Friday 13 December 2013

Eldar/Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves 1500: Lupine Decent

My third and final game with my current Eldar/Dark eldar list and its facing off against a Space wolf drop pod list. It’s been a while since I have faced a list which will be in my face turn 1 so it will be an interesting challenge. The game is Crusade and deployment is hammer and anvil.

The Armies

Eldar/Dark Eldar 1500

 Farseer – 155 (Warlord: move though cover, ruins)
Eldar jetbike, mantle of the laughing god, [prescience, perfect timing, scriers gaze]

10 Dire Avengers – 130
Wave Serpent – 145
Holo field, Twin-linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon

3 Windrider jetbikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

3 Windrider jetbikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

2 Vyper jetbikes – 140
2x Bright lance/ shuriken cannon

8 Warp spiders – 152

5 Shining Spears – 160
Exarch, star lance, hit and run

The Baron – 105

5 Warriors – 60
Venom – 65
2x splinter cannon

Beastmasters – 161
3x masters, 5x khymeara, 4x razorwings, venom blade

Ravager – 105

Space wolves 1500

Wolf lord (warlord: Feel no pain within 3 inches of an objective) w/ fenrisian wolves
Runic armour, thunder hammer, storm shield, thunder wolf, wolf tooth necklace, wolf tail talisman

Rune Priest w/ 9 grey hunters
Runic armour, level 2, jaws of the world wolf, living lightning

10 grey hunters
2x melta gun, wolf standard
Drop pod
Storm bolter

10 grey hunters
2x melta gun, wolf standard
Drop pod
Storm bolter

9 Grey hunters
Flamer, wolf standard
Drop pod
Storm bolter

3 Thunder wolves
Storm shield, frost blade

5 fenrisian wolves

5 Long fangs
4x missile launcher

5 Long fangs
4x missile launcher

Well this list could be a problem for me, it takes away my speed as he will just drop in in my lines and probably destroy a good chunk of my force. Plus the beasts and cavalry will be in my lines straight away and catch up to me. I’m not looking forward to this.

The mission

The game is crusade (5 objectives) with hammer and anvil deployment. We roll for deployment zones and the wolves win and select the left side of the table. We set up objectives, and they are placed in the aegis defence line, on top of the bastion (I know you can’t but we wanted to), behind the smaller building next to my deployment zone, behind the larger ruin in his deployment zone, and on the red building. We don’t bother using mysterious objectives.

Rolling for first turn the space wolves win the roll and hand me the first turn (he regrets this later on). So I set up my ravager and venom behind the bastion so I can get a cover saves if he steals the initiative. I do the same with the wave serpent but behind the small building in the middle as I really can’t afford to lose all my tanks first turn if he steals. The beast masters go on my left flank ready to hunt down the thunder wolves. The farseer and vypers are behind the wave serpent ready to go where they are needed. Finally I place the shining spears behind the defence line stopping him calming my objective when he comes in. The bikes and warp spiders go in reserve so they can counter his drop pods.

To counter he places both his long fangs high up, one in the ruin on his right (bottom screen) and the other in the red building. The wolf lord with fenrisian wolves hide behind the red building and the thunder wolves hide in the ruin. The 3 drop pods are in reserve (surprisingly).

Steal the initiative: No
Night fight: No

The Battle

Eldar turn 1

I realise my powers are largely useless apart from prescience, so I cast that on the vypers. The beast pack moves forwards a little trying to stay out of the thunder wolves charge range. The wave serpent and vypers move to see the right long fang squad trying to get a cover save from the left fangs. Staying out of sight the ravager moves a little around the bastion and the venom moves to see the right fangs. Taking up as much ground as possible the shingling spears move to deny as much drop pod space as possible.

Unloading everything that it has, the wave serpent uses all 3 of its guns on the right fangs, and even though I deal 6 wounds only a single marine falls. Keeping up the pressure the venom shoots at them as well, causing 4 unsaved wounds. Unfortunately it can only see 2 models. Both the lances shoot at the fangs trying to get first blood but I only cause a single wound and he fails his cover save, leaving only the pack leader alive. I boost both the ravager and shining spears around to increase their cover save.

