Tuesday 6 May 2014

Painting Challenge: May 2014

April wasn’t good, I stopped doing anything after I built the veterans and couldn’t get back into the guard. I feel a little brake from the guard is in order, especially as I have to paint my eldar force for the council of war in Nottingham, and as I’m not 100% sure what I will be taking yet that’s a lot of eldar to paint.

So April was a failure, that’s two on the run now. Let’s hope May changes it around. What I need to do this month is
·        Re-base 5 wraithguard: they are still on the old base, needs updating.
·        Paint 8 Warp spiders: I primed them ages ago and need to be done, I use them most games and probably will carry on doing so, having them painted can only help
·        Paint Crimson hunter: As my only real anti-air out side of praying a wave serpent can do it, this guys needs painting.
·        3rd Wave serpent: two were painted long ago, the 3rd needs finishing
·        Paint up weapons and magnetise them for war walkers, vypers and weapons platforms. (also finish painting weapons platforms).

It’s a lot me this month so once again I doubt it will get done, but I need to get my ass into gear if I am able to have a reasonable force. Also with the rumoured 7th edition (or 6.5 as some call it) I might have to have a big shift in my force when it hits. It’s just so unfortunate that it will hit a few weeks before the weekend. It will be trying but I need to get as much of my force painted before I the rules change, as potentially different might become the must have in my army. I doubt it but maybe storm guardians and banshees will become unstoppable. You never know.


  1. A change has really helped me. I picked up an Exocrine weekend before last and only have a final dry brush and basing to do. Hopefully I can then channel that into my shoota boyz tonight, then I just need to find the Umpff to take the photo's I have and make some posts.

  2. Magnetizing all the weapons is quite a feat but once its done it is super sick to just be able to switch weapons.