Wednesday 1 October 2014

Sometimes life gets in the way

The last 2 weeks have gone post free and I apologise for that, but a few things have come up that prevented me from putting the work in needed to have a half decent post. So instead of having a half baked post I decided to just work on an old battle report in the few spare minuets I could get. That will be posted Friday.

Not that I have been idle, as well as typing when I can I have had a friend create a new banner for my blog which some of you might have noticed, and the colours of a few things have changed around. As the blog was originally about fantasy Orcs and Goblins, it was green to reflect that. But lets be honest, as soon as I started to do more 40k stuff the blog has been visited a lot more. And my Eldar have taken over a bit, so I have changed the sight to reflect that. I feel its more fitting at this point.

Thats not all, I started to paint a little bit of my Malifaux, and here is the tester model for a punk zombie. My aim was to try and get a more putrid looking skin, which didn't turn out great, but its ok. I am going to test it out again slightly different on another model and make my decision.

Another little surprise that happened while I was away. I received a few old imperial guard models free of cost, about 20 catachans, 2 leman russ battle tanks and 4 sentinels. All of the model have been terribly put together and in need of taking apart and re-building. While I won't be using the sentinels (and have ignored them) the catachans will be useful for making mutants, and I have rebuilt and sprayed the tanks for use with my force.

Anyway that will be it for now, hopefully I will be able to get back to normal but one of the reasons I had to stop was my girlfriend suffered a family bereavement so I have been supporting her as much as possible, with the funeral soon I might have to stop again to make sure she's ok. But soon I will be back to normal.  

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  1. I think the zombie is looking good, just need a bit of shade here and there to pop out some more contrast. Having just purchased some malifaux...i understand how difficult those guys are to paint. They are ridiculously small!

    Hope everything goes well, I'm sure she appreciates your support.