Space wolf turn 1

Down come the drop pods! The pod with rune priest and flamer hunters drops in behind the beast masters but scatters back 7 but it doesn’t really affect them. The second pod comes in behind the wave serpent and locks on dropping off the melta guns behind my tank. Both the wolf lord and pets move forwards as do the thunder wolves straight for my lines. The lone long fang goes behind the building and hides.
The pups land behind the Baron
Bringing the pain, the melta wolves shoot at the rear armour of the wave serpent, both shots hit, pen penetrate and I manage to jink a single shot. Rolling to see what he does to it, he rolls a 4, +2 for ap 1 and the wave serpent explodes. 3 dire avengers die in the explosion but so does a single space wolf! To add insult to injury the pod itself shoots at the dire avengers and kills a single model. From the other pod the rune priest casts jaws of the world wolf and gets it off, the line passes though a grey hunter who fails his test and is removed, and then over the baron and a razorwing flock, but I pass both my tests. Following the example of their priest the hunters open fire and manage to kill a single warp beast and actually manage to make the baron fail a save, making him lose his shadow field (he did pass 4 saves first) and get reduced down to 1 wound. Long range shots from the fangs hits the venom with 3 krack missiles, but only 1 glance and 1 penetrates its armour, the flicker field prevents the penetrating hit and it just looses a single hull point. Going full pelt the lord and fenrisian wolves run 5 inches forward.

In a very risky move the thunder wolves attempt to charge the beastmasters, they need 11 or 12 to reach but fail the charge and even takes a single wound from over watch for their effort.

Eldar turn 2

In from reserve come both bike units and the warp spiders. I place the warp spiders behind the left side drop pod (they only walk on) and one bike unit comes on slightly off centre and the other comes on far right flank. The farseer casts prescience on the venom. Acting as a counter attack unit the shining spears go after the wolf priest and his buddies while the beast masters go for the thunder wolves. Hoping to weaken the lord the ravager moves forwards a little to see the lord and his unit. Turning the venom face the melta hunters, the vypers face the fenrisian wolves and the farseer moves towards the wolf lord.

Running forwards to get more models in range, the warp spiders run then shoot at the flame hunters drop pod and cause enough damage to make it explode killing a grey hunter and even wounding the rune priest after he fails his look our sir, very lucky. Both bike units shoot at the melta hunters and manage to blade storm 3 of the marines. Thinking it might soften up the thunder wolves before the charge, beast masters and Baron shoot at the wolves and kill off the wounded model, the unit runs away 13 inches... moving out of my charge range. Damn. Slightly dazed but otherwise ok the dire avengers shoot at the marines who destroyed their tank and kill 1 hunter. Guided by the farseer the venom shoot at the flame hunters (what’s left of them) and manages to poison 6! Reducing the squad down to 3 model, but they hold. I boost the farseer 36 into the wolf back lines, hoping to make him make some tough decisions. Unloading both the shuriken cannons and lances the vypers kill off all but 1 of the small wolves, and the ravager shoots into the same squad hoping the damage the wolf lord. He passes his look out sir and the last wolf dies. Presented with superior fire power the wolf lord decides a withdrawal would be the wiser manoeuvre and runs back 11 inches.

Assault phase and the shining spears charge into the reaming grey hunters and rune priest. The priest issues a challenge and the exarch accepts, but neither combatant manages to land a single blow. In the whirling melee only a single marine dies to the spears charge but they hold their ground.

Space wolf turn 2

The last drop pod comes in from reserve and drops in by the vypers, the melta guns hungry for eldar tanks. Automatically rallying, both the lord and thunder wolves return to battle. The lord goes after the new target, the farseer while the thunder wolves go back towards the beast masters.

