Friday 13 March 2015

Goblins vs Warriors of chaos: Elven Tower

In the wide, a lone elven watch tower stands, said to contain a most powerful artifact. Two forces clash in order to take it, the hordes of chaos and a vast clan of night goblins. This game is a 1500 point game of the watch tower.

The Armies

Goblins 1500

Goblin Warboss – 111
Great weapon, armour of destiny

Nigh goblin Big boss – 109
Battle standard, great weapon, armour of silvered steal

Nigh goblin Big boss – 87
Gigantic squig, shield, light armour, dragonhelm, spear

Nigh goblin Shaman – 85
Level 2, sneaky stabbing, gift of the spider god

40 Nigh goblins – 155
Musician, bows, 1x fanatic

40 Nigh goblin – 165
Standard, musician, 1x fanatic

50 Nigh goblin – 245
Full command, nets, 2x fanatic

6 Common trolls – 210

Squig herd – 180
18 squigs, 12 goblins

Colossal Squig – 135

Now I know the colossal squig is meant for storm of magic but I'm using it as a rare choice as it fits the theme. My opponent had no issue with this.

Warriors of chaos 1500

Exalted Champion (General)
Mark of khorne, sword of striking, enchanted shield, chalice of chaos, burning body

17 Chaos warriors
Full command, mark of khorne, halberds, shield

17 Chaos warriors
Full command, mark of khorne, shield

5  Marauder horseman
Mark of khorne, flails

5 Marauder horseman
Mark of khorne, flails


3 Skull crushers
Ensorcelled weapons

Chaos spawn
Mark of khorne

The Mission

We roll for a mission and get the watch tower, this wasn’t great for me and if a warrior unit starts in it, I will struggle to get them out of the building. We don’t bother rolling for table side as we just use the sides we have our models out on. Rolling for deployment the chaos win, and select not to place a unit in the watch tower. We then deploy units one at a time as the rules. Unsurprisingly he ends finishing his deployment first and gains the +1.

Warriors of chaos win the roll to go first but selects for me to go first.

The Battle
Goblin turn 1

Rolling for animosity, my force is relatively squabble free with only the squig herders kicking off and squabbling for this turn. With no charges, I move the colossal squig forward and it moves 17 inches forwards, the gigantic squig moves forwards 10. On the left the bow goblins push forwards while the two blocks push forwards towards the watchtower.

Magic phase and it gets shut down.

Warriors turn 1

Attempting to restrain charges, the warriors in the centre fail and try to charge the colossal squig, but thankfully don’t roll high enough to make it, stumbling forwards. On the right the mounted marauders also fail to hold, getting caught up in the blood frenzy but their steeds just can’t get them there and fail the charge on the big boss on squig. Everyone else stays in control and repositions, with the skull crushers moving towards the squigs, and the marauders on the left getting into position to attack the bow armed night goblins. In the centre the block of warriors with halberds, move towards the watch tower. The spawn moves towards the big boss on squig.

Magic phase and the shrine attempts to cast its bound spell and rolls irresistible force. He gets to give 3 gifts, the exalted champion gets +1 toughness, the champion of the halberd unit gets +1 attack and the other unit champion gets transformed in to a spawn. He places it in front of the unit which triggers the fanatics in the foremost unit of night goblins. They spread out but hit no enemy units.

Goblin turn 2

All animosity tests are passed this turn, and with no charges to declare I go onto compulsory movement. The colossal squig moves towards the spawn in front of it and makes it into combat with it. The blocks of night goblins move towards the chaos warriors and release the fanatics, but they fail to make combat, and the smaller block finishes its move by getting into the tower. On the left the goblins with bows move forward and release their fanatic, but he fails to make it, staying 4 inches in front of the goblins. The trolls and squigs get into position to try and charge next turn.

Magic phase and I only manage to cast sneaky stabbing on the colossal squig, and gift of the spider god is dispelled.

Shooting is only the night goblins with short bows shooting at the horsemen on the left, and manage to kill a single chaos worshipper.

Combat is very brief, with the spawn attacking first, and dealing 2 wounds to the squig. Attacking back the squig gets 6 attacks, but only deals 2 wounds. I win the combat but the spawn in unbreakable.

Warriors turn 2

 Across the table he has to restrain charges. The horsemen on the left fail and charge the night goblins, who stand and shoot, killing 1, then they charge though the fanatic and get killed off. The warriors behind the colossal squig charge into the colossal squig helping out their former champion, now a spawn. In the centre the general leads his warriors in a charge into tower, trying to remove the goblins form it. And on the right skull crushers charge into the squigs while the horsemen charge into the big boss on squig.

Magic and he attempts to use the warshirnes bound spell but doesn’t get irresistible force so I stop it.

Combat and it gets bloody. On the right the marauders manage to deal 2 wounds to the big boss, who pays back the favour by killing 2 back. He attempts to run after losing combat, but gets cut down. Skull crushers do a lot of damage to the squigs killing off 7 but the squigs manage to kill a whole crusher. The squigs hold and carry on the fight next turn. Before the colossal can even strike, the warriors cut down the squig and the warriors over run into the night goblin unit in front of it. IN the centre of the table, the warriors and exalted champion murder so many goblins inside the watch tower, and the goblins somehow manage to kill 1 back, but by the end of it I lose combat by 15, but thanks the to bsb I hold my ground.

