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Malifaux Battle Report: Nicodem vs Seamus 40 SS

This is my first go at attempting a Malifaux battle report so please forgive the sloppy format, hopefully it will get better over time. This is a Nicodem vs Seamus 40 soul stone game.


We set up the terrain on the table, we place a river down the middle, trees a ruined building and a laboritory on the table.

Factions: We both declare Resurrectionists as our faction.

Deployment: standard deployment

Strategy: Squatters rights

  • Line in the sand
  • Protect Territory
  • Assassinate
  • Outflank
  • Frame for murder

From the available schemes I pick protect territory and frame for murder. The “Sucker” for frame for murder is one of my Canine remains. I don't reveal either of my schemes, and my opponent reveals protect territory.

My Crew

Nicodem (cache 3)
  • Necrotic King (2)
Mortimer (9)
- Corpse Bloat (2)
  • My favourite shovel (2)
Toshiro (9)
Canine Remains (4)
Canine Remains (4)
Punk Zombie (7)
Soulstones left (1)

Opponenets Crew

Seamus (cache 3)
  • Bag o' tools (1)
  • Red Chapel Killer (1)
  • Mad Haberdasher (2)
Madam Sybell (8)
– Bleeding tongue (1)
Bete Noire (8)
Copycat Killer (3)
Rotten Belle (5)
Rotten Belle (5)
Rotten Belle (5)
Soulstones left (1)

Flipping for deployment I win and select my opponent to deploy first. He places two of his rotten bells along the right of his deployment zone, Madam Sybelle in the middle with the final Belle, and on the left Seamus and the copycat killer deploy in the grave yard. He has Bet Noir start buried.

To counter this I deploy mainly on the right, Nicodem hides behind a wall in the ruined house with the punk zombie. Slightly to their left Toshiro deploys behind the sucker dog. To the left of them the other dog deploys and Mortimer hides behind a tree.

The Game

Turn 1: Flipping for Initiative, I win.

  • To start the turn Mortimer finds a bone and places a corpse marker down next to him, he then walks forwards 4 and drops another corpse marker and takes 3 damage from 'you don't need a spleen'.
  • A rotten belle walks forwards and lures the sucker canine remains forwards towards it.
  • As it will probably be dead (again) soon the lured remains activates and also finds a bone, placing the corpse marker behind it.
  • Madam Sybelle double walks towards the dog and Calls a Belle into base contact with her. Using companion, the called Belle activates and lures the Canine remains towards it, and pounces on it, dealing 1 damage. The belle then attacks the dead dog, but fails to hit.
  • Toshiro activates next and walks forwards, he attempts to give the punk zombie fast but fails to cast.
  • Another Belle moves up and uses her luring skills on Toshiro but his will is too strong to be aroused by her.
  • The Punk zombie walks forwards and drops a scheme marker out side of my deployment.
  • Seamus uses Back alley, and spends a soulstone to get the suit of tomes, allowing him to move 16 inches, straight towards Toshiro, he walks towards him and shoots with his flintlock dealing 4 damage.
  • With Seamus so close the other dog double walks towards him.
  • Emerging from the shadow behind Seamus the copycat killer using mistaken identity. He attempts to shoot the closes dog but fails to hit and gets pushed back 4 inches. His final action is to move back to his original position.
  • Nicodem uses a soulstone to get a second crows on his summoning action, and summons a flesh construct next to toshiro. He then summons a punk zombie onto the corpse marker next to Mortimer. His final action is to cast decay onto the flesh construct, and declares the trigger dessication to discard mortimers first corpse marker and heal the flesh construct fully. Decay gets moderate damage and the explosion clips toshiro healing him 2 damage.
  • The flesh construct moves towards the belles.
  • The punk zombie walks up.

Turn 2

I win the flip for initiative again

  • I feel the flesh construct will die soon, so I activate him and he attacks one of the Rotten bells, managing to deal 4 damage.
  • Madam Sybelle attacks the canine remains closest to her (my sucker for frame for murder) and kills him. I reveal my scheme as gain 3 points for the guy getting killed by a henchmen before turn 4. The Belle attacked by the flesh construct uses companion to activate straight away and attacks the construct back but fails to hit.
  • Toshiro charges into a Rotten Belle and dispatches her with ease.
  • Creeping from the shadows Seamus shoots at the punk zombie next to him and reduces him to 1 health thanks to hard to kill. He charges into the remaining dog and with his bag o' tolls kills the poor creature. To finish off the activation he summons a new Belle next to him, who then activates with companion and lures the punk zombie closer, but fails to kill it.
  • Lured towards the belle, the punk zombie attacks her with his katanas, but only manages to deal 4 damage.
  • On the right the last Belle activates and moves towards the flesh construct and lures him towards her, both of the bells pounce on the flesh construct but thanks to terrible draws the belles do no damage.
  • The second punk zombie charges in to help the other one, ending in the river but still in range of the belle, and manages to deal 2 damage.
  • Copycat killer activates next and kills the punk zombie on 1 health.
  • Nicodem uses decay to both heal the remaining punk zombie but also manages to clip the rotten belle in the blast and kill her! The rest of his activation is useless as I fail to summon twice.
  • Bete noir activates and charges toshiro, but first she has to escape the flesh construct. She manages to push past and reduces Toshiro down to 1 health.
  • Doing what he does, Mortimer drops 2 corpse markers and moves to shield Nicodem from Seamus.

