Tuesday 9 September 2014

Starting Malifaux

Once again I have been distracted by another game, this time it’s Malifaux, a skirmish game where most of the characters have a fair amount of character. This is very different from what i normally go for, as i like to invent my own characters and this one has them all premade for you. I had been told it is similar to Warmachine which i tried to play a while ago, and it didn’t really catch on with me. This one though, hopefully will.

For those of you who don’t know about malifaux, it a rather small skirmish game, with a player just having a hand full of models. What really caught my eye though was the aesthetics of the new models. It has been around for a while, but recently underwent a transition to its 2nd edition, and with this it has had a release of plastic models which are just beautiful. In the past they have only had metal models, and while that doesn’t put me off, the sculpts where rather disappointing. However these new plastics are truly fantastic and capture the idea of a victor horror with magic.

The different factions in the game are rather different to other games, while some factions are an established group who work together such as the guild, who are the law enforcement of the land. Other groups are more a lose collection of people who have similar properties, such as the resurrectionists, who don’t work together, but all have one thing in common, necromancy. All of them are very different and the ones that has caught my eye are the Resserectionists, Neverborn and Outcasts.

But i have decided that Resurrectionists are the ones for me. Who doesn’t love a bit of necromancy and ending the game with more models than you started? Unfortunately it means i need a few extra models to summon, but i can live with that. What has surprised me the most though is that my girlfriend was interested and wanted to try the game out, and has ended up getting the Pandora crew from the neverborn faction. So yer... that’s never happened before.

In this game it is similar to warmachine in that you can have a single Master, who is a very powerful character and the leader of your crew. But unlike most games, just simply killing your opponent won’t guarantee you the victory. You have to play to the mission or all is lost. Which intrigues me really and while i’m not the best tactical player it will force me to think about more than just kill the scary model.

Another plus of the game is that you can really just use any terrain that you like, but it does requite a little more terrain than i am used to. Its no issue though as it has given me an excuse to pull out my old morheim buildings and make a bit of a ruined village, which fits into the malifaux look quite nicely. It’s not Victorian, but it will do.

Anyway watch this space as hopefully if i can get to grips with the rules quickly enough i will do a dew more posts on the subject.

For those of you who do or have played malifaux in the past, any tips?

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  1. Malifaux was one of the games that caught my attention at Nova. It's got such colorful and varied characters...you can build a team from almost any aspect of the universe. I am looking forward to your experimentation in the universe, and will attempt to keep my wallet closed as long as possible :).