Tuesday 13 May 2014

May Painting Challange: Update 1

I spent Sunday painting and so far i have made a little dint into my challenge, and i am quite happy with the results so far. Hopefully i will get a bit more done soon and actually finish off this challenge before the month is done. 

So the to do list was: 
Crimson hunter
Wave serpent
8 warp spiders
rebase wraithguard
weapons platforms
magnatise weapons

The crimson hunter is now finished! it took the majority of the day but i did it all in a day. It doesn't look like much but getting bleach bone to show though a purple base requires several coats. You can see i don't use blue as a spot colour on this guy, instead i went with a dark red. With my fire dragons i decided to keep the aspect colour visible a little instead of blue and i have carried this on with the hunter. I think it works quite nicely and makes it a little more obvious what it is at first glance. 

The rest of my stuff is i have started on both the wave serpent and a test for the warp spiders, i am not 100% sure how to do them yet so i am just seeing what happens, hopefully i will like it. The weapons platforms are almost done. I have the bases for the wraithguard almost finished then its the awkward gluing them on and keeping them on. 

Still i am quite happy with whats happened so far. If you are getting in the mood for painting and want to join in the painting challenge leave a comment and i will give you a shout out, hopefully getting you a few more page views. 

I apologise for no post last friday but i was distracted by real life stuff, but i have a report ready for this friday so make sure you are back for that, Eldar vs Tau in a 1500 point game.