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Cities of Death: Eldar vs Marines 2500

On the planet Gorgoth, in the outskirts of the city Lanetcy the Imperial forces of the blood angels and imperial fists join forces to remove the xenos threat of the Eldar from the holy imperial world. This is a game of Cities of Death, 2500 points with the Domination scenario.

The Armies

Eldar: 2500

Farseer – 100 (warlord: -1 to enemy reserve rolls) w/ dark reapers
Guide, prescience, perfect timing

Avatar – 195

10 rangers – 120
10 rangers – 120
10 dire avengers – 130
9 dire avengers – 117

10 Guardians – 110
Bright lance

10 Guardians – 110
Bright lance

5 Wraithguard – 210

5 Wraithguard – 210

10 Striking Scorpions – 210
Exarch, scorpion’s claw

8 Warp spiders – 152

2 Vypers – 140
2x Scatter laser/ shuriken cannon

Wraithknight – 240

2 War walkers – 140
2x scatter laser

5 Dark reapers – 190

·        Infiltrate: Units may infiltrate
·        Master Snipers: Sniper weapons ignore cover
·        Power generator: 1 unit can Re-roll to wound each turn

Marine Combination: 2500

Blood angels

Dante – 225 (Warlord: re-roll failed reserve rolls) w/ sanguinary guard

Command squad – 145
Banner, 5x storm bolters

Tactical squad – 180
10 man, plasma gun, heavy bolter

Assault squad – 100
5 man

4 Death company – 80
Rhino – 50

Sternguard - 125

Sanguinary priest – 50
Sanguinary priest – 50

Sanguinary guard – 230
3x infernus pistols

Imperial fists

Lysander – 230 w/ terminators

Command squad – 215
Apothecary, champion, 4x storm shield, 2x power sword, power axe
Rhino - 35

5 Terminators – 200

Tactical squad – 165
Veteran sergeant, plasma gun, 10 man

Tactical squad – 155
Veteran sergeant, flamer, 10 man

Land Raider Redeemer - 240

·        Deep Strike: allows deep strike
·        Sewer rats: allows special areas for reserves to enter play
·        Booby traps: Traps ruins for enemy to walk into

The Mission

We decided to not do everything by the book, as cities of death was written for 4th edition we mixed things up a bit. From 4th we kept the deployment quarters, and the mission objective. What we added from 6th is the way we deploy (instead of the you go I go, its one player then the other), only troops can score, and steal the initiative. 

The mission that we rolled up is Domination, the object of the game is to have the most buildings occupied at the end of the game (so kill the troops to win). Rolling for deployment zone the Marines win and select their deployment zone. We then roll for who deploys first, and again the marines win.

For strategums, I place my power generator onto the tall ruin in my deployment zone and he places down 6 sewer markers across the other 3 quarters that’s not his deployment zone. Then he places 6 booby traps in various buildings across the table.

Deploying first, the marines place the land raider full of terminators and Lysander up front ready to punch a hole in my lines. In the imperial fists rhino are deployed the IF command squad and in the blood angel rhino are the death company. He combat squads a unit of imperial fist tactical marines and places half on a building and the other behind the land raider.  The assault marines deploy forwards ready to get to grips with the eldar. On his left the blood angel tactical marines combat squad and hide in the ruins. Dante joins the sanguinary guard in reserve, the other tactical squad goes into reserve as do the sterngaurd.

Eldar deployment has the wraithgknight and avatar right at the front ready to attack and kill whatever the enemy throws at them, the bottle neck will only help them. 1 unit of wraithguard goes up front as well while the other goes into reserve ready to fill in any gaps. The dark reapers and farseer go into the elevated position on the right and the war walkers and vypers go on the left ready to shoot whatever they can. I place in reserve the guardians and 2 units of dire avengers and the warp spiders. Using infiltrate the rangers onto my power generator and the other unit into an ruin that isn’t trapped but they can’t see for a turn as they are between 12 and 18 inches from the enemy. I infiltrate the scorpions far right of the board ready to attack the marines from behind.

Night Fighting: No
Steal the initiative: No

The Battle 

Marines turn 1

In a bold opening move the land raider moves its full 12 towards the eldar straight into a bottle neck as the death company rhino moves towards the striking scorpions on the right. Unhindered by the terrain the assault squad takes to the sky and lands near the rangers closest to the marine deployment zone. The rest of the marines spread out getting ready to be more useful next turn.

Desperate to close the gap the death company rhino goes flat out and the marines on foot run. With not much to do the land raider snap fires what it can into the wraithknight but fails to do any damage to it.

Eldar turn 1

Focusing on what is yet to come, the farseer casts guide on the rangers, perfect timing on the dark reapers but then fails to cast prescience with a roll of 11. Moving from their cover the scorpions move towards the death company rhino knowing they will be able to charge the marines next turn. The rangers with no targets move up their building and are able to get a good view of the battle field. Jumping forwards the wraithknight gets within assault range of the land raider as both the avatar and wraithguard move to back it up. The rest of the force moves out to get better lines of sight.

