Tuesday 7 April 2015

Malifaux Painting Update: Flesh construct and Toshiro

Here are my completed Toshiro and Flesh construct for my Malifaux crew. The flesh construct was rather a delight to work with, Toshiro however I didn't enjoy all that much. Why? The robes I guess, i'm not too happy with them.

When painting these models I kept the same palate as the punk zombies, so using the colours from the robes for them, I painted Toshiro's cloths the same way. As they are all dead the skin was the same, I really do like the green skin, no matter how unrealistic it is. Even though I probably shouldn't have, I painted the guy the flesh construct is holding with cloths the same colours as the rest of the models have, it keeps him in the colour scheme.

With my crew that's the dead parts done, so next up will be my master Nicodem, his totem and his henchmen Mortimer. So keep watching, and hopefully they will get painted soon enough. Also I have started making scheme markers for my crew using GW zombie hands, its just a little simple thing but I think it fits in with Nicodem quite well.

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