Tuesday 9 June 2015

Throne of Skulls Painting Challenge: Week 2

Last week I failed to post because I was rather busy trying to paint and a few things came up in life unfortunately which got in the way. But here is the update of my week 2 aim, the plague zombies.
The zombies before i work on them
My plague zombies were already painted as I got them second hand quite a while ago but not up to a great standard. So this weeks painting was more high lighting, picking out the missed bits and a bit of a wash.

Zombies after some washes
Blood added
After I finished washing them something felt like it was missing, so I bought some blood for the blood god, as I have heard good things about it and added it to a few models, and I am quite happy with the results.

However i didn't add blood to every model as i wanted to keep a few looking different, not all will have had time to feed yet. But i do think the ones with blood on look better.

Mold lines everywhere
Getting these 40 done has given me one hell of a boost in moral, as it makes me feel like I will be able to get the force done in time. I was hoping to get a few more other models finished this week, but a close friend of mine suddenly and quite horrifically lost a family member this week, so I have been trying to support them as best I could.

All of the zombies together after half have added blood
Anyway on to painting the plague bearers.

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