Shooting from the wraithknight shakes the land raider, but nothing much else. Shooting at the command squads rhino the dark reapers manage to blow the tracks off it, preventing it from moving the rest of the game. Even with guide and a re-roll to wound the rangers only manage to kill a single tactical marine. The war walkers and vypers don’t have a real target and the guardians miss their shot with their bright lance.

Assault phase and the wraithknight charges the land raider, his hammer of wraith immobilising the tank then the rest of his attacks wreck it, forcing the terminators to disembark. 

Marines turn 2

Even with the re-roll none of his reserves come in, thank god for the -1. Leaving his terminator body guard Lysander moves towards the avatar while the terminators surround the wraithknight. The death company get out of their rhino using the rhino to block the scorpions advance. Jumping down from their building the tactical marines advance towards the eldar, while the others break off from the scorpions and move towards the bottle neck. Once again using their mobility the assault marines land on a level just below the rangers preparing to charge, but one is lost to a malfunctioning jump pack thanks to a dangerous terrain roll.  The command squad gets out of the rhino and moves towards the writhknight.

Bolter fire from tactical marines fires at the dark reapers who are just in sight and 1 gets downed. The weapons that can possibly hurt the wraithknight fire at it, the heavy bolter fails to hit (snap shot) and the plasma gun hits but the wraith construct is just too tough and shrugs off the shot.  

Attempting to pass by the Avatar and take on the wraithguard behind Lysander declares a charge, not allowing him to simple charge the wraithguard use their flamers and manage to inflict a wound on him. Rolling for charge distance Lysander falls a little short and fails. The terminators charge the wraithknight, a single terminator gets crushed under a large foot of the wraithknight (3 make their invulnerable save) and then they proceed to make him pay dealing 4 (yes 4!) wounds back to him. Across the other side of the table the assault marines charge into the rangers, the rangers fail to do anything to the marines and 3 get cut down. Trying to make a run for it the rangers get ripped to bits.

Eldar turn 2

The farseer guides the dark reapers and fails to cast prescience AND perfect timing, not a good roll this turn. From reserve the Dire avengers appear next to the assault marines while the wraithguard and warp spiders come in next to the death company hoping to kill them in a single turn. The vypers attempt to move though a ruin and 1 gets immobilised. Unlikely to kill him but willing to give it a try the avatar move towards Lysander backed up by the wraithguard he attempted to charge.

Hoping to deal a death blow the dire avengers shoot at the assault marines and manage to get 5 wounds past their armour save but he makes all 5 feel no pain! The flames from the wraithguard manage to wound Lysander getting past his storm shield. Unleashing their torrent of shots, the war walkers target Lysander and he eventually fails a single 2+ save, reducing him down to 1 wound. Shooting from the other wraithguard targets the death company and kill 2 of them, allowing the warp spiders to kill them off. Shots from the dark reapers targets half a tactical squad in the open and kill 4 of the 5. The rangers with their re-roll to wound target Lysander but the shots just bounce off his armour.

Assault phase and the scorpions charge the death company rhino and wreck it with their scorpions claw. The fight between the wraithknight and terminators lose 2 of their number this round and fail to do any wounds. Unable to deal with the prowess of the knight the terminators run and manage to escape leaving the knight stranded. The final combat is the avatar vs Lysander (he made it into combat) and using his superior fighting ability the avatar manages to get a single wound past Lysander’s storm shield killing him off!    

Marines turn 3

From reserve drops in Dante and his bodyguard, they use a sewer behind the wraithguard in my deployment zone. A tactical squad comes in as well using the sewer by the Avatar and move away from him and the other tactical squad comes out behind the guardians. Regrouping, the terminators move back towards the wraithknight and the assault marines jump towards the dark reapers. The remaining tactical marines move towards the bottle neck hoping to engage the eldar. The command squad moves towards the wraithknight.

Shooting from the tactical squad behind the guardians targets them, and 5 get gunned down. Dante and the sanguinary guard shoot at the wraithguard and bring 3 down with the infernus pistols. Tactical squads shoot at the wraithguard as well killing 1 more. He pours as much fire power into the last wraithguard but they fail to take him down. On the right botler shots from tactical marines target the striking scorpions and 1 dies.

Assault and the command squad charge the wraithknight and nothing happens as the power axe fails to do any damage and the knight can’t get past the 3++ save. The assault marines charge into the dark reapers, the farseer steps up and kills a marine but then I lose 2 dark reapers, but the eldar hold.

Eldar turn 3

Arriving from reserve is a single unit of dire avengers who appear on the right next to the tactical marines bothering the guardians. Warp jumping, the warp spiders move as fast as possible towards the line of tactical marines. The lone wraithguard moves towards the sanguinary guard hoping to kill as many as possible before dying. The scorpions follow the spiders towards the tactical marines.

Flaming the sanguinary guard the lone wraithguard manages to kill 3. Turning on the spot, the vypers shoot at the tactical squad who appeared out the sewers and gun downs 2. The rangers then finish off the squad. The war walkers target the tactical squad behind the guardians and 2 die. The dire avengers target the sanguinary guard though the tacticals and only manage to kill the priest. Shooting from the warp spiders kills 2 more tactical squads in his deployment zon,e and then run back.

