to bring it out.

I don’t have a list of what everyone brought for you but I have a few key parts of the armies

Storm lord
Fortress of Redemption
2 Thunder bolts
22 company command squad with Master of ordinance (this was horrific, that many shots just destroyed us)
Sly Marbo
4 Leman Russ Battle tanks
Infantry every where

Dante (warmaster)
Storm raven
20 terminators
Load of marines

Typhus (warmaster)
Bane blade
20 Terminators
2 defilers
Loads of khorne bezerkers
Loads of marines

Farseer Council
Dark reapers
Fire prism
2 x aegis defence lines

I can’t remember everything but that gives you a very lose list of some of the more important units of the game. Dear god that many company commands and moos was just horrific, they just couldn’t miss for some reason, even with the 3D6 scatter, we were just so clustered.

Another thing worth mentioning is the rules changes I like and dislike. I love the change to strength D weapons, how they might not just instant kill everything they touch, the probably will but they might not. Especially now there is a chance monstrous creatures can walk away with a few wounds, seams more fair. What I don’t like is the fact you can’t do anything to super-heavies. I liked the old rules of engine damage, and being able to shake or destroy certain weapons. What’s the point now? Why can’t you slow them down and cripple weapons? Why can they move 12 inches and still shoot everything? They should be slow. An oddity that came up was they have dropped the rule stating you can’t target super heavies with psychic powers that don’t have a strength value, so I used puppet master on the storm lord... I laughed... the owner didn’t seem so amused.

Onto pics!!!

The left side of the table - Deployment

The right side of the table - Deployment

The imperium only have 5 mins to set up as their warmaster over ruled the decision and that left them with half of the army in reserve. This slowed down the imperial guard but the blood angels had a lot of stuff to deep strike in turn 1. Look how nice our battle lines are before the guns start shooting.

Angels Descend on the right flank

Dante and assault marines go after the defilers, blowing them both up with melta guns.

The dark reapers penetrated the stormr aven twice with the quad guns interceptor shots

Imperium turn 1

Kharandras and guardians charge into Dante and kill him! Slay the warmaster turn 1

Crimson hunter comes in and destroys a thunderbolt

The Imperial barrages prove to be too powerful for the chaos vehicles, and all are wrecked

The lynx enters and targets the stormlord, only doing 4 hull points of damage.

Typhus and cultists attack the deathwing terminators

City fighting starts to get bloody

You will notice the bane blade got destroyed in 1 turn from 12 master of ordinance shots

Sorry the captions don't help much, but hope you get the idea of what happened over the game. Comments always welcome.

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