Shooting from the saddle the thunder wolves fire pistols at the beast masters and kill a warp beast. The small remnants of the first melta hunters throw a frag grenade into the dire avengers and kill 2, then the pod follows suit shooting at them killing another aspect warrior. The fresh squad of melta hunters shoots at the vypers, a single melta gun hits and blows the bright lance off the closest tank then the bolters wreck it with a glance. Long fangs shoot at the ravager and get a single pen, stunning the ravager.

Assault phase and the wolf lord charges into the farseer and gets 3 wounds on him with his thunder hammer, I save 1 and the farseer gets turned into paste on the floor. The thunder wolves charge into the beast masters and acting fast the razorwing flocks deal a single wound to the thunder wolves. Unfortunately the wolves cause 4 wounds on the squad and I lose combat. I fail the leadership test but manage to escape and run back 14 inches. The small hunter squad charges into the dire avengers and use their wolf standard. With a knife to the eye a dire avenger takes out a marine ant the marines cause a single wound which is saved. Ongoing combat between the spears and rune priest’s bodyguard ends with a draw as nothing happens again, the spears hit and run away towards the new melta hunter squad.

Eldar turn 3

Moving away from the grey hunters the vyper moves towards the thunder wolves. Luckily the beast masters rally and face the grey hunters behind them. Getting ready for the charge the shining spears move towards the new grey hunters. Warp spiders go towards the run priest and the venom backs away from the marines.

A torrent of monofilament from the warp spiders shoots at the rune priest and grey hunters; I get enough rolls of 6 to wound to kill off the squad. Shooting from the vypers takes a single wound off the thunder wolves with the bright lance. The bikes on my objective shoot at the pod in the middle and get a single glance. The other bikes and venom shoot at the new grey hunters and deal a number of wounds but the marines pass all of their saves. Lance shots from the spears bring down 2 of the grey hunters though.      

Assault phase and the spears charge into the grey hunters and over watch bring down a single spear. They make base to base combat though, and kill 5 of the marines before they can strike. I take a single wound back but make the 3+ armour save. The marines run and escape a whole 2 inches. The combat between the dire avengers and marines is a slap fight and nothing happens.

Space wolf turn 3

The thunder wolves carry on their course to the beast masters again while the wolf lord goes for the vyper. The running hunters rally.

Shooting from the fangs targets the ravager again and it gets wrecked. Pistol shots from the thunder wolves deal 2 wounds to a razorwing base.  Both drop pods shoot at the venom and wreck it, the hunters then shoot at the disembarked warriors and kill 1 off.

Assault and the grey hunters not in combat charge into the dark eldar warriors though the wreckage of the venom and make it. 1 marine dies to over watch but in combat the dark eldar fail to prove themselves and get wiped out. Thunder wolves charge into the beast masters and take no wounds this round and just murder the razorwing flocks with their strength 6 frost blade, I lose combat and they get cut down. Dire avengers vs hunters, again nothing.

Eldar turn 4

Slap fight!
My first warp jump of the game and I roll double 6, so I lose a warp spider and they move straight over the thunder wolves ready to shoot them. The spears move behind a pod ready to charge it and the bikes move to the grey hunter stragglers. Getting just in range the vyper moves to shoot the wolf lord.

Shooting from 1 bike unit kills off the remaining 3 grey hunters. I get very lucky and deal 2 wounds to the wolf lord after he fails 2 invulnerable saves (yay bladestorm). All the shots from the warp spiders into the thunder wolves were just enough to kill off the very dangerous thunder wolf unit.

Dire avengers and grey hunter again do nothing to each other and I forget to charge the pod with the spears.

Space wolf turn 4

Continuing on his course the wolf lord moves towards the vyper.

Long fang fire destroys the vyper and the lord runs. A pod kills a warp spider.

In combat the dire avengers finally kill off the lone grey hunter.

Eldar turn 5

Jumping 14 inches the warp spiders move towards the long fangs while the shining spears move towards the wolf lord. The bikes move around, 1 towards his deployment zone, the other to my objective.