Assault phase and the avatar charges into a unit of tactical squad and kill 2 without taking damage but they hold. Again the fight between the wraithknight and command squad does nothing. The fight between the assault squad and dark reapers isn’t great, I lose the dark reapers and the farseer takes 2 wounds but rolls double 1 and holds.

Marines turn 4

The final unit arrives from reserve, the sterngaurd who go after the dire avengers who went for the assault marines. Sneaking past the combats the terminators and a tactical squad try to get past the bottle neck. The remaining rhino moves back to block the scorpions from advancing while the remaining tactical squad fall back to claim buildings. In my deployment zone Dante leaves the sanguinary guard and goes after the wraithguard himself while the guard go after the dire avengers.

The Tacticals run attempting to scatter some more. Dante kills the wraithguard with his infernus pistol. Using ap 4 rounds the sternguard gun down 7 of the dire avengers and the sanguinary guard kill 2 more on the other side of the table.

Assault phase and the tactical marines by the guardians charge them and not much happens apart from a single guardians dies, the guardians run off the table. In the centre the tactical marines and blood angels command squad charge into the Avatar, the sergeant issues a challenge and the Avatar cuts him in half. Trying to aid the command squad the terminators charge into the wraithknight who turns around and kills them both, but the command squad deals a single wound with krack grenades.  Sanguinary guard charge the dire avengers in my deployment zone and I kill 2 with over watch and only a single avenger dies and I hold. Nothing happens between the farseer and assault marines.

Eldar turn 4

I remember to cast prescience on the farseer this turn. From reserve the last unit of guardians appears and appear next to the sternguard, they move into a booby trapped building and a guardians dies. The vyper still able to move brakes off from his squad mate and goes hunting for tactical marines. The spiders jump 8 inches towards the rhino while the scorpions move up.

Rangers all target Dante but fail to get past his 2+ save, the war walkers then shoot at him practically hitting and wounding with all 16 shots and he eventually fails his armour save! That was a stroke of luck. The vyper shoots at the 2 tactical squads running to grab a building at kills them both. Guardian shooting targets the sternguard but only manage to kill the priest! Warp spiders shoot at the rhino and explode it while the scorpions run and shoot at tactical marines killing 1.

Dire avengers vs sanguinary guard and 2 dire avengers die but hold. Combat between the farseer and the assault marines ends badly, with the farseer getting cut down. The avatar only manages to kill 1 tactical marine unfortunately and they hold. Assault between the wraithknight and command squad ends with 1 marine dying, the command squad runs away.  

Marine turn 5

The scattered tactical marines grab a building and the assault marines go after the rangers. Rallying, the command squad move back towards the wraithknight.

Shooting and the first shot is a krack grenade from the command squad at the wraithknight, it hits, wounds and the knight fail’s its armour save getting killed in a rather unfitting manner.

Assault phase and the assault marines charge into the rangers, a marine dies to overwatch. The marines take no damage from the rangers and manage to inflict 10 wounds, but I get very lucky and save 7! The rangers still run for it and leg it off the table. In support of the sanguinary guard the tactical squad charge into the dire avengers, but before the tacticals can strike the dire avengers they kill off the lone sanguinary guard. Unfortunately the dire avengers don’t do much better and get cut down by the tactical marines. In the middle of the table the sternguard multi-charge the guardians and dire avengers, I get 10 over watch hits and 2 die in the process, in combat however I don’t do as well failing to do any wounds and lose 2 guardians for my effort. The eldar hold though. In his deployment zone a tactical squad charges into the striking scorpions but the mandiblasters manage to kill 2 then the exarch kills the rest of the marines off without breaking a sweat. Finally the Avatar kills the apothecary who challenges him, the marines hold.

Eldar turn 5

Both the warp spiders and the vyper hunt down the stragglers of the tactical marines, the warp spiders surround a poor marine in an ally way. The war walkers move back to see the assault marines. Moving towards the command squad which killed the wraithknight the scorpions attempt to avenge its ally.

Shooting from the war walkers murders the assault marines with ease, just as easily the warp spiders, taking full advantage of their position, kill 1 tactical marine. Luckily the vyper kills off the other lone tactical holding a building.

Assault and the scorpions charge into the command squad and cut down 2 marines and the champion before losing 1 of their number. The marines hold. The Avatar kills off 3 more marines but they hold as well. Somehow the combined force of guardians and dire avengers kill off the sternguard.

At this point we call the game, we should have played 1 more turn but my opponent didn’t see much point.

Eldar: 1 Building – Marines: 0


That was a really fun and rather different game, and a great way to say farewell to 6th edition. I won’t say much about this as it’s rather redundant and will be irrelevant in a few days.

But what I will say is that the stratagums and scenarios are a great way to spice up any game and you will find yourself using units that you normally ignore. Try it yourself, I know I will be going back to it once I have my head around 7th edition.

Hope you enjoyed the report.

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  1. by far my favourite report!!! eldar seemed to work so nicely i loved it ! keep them coming!!!