Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Painting challenge: March/April 2014

With the Beginning of April it means the March Painting challenge is over, and its time to have a look at what i got done. I had a big list of things to do and i'm rather surprised at how much i got done. If you look at some of my older posts such as the 3 day painting challenge, you will see that i am a terribly slow painter. But anyway on to the models.

Lets have a quick look back at what i wanted to get done:
·         Paint 10 infantry men
·         Paint Company command squad
·         Paint Chimera
·         Build second Chimera

Well unfortunately i didn't finish the challenge. I failed on 1 point, i didn't get the second Chimera built. The rest how ever i did finish off. Unfortunately i am not happy with the paint scheme of hte chimera so i might have to review that again in the future. But for now it will have to do. 

This is the command squad, now before you all jump at me and say i have messed up on the commander, i haven't he is kind of meant to be pinky. He was meant to be red in all honestly but he came out pink and i like it. He was meant to show a man on the road to daemon hood, not exactly possessed but has been given power. So with out converting him loads i decided to try and paint him in a weird way. For the older followers (like my first 5) i painted a Aracnaork spider and i was very happy with its skin. I attempted to copy that and it has come out some what differently, but i like it. He definitely is more inclined towards slaanesh judging by how he looks but still its a god given gift. What do you guys think? The rest of the command squad is pretty standard stuff.

The chimera i am not happy with, i attempted to make it look old, uncared for and a little beaten up but it just looks badly painted. I under coated it with an army painter spray and washed it with Agrax earthshade but put far too much on, i then attempted to dry brush over it but used the wrong colour and it look terrible. I attempted to save it by going over the armour plates with said colour and washed it again. Looked even worse, so i have washed it again with black and picked out the sliver bits and it looks OK, not great, just ok. I am not happy and if any one has any great tips on how to fix it i would be eternally grateful.

With my second infantry squad painted up i now have what might one day pass for an army. So i now need to add in an infantry command squad, and a second troops choice, Namely some veterans. Can you guess whats Aprils Painting Challenge?

For April my Aims are:
  • Build the Second Chimera
  • Build and Paint an Infantry Command squad
  • Build the veteran Squad

I know this is a lot smaller than Marches aims but i am going to be busy with my Girlfriends Birthday and a few other social events during the Month so i don't want to try and get stuff painted when i have no time to do it at all. It is what it is so we all have to live with it.

We have another blogger who has joined in our little painting challenge, Alex over at Way of the Dice, go over and check out the bog, no post yet about painting but i'm sure there will be soon. If any one else wants to join in leave a comment and i will see if i can get you any traffic.

Hope you enjoyed.   


  1. A little advice on photos.
    You have these back lit (ie light source behind them) it's kinda washing out the figures and leaving the detail in shadow.
    As for the Chimera have you considered Camo patterns to break up the colour you don't like.

  2. Command squads looking good.