Friday 30 May 2014

Eldar vs Imperial fists and Imperial Guard 1500: First game of 7th

This is my first battle report for 7th edition and looking back we had a few slight rules mishaps, but nothing too major I don’t believe. Anyway the game was between my Eldar force and the Forces of the Imperium in a 1500 point game of Spoils of War.

The Armies

With a new edition we get a new way to make our lists, so I take advantage of this and take two detachments of Eldar in my 1500 point list.

Eldar 1498
Primary detachment
Farseer – 120 (warlord: night attacker) w/ bikes
Jetbike, singing spear [prescience, perfect timing, precognition, scyers gaze]

3 Jet bikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

3 Jet bikes – 61
Shuriken cannon

Crimson Hunter – 160

8 Warp Spiders – 154

Vyper – 70
Bright lance

Secondary detachment

Spiritseer – 70
[protect/jinx, enhance]

5 Wraithguard – 160
Wave Serpent - 145
Scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holo field

5 Wraithguard – 160
Wave Serpent - 145
Scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holo field

6 Swooping Hawks – 96
6 Swooping Hawks – 96

This list uses a lot of fast attack units; I was hoping that it would play to the Eldar strength. We will see if it works or not. Maybe filling heavy slots might have been better, we shall see.

Imperium 1500

Imperial Fists

Chapter Master – 160 (Warlord: Night attacker)
Power axe, storm shield

Tactical Squad – 165
10 man, missile launcher, melta gun

Tactical Squad – 170
10 man, missile launcher, plasma gun

Devastator squad – 145
3x lascannon, missile launcher

Centurion Devastator squad – 290
3x lascannon, omniscope, 3x missile launcher

Razorback – 75
Twin-linked lascannon

Imperial Guard

Company Command Squad – 80
Master of ordinance

Veteran squad – 80

Infantry platoon
Command – 30
Infantry squad – 50
Infantry squad – 50

Leman Russ Exterminator – 140

Wyvern – 65 (using a griffon as a proxy)

A lot of bodies on the table here, and a fair few heavy weapons. Let’s see what happens here.

The Mission

With new missions available to use we decided to use one of the new ones, and rolled up Spoils of War. Deployment was dawn of war so nice and simple. We got the objective placement wrong and place them down after we have already selected out deployment zones so we just give ourselves 3 objectives each in our deployment zone. Slight mistake there, will have to watch out for that in the future. Rolling for who deploys first I win and select to go first.

My deployment was quite simple. I place the farsser with a bike squad in the middle of the table with the warp spiders and vyper surrounding them. The wraithguard go in the wave serpent in the middle and the spiritseer joins the others in their wave serpent on the left flank. I place both units of hawks at the back of the table and the crimson hunter and bike squad start in reserve.

To counter this my opponent deploys across his deployment zone, holding all of his objectives. The units of importance are the centurions on the left, chapter master in the middle and company command squad on the far right. The devastators are deployed in the centre. Half a tactical squad goes into the razorback on the right side of the table. The griffon is counting as a wyvern this game.

Night Fight: turn 1 (but we both ignore it)

Steal the initiative: Yes   

The Battle

Imperium turn 1

The leman russ exterminator pivots on the spot to see a wave serpent while on the right the veterans move up but the lascannon team stays in place. The razorback moves up 6 to get a better shot on the viper. On the left the centurions and infantry squad protecting it move slightly to the right.

Orders from the company command give the veterans twin-linked and target the viper getting a single glancing hit. The razorback then tries to finish it off but the pilot goes into emergency manoeuvres and jinks out the way. Calling upon a low orbiting ship the Chapter master of the imperial fists gives co-ordinates for a lance strike, the orbital bombardment isn’t exactly accurate but still hits the viper and a bike, but they both jink out the way at the last second. More calls are made as the master of ordinance orders a strike which ends up hitting a unit of swooping hawks killing 3 and managing to kill a single biker as well. The wyvern targets the other hawks and locks on getting 10 wounds and killing 5 of the hawks. Firing at the wave serpent in the centre the devastators manage to get 3 penetrating hits but the pilot jinks out the way of harm. Not allowing it to stop all the damage the exterminator gets 2 glancing hits on it. In an attempt to finish the tank the centurions fire at it and get a single glance but the tank jinks out the way.

End of turn and he cashes in objective 3 and 4, and discards his 3rd card.
Imperium: 2 – Eldar: 0

Eldar turn 1

Both of the wave serpents move straight towards the middle of the table aiming to take out the strong point of the humans. The warp spiders follow jumping 11 inches and the viper moves forwards a little as well. Both units of hawks skyleap out of harm.

Psychic phase and I roll a 6. I attempt to cast prescience on 4 dice and fail. I then attempt to cast prescience on 3 dice and succeed. Finally I cast scryers gaze on 4 dice and pass allowing me to discard a tactical card (Recon, as we weren’t using mysterious objectives).