Turn 3

I really need this turns initiative but fail, I use a soulstone to increase my flip of 2 up to a 3.

  • Madam sybelle charges Tashiro and attempts to finish him off, but I have to use both a 13 and the red joker to keep him from taking damage. A belle activates straight away and deals 4 damage to the flesh construct.
  • Nicodem uses decay, and the trigger on Toshiro and heals him back up to full wounds. Mortimer uses companion to activate, he moves forwards and uses corpse bloat to explode a corpse marker to deal 5 damage to Madam Sybelle.
  • The copycat killer activates and fires at Mortimer twice (as he's got Seamus holding him up) but fails to hit twice.
  • Toshiro attacks Madam Sybelle and cuts her down in combat, using his trigger <!!!> he pushes away 4 inches. He then gives the remaining punk zombie fast.
  • Seamus shoots at Mortimer but again does no damage.
  • Flesh construct flailing with his fists fails to do any damage to the Rotten belles around him.
  • Bete noir charges into the flesh construct and gets reduced down to 3 health. The last belle activates with companion but again fails to do any damage.
  • The final activation is the punk zombie charging into the copycat killer and cutting him to bits, killing him.

Turn 4

  • Bette Noir activates first and attacks the flesh construct, her first attacks fails but her second gets weak damage reducing it down to 1 health. A rotten belle activates with companion and attempts to kill off the flesh construct but again a terrible draw by my opponent and great draws by myself prevents any damage.
  • Flailing with its fists, the flesh construct deals 3 damage to a Rotten Belle but she still lives.
  • The other Belle on the right activates and attacks the flesh construct and this time an attack gets past the duel and kill the flesh construct.
  • Revenge for Toshiro as he dismembers Madam Sybelle in combat with his katana.
  • Seamus calmly charges Mortimer and goes to town on the hemchmen, he kills him with his Bag o' tools and the final trigger to go off is 'he's insane', making every one question attacking him for the rest of the turn.
  • Using the corpse marker from the flesh construct, Nicodem raises another flesh construct in the middle of Bete noir and the Belle's. Then using Mortimer's corpse, heals it up to full health.
  • I activate my flesh construct but his single attack does nothing.
  • To finish the turn my punk zombie charges into Seamus, and being close to both Nicodem and Toshiro hits with both of his attacks. The first deals 4 damage, as does the second but Seamus drops his Hat, preventing the damage and dropping a Hat marker.

Turn 5

Again my opponent wins the flip for initiative

  • Bete Noir activates first and pushes past the flesh construct (who fails his disengaging strike) and charges into Nicodem. She manages to inflict moderate damage and paralize him!
  • Next my punk zombie activates and uses flurry against Seamus. It takes all of its attacks but the murderer Seamus finally meets his end.
  • On the right one of the Rotten Belles is out of melee range of the flesh construct, and drops a scheme marker, then lures the brute closer to her. She pounces and deals 1 damage, while the other belle does just the same. Then the second Belle activates and attacks the flesh construct dealing 2 damage.
  • Toshiro activates next and takes one of the centre objectives.
  • Nicodem activates and ends as he's paralysed.

We flip to see if the game carries on, and with a 12, we move onto turn 6.

Turn 6

I win the initiative this turn

  • Punk zombie activates first and charges into Bete Noir, she is only on low health and the punk dispatches her, but she manages to bury herself with 'One with the night'.
  • One of the Belles attempts to walk away from the flesh construct but gets caught in a disengaging strike, her second action is to attack it and deals 1 damage. The second belle activates and does no damage.
  • Toshiro activates and drops a scheme marker.
  • Nicodem falls back to the other scheme markers that's further back.

We flip for turn 7 but fail.

Seamus : 0
Nidocem: 6 (3 VP for frame for murder, 3 VP for protect territory)


This was my first game using the proper rules for schemes and I was quite happy how it ended up. It was quite surprising how different the game becomes when you have a few targets, instead of just kill the enemy for 5 turns.

I feel that my crew wasn't too bad, at least in this game it wasn't too bad. Using the dogs and Mortimer to get more corpse tokens straight away did help, as it got me more minions turn 1. But that was a very basic tactic, maybe dropping an upgrade or two for more soul stones would help me raise more minions as later in the game I was struggling to raise more models.

The combination of Toshiro and Nicodem really helped to make my other models hit with the double positive flip. Apart from that I didn't have any real synergies, but I will work it in the future.

Anyway, I apologise for the state of this battle report, I am not happy with it but I will hopefully make a better report in the future.  

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