Shooting from the warp spiders only manages to kill a single long fang, and it’s the pack leader so he still has all his missiles. I boost the bikes into his deployment zone.

I attempt to charge into the wolf lord with the shining spears but I roll double 1 and fail.

Space wolf turn 5

Not really needing much to move the lord makes sure he’s in charge range.

Both the pods and the long fangs shoot at the bikes holding the objective in my deployment trying to make them flee. I fail 1 cover save but I hold.

Charge! The wolf lord makes it into combat with the shining spears and I fail to do any over watch hits on him. In combat I fail to do any damage and he kills 1 thanks to bad dice rolls. I hold and attempt to hit and run but roll a 6, forcing them to hold position.

We roll to see if the game carries on...

Eldar turn 6

The spiders walk up the ruins to get a better shot on the long fangs while the bikes move to kill the lone fang who has been hiding for the whole game (just coz I can). The dire avengers have just enough room to get past the drop pod and take the objective behind the small building.

I kill the lone long fang with the bikes, I battle focus the warp spider to see all the long fangs then shoot them and kill all but 1.

Assault and the wolf lord kills all the shining spears, I deal no damage to him first and he moves towards my bikes holding my objective.

Space wolf turn 6

Urging his wolf on the lord moves straight to the bikes on my objective.

The pod kills 1 dire avenger and his lone friend holds ground.

Assault and the lord charges into the bikes who fail over watch and die to his hammer of pain.

We roll again and thank god, the game ends.

Eldar: 4 (1 objective, line breaker) – Space wolves: 3 (line breaker, first blood, slay the warlord)

A minor victory to the Eldar.


Well that game became a lot close then I expect it to, especially after I made the thunder wolves and lord run turn 2! It’s been a long time since I faced a drop pod army and I think I did ok against it, not great as thinking about it I should have had something behind the wave serpent to prevent the rear shot, allowing it to probably ignore the shots (if I hadn’t shot the serpent shield turn 1 that is). Not sure if I made the correct decision with the serpent as if I didn’t shoot the shield I might have survived, but I really wanted to try and destroy a long fang squad turn 1. Bikes again did ok but the farseer was a mistake, which was down to me selecting divination. So what did I learn?
·         Divination: It’s a good lore but not for the biker farseer as most of the spells are cast on the farseer himself making them useless when he can’t join other squads. I might try using him with runes of battle but I think its Telepathy or nothing for him.
·         Shining Spears: They did a lot more this game than against the orks, as they are designed to kill MEQ and they did it admirably. Especially when they can get close enough to shoot first. I was very surprised that they don’t have fleet, but they would be very powerful if they did.
·         Bikes: again very good at grabbing line breaker and objectives, I will defiantly be using these when I need some cheap troops.
·         Reserving warp spiders: Knowing the pods would be dropping in I think this was a great choice, it allowed them to react where they needed to and are fast enough to still play a part in the game later on. If I had them on the table turn 1 I probably could have just pulled them back but it would mean risk losing some of them.
·         Beast Masters: I do like this unit, but it has been a little hit or miss, I need to think about another unit to take it’s place for similar points. I will play around with this.
Man of the match
I had a massive issue with the wolf lord and in future i need to make sure such combat monsters don't hit my line again, as he just made my army fold. He definitely was the man of the match as if the game carried on he could have potentially won the game for the space wolves on his own. Not cool.

That’s it for this list, it has some interesting parts to it but it has had its time and I must move on. What can I use next? I’m not 100% sure but I want to experiment with a few other units I haven’t used as much as the shining spears really surprised me, I want to see if anything else will.

Any suggestions are always welcome. Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Might I suggest Howling Banshees? It seem that nobody likes them this edition and, while I agree they have some problems, I don't get the hate. That bonus to run, combined with fleet,means they don't really need a transport and can book it around the field. The mask means that getting the charge is devastating to the enemy. IDK, just always wanted to see that unit rock.