Shooting and both of the wave serpents go flat out 18 inches ending right on the door step of the enemy. The vypers attempts to shoot at the wyvern but misses. The warp spiders run 4 inches then shoot at the tactical marines in the ruin and kill 1.

Assault phase and the warp spiders jump back 4 inches into cover.

End of turn and I discard a tactical objective (Demolitions, as no buildings).
Imperium: 2 – Eldar: 0

Imperial turn 2

Drawing new tactical cards and he gets (objective 4, objective 5, Harness the warp).

Moving and the razorback moves 6 inches and drops off the tactical squad inside of it. Again the vets move up but leave a line to the lascannon team. Leading from the front the Chapter master and the half tactical squad move to face the wave serpents. Moving away from the vyper the wyvern backs up 6 inches, again the centurions and guard move up a little.

A long range shot from the tacticals plasma gun targets the vyper but it jinks out the way. The centurions target the undamaged wave serpent and get a penetrating hit, but the serpent shield reduces it to a glancing hit. The devastators target the same serpent but it again jinks out of harm’s way. The Russ and tactical missile launcher also target a wave serpent and it just jinks out the way. The wyvern shoots at the warp spiders and locks on again, killing 2 models.

Assault phase and the infantry squad charges into a wave serpent and wrecks it with frag grenades, forcing the wraithguard out. The chapter master and tactical friends charge the other wave serpent and wreck it with krack grenades.

End of turn and he controls objective 4 and gains first blood.
Imperium: 4 – Eldar: 0

Eldar turn 2

Tactical objectives (objective 6, hungry for glory, kingslayer)

In from reserve comes the crimson hunter and it moves towards the leman russ. Both units of hawks come in and grenade the infantry squad in the centre killing 5 who then run. The warp spiders jump 18 inches towards the devastator squad. Moving around the wreckage the wraithguard move to see the chapter master and his tactical squad bodyguard.

Casting his powers the spiritseer jinx’s the devastator squad reducing its save to 4+, but not without cost, he perils and takes a wound AND forgets the power.  The farseer tries to cast precognition on himself but the imperium deny the witch.

Shooting from the crimson hunter targets the leman russ in the side armour and gets a single penetrating hit blowing the engine apart, immobilising it, but still leaving the tank very much alive. The wraithguard both shoot at the chapter master and body guard and get 4 wounds, he goes to ground for a 4+ cover save and only 2 die. The hawks who can shoot target the running guard and kill 2 more.  A torrent of fire from the warp spiders targets the devestators but only kill 1 model! Then they run back 4.

End of turn and I discard hungry for glory as I don’t want to issue any challanges.
Imperium: 4 – Eldar: 0

Imperium turn 3

Drawing new objectives he gets hold objective 5 and objective 6, keeping the other capture objective 5.

The running guard keep running and go straight off the table. Again the wyvern moves away from the viper. The centurions guard allies run into the middle to support the centre.

Shooting from the centurions targets the crimson hunter and they get 2 hits and penetrate it but it jinks out the way. A tactical squad shoots at the hawks killing 1. The infantry squad shoots at the warp spiders and manages to drag down 2. The russ targets the wraithguard unit on the right and kills 2, blowing though there armour. The devastators target the other unit and kill 1 more. Again a strike is called from behind the lines, as the master of ordinance targets the wraithguard, but it scatters a little and kill 2! Veterans shoot at the wraithguard and kill 1 more with their lascannon. Another guard squad targets the warp spiders and kill 2 more (they run). On the right a long plasma gunshot from the tacticals hits the vyper but it jinks out the way. The wyvern targets the wraithguard but it scatters onto the tactical squad in the ruin and deals 5 wounds but the power armour holds strong.

He is controlling objective 6 so cashes in his card and forces me to discard mine (mission special rule).
Imperium: 5 – Eldar: 0

Eldar turn 3

My current objectives are overwhelming firepower, kingslayer, hold the line)

In from reserve come the bikes and head behind the ruins on the left. The vyper moves back into my deployment zone. The warp spiders keep running and the wraithguard move even closer to the chapter master. The crimson hunter is able to move just little enough to still be able to target the russ.

Psychic phase and the spiritseer gives the wraithguard +1 strength.

Snap shots from the crimson hunter fail to hit the leman russ, the vyper snaps at the razor back but fails to hit as well. Shooting from both wraithguard units targets the chapter master and kill off the tactical marines. Shooting from the hawks targets the platoon command and 3 die! End of the phase and the chapter master takes a moral test and rolls 11, then runs off the table!!!

