Tuesday 22 October 2013

1850 40k Tournament: First Impressions

Having taken part In my first 1850 40k tournament I thought I would share with you how I felt about the experience as a whole before I go into the battle reports that I’m sure you can all laugh at me over. The event consisted of 3 games over 1 day and 24 people took part over all.

When I arrived, I had a quick look at what armies I could potentially be facing and I there was a lot to look out for. When you look at my army I have a distinct lack of anti-air fire power in my list and almost every list had at least 1 flyer in it, but a good half had a minimum of 3! Christ I was going to be in for a rough ride. We had a good showing of the different races but two were missing that I noticed, the good old dark eldar and orks. Every other faction was there, including the sisters of battle, Iyanden eldar and the Farsight enclave. A big mix of armies. I took a few pictures of the armies that I could for you to see, and judge how well/poorly I will do.

The event itself was a joy to play in as most people were friendly and happy to give a few bits of advice to someone not sure what goes on at such an event.  If all events are like this I would recommend going to anyone who can take losing a game. As if it’s your first one you are unlikely to win. My games were great, I learnt a lot in such a short space of time about my own army and what tactics to use. It was a great learning experience. Unfortunately like in everything in life you get the douche bags that need a smack to the mouth. Be it they take it too seriously and quibble over everything, or a person that can’t take a few unlucky rolls (or even admit they made a mistake) and whine all game long. That’s life I’m afraid.  

As a quick reminder here is the list that I took: Eldar 1850

Farseer – 115 (warlord) w/dark reapers
Spirit stone of Anath’lan

Spiritseer – 70

5 Wraithguard – 160
Wave serpent – 135
Twin-linked scatter laser, holo field

10 guardians – 110
Bright lance
Wave serpent – 135
Twin-linked scatter laser, holo field

10 Guardians – 110
Bright lance
Wave serpent – 135
Twin-linked scatter laser, holo field

5 rangers - 60

6 Swooping hawks – 96

8 Warp spiders – 152

Fire prism – 140
Holo field

2 War walkers – 140
Scatter laser/Bright lance

5 Dark reapers – 207
Exarch, fast shot, night vision, 4 x starshot

Defence line – 85

Total: 1850

So compare that list to the armies you see here and let me know how you think I did? It will be interesting to see what you think. NOTE: unfortunately I only got a few pics of SOME of the armies, not all of them.
Blood Angels

Chaos Marines with Daemons (3 Heldrakes!)

Chaos Daemons (5 flying monsters)

Eldar with Avatar

Farsight Enclave

Grey Knights

Imperial Guard ( I love the colour scheme)

Imperial Guard with Dark Angels

Iyanden Eldar



Just a quick mention, i was really surprised with the Tyranid list, its no quite what i would have expected, but with 3 units of 7-8 ravagers, its fast, and 2 flyrants!


  1. I like your list and I also think you had plenty of skyfire to deal with a least one flyer. A icarus las with guided reapers are not to be mess with.

    Also how well did you do? what position did you end up?

  2. To be honest there are only about 2 armies that I saw would give you trouble and that you MIGHT have a hard time with. A lot of them would be rather easy games. You laugh at Land Raiders and Elite armies I feel.

    I am very much looking forward to yoru reports and seeing how you did!

  3. The tyranid list was made with the intention to catch people out ;) to which it did very much so! With going to ground and then popping synapse to within 12 of them again they survived storms of shots and no one saw it coming lol.

    Was a nice 1 day tourney, some decent armies out there, be interesting to read the rest of your batreps