Goblins turn 3

Again no animosity or stupidity so I can do what I want. The trolls come to the aid of my general and charge the warriors in the flank. The fanatics swing around and only 1 does damage, it hits the skull crushers, dealing 2 wounds, and kills 4 squig herders. I attempt to do a quick reform with my bows, but they fail and just do a regular reform.

Magic and all of my units are out of range thanks to the shaman failing ot organise his unit.

Combat and this turn the crushers kill off 6 squigs and I deal 2 wounds back, killing off a crusher. The squigs hold though. In the big combat, the warriors of chaos get netted, so they can only kill off 7 of the night goblins, them trolls retaliate killing 9! The warriors run for it but escape with the goblins chasing after them, the trolls reform.

Warriors turn 3

Again the exalted champion takes his warriors and charges the tower, while the right chaos spawn slams into the squig heard. The squig on the left attempts to charge into the trolls but fails to make contact.  With the trolls so close the warshrine moves away from them. On the right the marauders move to my back field and circle around the squigs.

Magic phase and once more the bound spell has 6 dice thrown at it, getting irresistible force. It gives the exalted champion +1 strength.

Skull crushers and spawn murder the squig heard, and the spawn over runs while the skull crusher reforms. In the tower combat again the chaos warriors kill off 13 night goblins, but even with the re-roll the night goblins brake and run for it, while the warriors take over the tower.

Goblin turn 4

The trolls pass their stupidity test and charge into the spawn, and the fanatics spin around doing nothing. Fortunately for me, the running goblins rally and reform to see the skull crusher. I get to move the shaman actually into range of casting spells.

Waving his arms and chanting, the shaman gives gift of the spider god to the trolls, and sneaky stabbing on them as well.

Combat and the trolls murder the spawn with ease, taking no damage. They overrun towards the shrine.

Warriors turn 4

We check the rules and it appears that frenzied warriors still have to check while they are in a building, and they fail so are forced to leave the watch tower. The skull crushers charge into the newly rallied goblins and the warshrine moves away from the trolls again.

Magic and again the bound spell is cast, the exalted champion gains +1 Attack and the remaining champion also gets +1 Attack.

The lone skull crusher only manages to kill 3 goblins, and they hold.

We roll to see if the game continues… it does.

Goblins turn 5

I pass all animosity and stupidity. The trolls manage to charge into the shrine while the goblins charge into the warriors in front of them.

The goblins are in trouble, as I doubt they will do much damage, so I try and get both sneaky stabbing, and gift of the spider god on the goblins.

Trolls pound on the side of the shrine dealing 2 wounds to it, and take no damage back. The shrine runs and the trolls fail to catch it. In the big combat, the chaos lord drinks from his chalice and ascends to daemon hood, removing him from the combat. Striking first, the warriors get netted, and manage to kill off 3 of the goblins and lose the bsb, even though he had a 2+ save. Somehow the goblins attack back and kill of 3 of the warriors! I manage to win combat though and the warriors run for it! The goblins fail to catch them though. The skull crusher kills off all of the goblins he faces and reforms.

Warriors turn 5

Both the skull crusher and spawn charge into the goblin units’ front, while the prince charges into trolls flank. Both the shrine and warriors rally.

I manage to stop him from boosting any more of his champions.

Prince vs trolls and it ends badly for me. With his burning body he takes away my regeneration and kills a single troll, the other fails to do any damage and run for it and get cut down. Issuing a challenge the skull crusher kills the goblin unit champion, but the other goblins kill off the chaos spawn. The crusher is outnumbered and runs for it but gets cut down, but hit the newly rallied warriors.

Again we roll again, and it carries on.

Goblin turn 6
No real movement to speak of so the shaman casts both gift of the spider god and sneaky stabbing on the goblins.

Shooting and the bows manage to kill off the marauder horseman.

Combat and the warriors kill off 5 goblins while they lose 4 warriors! They run and get cut down.

Warriors turn 6

The prince claims the watch tower, and the turns end.

We roll and the game ends.

Victory to the Warriors of Chaos.


That went quite well, apart from the loss of course. The goblins killed a lot more of the warriors than I expected and I still had a unit or two left on the table. If the game carried on I doubt I would have been able to remove the prince, especially with all of the gifts it received from the gods. But still, nets are very powerful and maybe I should use another block with nets. I would probably drop some fanatic though as they didn’t seem to do much in the game.

I liked my list but I think it needs to be adjusted. While the colossal isn’t very good I do love the model, I might try something else next time but you haven’t seen the last of it. Using the goblin warboss instead of a night goblin one was a bit off, but the leadership 8 is needed. Maybe I should drop it for a night goblin Bigboss in the future, but I'm not sure.

It was really fun playing fantasy again, and I might have to have a few more games with it, hell I might even get out my vampire counts for a game or two. Who knows?

Hope you enjoyed the report.

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  1. Close game. I've never been a fan of the watch tower for just this sort of game. You get a nice back and forth going but some quick unit just jumps in at the last minute to snatch victory when you clearly have the might to take it if the game could magically go on another turn or two. Shame that colossal squig didn't do more. Pretty model.