End of turn and I can use all of my objective as I have 3 units in my deployment, have destroyed a unit and destroyed the warlord!
Imperium: 5 – Eldar: 6

Imperium turn 4

Imperial objectives this turn are hold objective 2, 4 and overwhelming firepower

On the right the razor back and tactical marines move forwards as does the wyvern. On the left the centurions and guard move to face the wraithguard.

Again the company command squad orders the veterans and gives them twin-linked, they target the lone warp spider and kills him. The razorback targets the vyper but again it jinks out the way. The tactical squad however just wrecks the vyper, damn bolt guns. The centurions target the crimson hunter again but they only manage a single penetrating hit which shakes the flyer. A few shots from tactical marines kills the lone hawk while the rest of the force manages targets the wraithguard but fails to do anything.

End of turn and he destroyed 3 units, gaining D3 (3) points
Imperium: 8 – Eldar: 6

Eldar turn 4

Objectives this turn are hold objective 2, objective 4 and harness the warp.

The bike in the centre separates from the farseer, and moves towards objective 4 which is held by the company command. The hawks move to the russ ready to try and damage it, the crimson hunter moves towards the wyvern as it can’t target the russ.

Again the spiritseer casts -1 strength on the guard squad and the farseer casts perfect timing on himself and precognition to I can cast 3 powers in a single turn.

Snap shots from the crimson hunter fails to hit the wyvern again. The lone bike boosts and gets within 3 inches of objective 4. In the centre the wraithguard kill 2 infantry men while the hawks fail to throw a haywire grenade at the russ.

The wraithguard charges into the infantry squad and kill 1, the guard fail to do any damage as they are too weak and elect to run. The wraithguard cut them down as they try to run.

I hold objective 4 and cast 3 psychic powers!
Imperium: 8 – Eldar: 11

Imperium turn 5
2x Objective 5 and Ascendancy.

The guard and tactical marines surround the lone bike on objective 4.

Again the master of ordinance targets the wraithguard but the shot scatters off the table. The devastators however manage to kill 1 wraithgaurd. The barrage from the wyvern also targets the wraithguard but it scatters onto the hawks and kills them both. Shots from the centurions manage to kill off the wraithguard  and the Russ wrecks the crimson hunter and the guard kill off the lone biker.

Scores points for Ascendancy as he holds 3 objectives.
Imperium: 10 – Eldar: 11

Eldar turn 5

Hold objective 1, 4, and psychological warfare.

The seer moves to objective 1, and the bikes on the left move up the table ready to get line breaker.

Shooting phase and the bikes boost into the enemy deployment zone.

End of turn and I score objective 1 and discard psychological warfare.

Imperium: 10 – Eldar 12

We roll to see if the game continues, and it does not.

Final Scores

Imperium: 10 – Eldar: 13

Eldar Victory


New edition and a victory to the Eldar despite only having 4 models left on the table. My opponent was not happy with this especially as he had a lot of models left on the table. The tactical objectives were great in this game, my opponent lead at the beginning then i took over mid game. It makes for a very intense game. Granted we placed down the objectives very wrong, but still deployment and manoeuvrability ended up being key to this game.

I did get rather lucky a few times in this game, with the Chapter master running away giving me a VAST number of points. If that didn’t happen I would have lost. While I thought my list would be good it really was far too fragile, adding something with a little more bodies or just more survivability would have been better.

With council of war coming very soon I need to get my act together and come up with a new list and have a little practice with it. So that's probably what Tuesdays article will be about, hope you enjoyed the battle report.


  1. IIRC, the new IG doesn't have any twin-linked order anymore. Bring It Down! gives tank and monster hunter now. Other than that, he had some very lucky dice with that MoO so he shouldn't be too disappointed with losing. Plus the new dynamic objectives missions are very random so it take a measure of skill out of it (not all the skill mind you.)

    Either way, great game, good report, and congratulations on the victory.

  2. I think your list is solid but you made a vital mistake. You plunged into the middle right into the hardest fight and kinda got surrounded, costing you both wave serpents and nearly the game. Eldar are about hitting the weakness and keeping away from the strong. Looking at deployment you should have sent the wave serpents to your left of the tree, then hit the centurions in the face hard with the wraith guard and killed the supporting units with the serpents. Having nailed the flank you would have put him on the back foot and been free to roll across the rest of his force
    I think the key to playing Eldar is working out how to best use the speed for a total redeployment of force at the weekest point.
    However a great sounding game, very tence and a blindingly lucky turn for the win, I hope you're opponent wasn't a too saw looser and found the change in fortune as hilarious as I would have.

    1. Eldar are looking great. Thanks for the bat rep!

      Nice critique by Daniel as well!

  3. Nice report, and nice looking eldar. I've been coming to your blog intermittently for a while now and I always enjoy what I find. I'm also happy to see that someone else still has their Mordheim buildings - I was wondering if I was the only one.